30 Yrs Old, 5'3", Petite frame getting Sientra silicone implants

I really feel like this has already been a long...

I really feel like this has already been a long process. I started doing a lot of research about 3 months ago. I'm a research nut! Even my husband asks me if I can research something all the time. I had my first consultation Wednesday with Dr. Workman. I went into the consultation knowing a lot of information so I felt like I didn't need my hand held and baby stepped through it. Even the pamphlet they gave me " what no one tells you about breast augmentation ", I already knew everything on it. I knew this was not a light decision to be made and contemplated it for weeks obsessively.
Currently I'm alittle deflated 32b. I've had 2 pregnancies, but only nursed my son for a very short while. I was only a 36C when I nursed but I loved it cause I had bigger boobs! I was perkier in high school but I've only dropped alittle bit after breast feeding. I have always wished for bigger boobs since high school. I always envied girls who filled out shirts and had bounce. I never wanted to be huge but definitely a hand full..lol.
I also want to say how much this web site and all you real selfers have helped along in this process. Reading all the personal stories and pictures has made a huge difference. Its made me less nervous.
My surgery is scheduled for Oct. 6th and my pre op is September 25th. My mom will coming for about 2 weeks to help me and hang out with me and my son. She lives in Utah so I don't get to see her very often. My husband will actually be hunting for those couple weeks. Oddly enough that's a great thing cause he DOES NOT do well with taking care of sick, recovering or crippled people. I scheduled it on purpose knowing he wouldn't be here. Also that way by the time he gets back I'll be a lot better. In November we are going Hunting/camping and I'm hoping I will be fine to go. I was told I should be fine. What do you think?

Post pics

I forgot to mention the first time my stats. I'm 5'3", 110 lbs, and I'm a 32B. I have always been a small framed petite person. I have always wanted bigger boobs! Even for my frame I have felt my boobs are too small.

So since my last appointment I have decided I want around 325cc mod +. After tons of research once again... And discussing with my husband, we decided I would be the most happiest with that. I'm very positive my surgeon will respond great to this. I want a more natural look than the HP my ps suggested. I want more of a slope than a speed bump on my chest.
My pre op appointment is on the 25th so I can't wait. Then I still have about 2 weeks till surgery. Also thee one thing I'm not looking forward to is I have to quit my e-cig! I seriously don't know where that willpower is going to come from! When I'm stressed, bored, or have anxiety I puff! I've been forcing my self to cut back as much as I can now before I quit.
Also I'm posting a few before pics. And if any ladies similar to me reading this please leave comments:) I find it hard to find women close to my size and wants with BA.

Trying to quit begins...

Well I decided yesterday that I would seriously cut back on my e cig starting today. I'm planning on quitting next week which will be 3 weeks before surgery. I'm really trying hard to be strong and have a lot of willpower. I know it seems silly but it's hard for me. My husband smokes them too but not as much as I did. He always gave me hard time for puffing too much.

Also I got a call from the doctors office and they had to move my pre op appointment to the 26th at 9:30am which actually works out better.

More wish pics

Dr. Michael Workman

I was extremely nervous walking in and immediately I felt comfortable. The office was very nice and felt like a home. The staff were very welcoming and knowledgable. From the moment I met Dr. Workman I felt more at ease. He was warm and welcoming. He was very calm and knew what would look good on me. Soon after measuring I tried on 2 sizers. It wasn't until the third one at 275cc that I knew that was the one. He could tell right away that I liked that one with out saying anything. I knew right then that there was a connection. I was wanting to go with Sientra round implants and that's what he suggested. He told me to go with 285cc cause under the muscle it suppresses he implant alittle bit. Then I was done. I didn't however really get to ask all the questions I wanted at the consultation but I called the next day and got all of them answered. They all were very organized, knowledgable and more than willing to help me or answer any questions I had. I was very impressed.

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Good luck on the surgery .. Love your wish pics :) They are very similar to mine too... !! Look forward to hearing about how it all goes and see some pics too of the results :)
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Thank you so much :) I just read your review and you're getting them done in December? I wish you lots of luck and lots of patience :)
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Good luck. You will do great. I think you will be fine by November. I'm the same way as you in terms of research. My husband and I research almost everything we buy before buying no matter how cheap or expensive. :) Keep us updated My surgery is sept 18th BL and BA 200-350 cc's under silicone I think mod plus profile, I finalize that on my preop sept 10!
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I meant 300-350ccs :)
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Thank you :) also good luck to you :)
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