It's finally done - Vancouver BC post op pics

Hi guys! I found this website couples months ago....

Hi guys! I found this website couples months ago. I was referred by my family doctor to a E.N.T because I was having issues breathing and I was also having avid noise bleeds all the time. I know I wanted to get a rhinoplasty done one day because I've always hated how my nose sticks out so much. In highschool it never really bothered me but since highschool I have lost a total of 30 pounds, and I feel like my face shrunk which made my nose appear bigger. Also I have very sharp features and I feel like my nose is NOT complimenting my sharp jaw line and my chin!

The first doctor I was referred to honestly scared me. He was not professional whatsoever, I felt like he was in it for the money. He did not tell me any details about the surgery (I am having septo-rhinoplasty). Didn't explain the recovery time or how the process is done. This was a red flag for me so I decided this was NOT the doctor for me. Also he took my pictures with a ipad and with some app he made my nose straight (but it looked so bad). So I went to my family doctor and he referred me to another doctor. I had my consultation today. And I have to say, I felt so comfortable with him. This doctor took his time, looked at my nose, asked me questions. And afterwards he explained the whole septo-rhinoplasty procedure including, healing time, how many weeks I need of school or work, he went over everything! Afterwards he took some pictures of me on a camera and right away he uploaded them and showed me what my nose would look like afterwards. He explained to me that he needs to make my nose a bit wider so I can breath properly and he would straighten it out and refine the tip a tiny bit. I have posted pictures! What do you guys think? Does it look better or not? My friend told me it looked fake! I would love your guys honest opinion.

This is a big procedure and I feel like the people on this site know rhinoplasty inside out! :)

Thanks for starting your story! I think you're STUNNING right now, but I also really like your morphs. If this is what you really want and you have the funds, you should do it!

Here's what some doctors say about choosing the right plastic surgeon for your nose.

I hope you find the link helpful and that you'll keep us posted throughout this journey!


i need more comments guys!

Hi guys. I'm so confused if I should go ahead with this. My sisters telling me it looks the same! I feel like it looks much better! The doctor told me he can make my nose thinner because I will have more problems breathing. Any comments would help! What do you guys think? Does the after pic look better? I think so!

oops spelling mistake

Sorry, he said he can't* make my nose thinner because I will have more problems breathing. I think if it was thinner it would look odd on my face shape anyways
Thanks for the sweet comments girls! I think I am going to just get my bridge straightened and tip lifted a tiny bit. In the picture you can't really see but the doctor did lift it a bit. I may get a tiny bit more done! Thanks :)
Hi! You are gorgeous so a subtle change is all that is needed in my opinion: a lift of your tip and smoothing down in the bridge. Generally people will say you don't need it (& you probably don't) but if it bothers you now, it will still bother you in 20 years time. After surgery it is likely that nobody will notice a change, but you will. My nose job involved some big changes yet most people haven't noticed as its the whole person that is taken in visually, not the nose alone. All the best!
Hey! I just got my cast off yesterday so I thought I'd offer my input. I know you probably want people to give yes or no answers if you should have a rhinoplasty, but ultimately you have to live with the nose after so take others opinions with a grain of salt. I was the same way and wasn't 100% sure if I should do it or not so I kept asking my family and best friends if I should. Everyone told me I didn't need it and that I already looked gorgeous. My sister said the EXACT same thing when I showed her my simulation from my plastic surgeon lol she said it didn't look different at all but I thought it looked so much more refined. Now she thinks my nose looks so much nicer than my old one. I think you're already pretty but could definitely benefit from rhinoplasty as long as you pick a great surgeon. :)

So the doctor said...

Hi! So I have decided on my doctor! I want to post his name here but I'm not sure if that is allowed! He only does Rhinoplasty and he is known as the best doctor in western Canada. I'm going to get my bridge straightened out and get the tip lifted a tiny bit. I want my nose to look good yet still very natural. I will be meeting my doctor again soon! I'm still contemplating when I should book my surgery. He's booking into November now but that won't work for me since I'm a full time student! I thought about getting it done sometime in December but not sure if I want to be in a cast recovering during the holidays - I mean how much would that suck? In February I get a week of school so I may do it then and just take an extra week off! Any comments are appreciated. Thanks xo

More pictures. Front view.

Front view!

So my nose goes to the left a little bit.
geez your hot lol I saw that you mentioned that you ever the bump out, not only take it out but get a slight slope, its so cute and it will be more that you want probably. I asked my surgeon to give me a slight slope and I wish he would have gace me more since I was expecting a nicer slope :/ bring in profile pictures of what you would like and see what he says on the same day you get your meds. I told my surgeon I wanted my tip exactly the way you wanted. more refined, smaller and slightly lifted. it's only been about a month and a half and I had open rhinoplasty which takes forever for the tip to heal so I'm still waiting on that. super long process to wait to see the final results and being the person waiting for them seems like twice as long lol. you'll be stunning once it's done and you'll be able to breath :)
I think your nose kinda looks like my pre op nose. You can check out the pic where I ask doc a question. I had a bridge like yours it was high with no bumps and I miss it soo much :( It went with my features. I just wanted it filed a little and now its sooo lowered and kinda scooped. My main concern was my tip it was long at 3/4 angle and kinda fat too. If I had your nose naturally, I would never touch it. It goes with your features and it give you a pretty exotic look. If you file your nose will doctor do ostetome to close open roof? There is so much risk with this and recovery is nightmare. Im 6 mo post and still recovery. Im feeling pressure in my throat still :/ I wish I never did it. Any how hope you make the right decision for yourself.

Going to one more consultation

So I've decided to try one more doctor. My last doctor didn't really give me what I want. I want a slope and tip lifted a bit. I'm still not satisfied. So I will shop until I find the best doctor I feel comfortable with! In my morph now I'm realizing it just looks straight. There is no slope or tip refinement
Hey doll! Yes I want a slope. I don't want just a straight look. He told me a slope would look weird with my chin.. which was strange I mean look at Angelina Jolie she has a very sharp jaw line. Her nose has a slope. And Jennifer Stano as well, very sharp jawline and slope. All I want is a slope, hump removed and tip lifted. I'm going back to the Doctor in couple wks. And I made a consultation with another doctor. This will be my 4th doctor. I think the new Dr may be the one, I have a good feeling. Haha. P.s your beautiful!
I was going to mention going for a little slope in my other post, but it seemed like you were set on a straight profile. Have you tried to stress wanting a slope with the surgeon you originally wanted? If he's good, sometimes it's worth it to just convey your point more avidly to a better PS than going to another one isn't as good but readily brings up creating a slope.

So this is the nose i want

So joining this forum has really changed my mind about what I want. My last consultation the P.s gave me a straight profile. He didn't recommend a slope or anything. Which made me think to myself, is he really the doctor I want? I have attached a photo of Angelina Jolie, I know I won't have her exact nose, but this is along the line of what I want. From my pics you can tell I have a very sharp jaw line and my chin is somewhat similar to Jolie's. So I think a tiny slope and refinement of tip would look great and ofcourse the bump gone! Tell me what you think! Xo this is the photo
i completely agree you would look more natural with a straighter nose vs a sloped one. The issue is if YOU like the slope look then find a P.S that is talented enough to balance it with your strong jawline. It's your choice , good luck
I had the same concerns going into surgery of trying to think what nose would look best on me, I even spent a good amount of time in photoshop "trying on" noses on my face. I determined that I really wanted Gisele Bündchen's nose but that was nothing like my current nose and that Zooey Deschanel's nose would look best on my face. I collected all these celebrity nose photos, talked to the surgeon about them, the whole 9 yards. Well now 3 months post op I can tell you from experience, your nose will still be your nose after surgery. It's not THAT big of a change, no matter how drastic the surgery. I wish that I had spent less time worry about what I wanted and what I would look like because after it's all said and done, your surgeon is going to make the call once they get in there and see how the cartilage is shaped and what that cartridge will and won't do for him/her and what he determines to be best for your face. You are going to be even more stunning than you already are, congratulations on making this decision for yourself. It's the best thing I ever did for my self-assurance and confidence. Keep us updated! ~Maggie
I was in a similar situation, what with the pressure of having to "Decide" what your nose is going to look like, since mine wasn't too bad to begin with at all, I just didn't like how far it stuck out and the tiny bump. The computer program can only do so much, and doesn't really show you anything (well, that was the case for me), my nose alway sender up looking the same! I just went with a doctor that was known to be conservative (so it wouldn't end up fake-looking) and was on the same page about certain things I did and didn't like. It think it may cause problems to go in with a picture of a celebrity's nose, your face is unique. Find a doctor you trust and let them have a little bit of room to decide what suits your bone structure. It worked for me!

Next consulation July 16

Hi girls and guys!

So my next consultation is on the 16th. This doctor may be the one. I have a feeling. I want my PS to tell me what needs to be done to make my nose look better - I don't want to be the one telling him what I want. Well I obv will but I want him to give his input and the last 2 PS haven't!

Thanks for all your guys sweet comments, I'll def be posting my whole journey on here. Xo
girl, you are GORGEOUS.
I also think that you look great as you are now. I'm glad that you're getting multiple consults. I wish I never touched my nose but I didn't do nearly enough homework. Take your time...if you're going to do it, do it right the first time. Best of luck to you.
Reply don't need a nose job at all....You're absolutely gorgeous the way you are......

Consultation moved to August 12th!

Hey girls!

I made another typo in my last blog post, my next appointment is actually on August 12th. This doctor is also supposed to be one of the best in Vancouver. I never knew it would be THIS hard to find a plastic surgeon that not only makes me feel comfortable but also makes me fully understand that I know what he is talking about. I feel like my last couple consultations I was explaining to the doctors what I wanted - I never really received any input or what they may think.

A lot of people are still telling me not to do it because my nose is fine, I think otherwise obv else I would not be posting on this haha. I need my septum corrected, which is the most important thing right now since I have frequent nose bleeds daily and have issues breathing!

I really hope this doctor is the one. Im tired of shopping around, I want my new nose! Basically all I want is the bump removed, tip lifted and a tiny slope. Maybe shortened. See I do not know, I need a good doctor who knows what will look good on me.

My next post will be on August 12th after my consultation.

Your nose looks perfectly fine. Don't change it. I had a septorhinoplasty done and I regret it. It was the biggest mistake of my life and I wish I could go back to my old nose. Nobody prepares you for the emotional rollercoaster rhinoplasty is. Your nose is nice dont change it.
Thanks for sweet comments girlys. xo

frustrated and confused.

Hi girls.

So my next consultation is in couple weeks. This is my fourth consultation - so 4 different doctors now and I'm YET to find "the one". I know I want this. Everyone (friends, family etc) keep telling me I don't need it while others are saying it will "advance" my looks.

I believe that when I get my rhinoplasty/septo not only will I be able to breathe and no more nose bleeds but I also think that my profile will look so much better. I hate how droopy it is, the bump. I want it to be straight, a slope and nice tip. It would look amazing.

This blog was a venting blog I guess. I'm frustrated I haven't found the right dr yet. And I'm tired of everyone saying 'you don't need it' when I am 100% sure my nose will look much better.

I never knew this was going to be so hard.
I hope this nex dr is the one but I won't stop looking until I feel comfy because this is serious.

Comments appreciated :)

I really appreciate all the sweet comments. I'm not going for a drastic change. I just want my bump removed, tip refined and lifted (a slight slope). No change will be done to my front. All these comments are making me confused lol
Your so pretty!! Please don't risk the nose you have. I'd be so happy if I looked like you! Honestly. Beautiful xx
Honestly your nose looks great the way it is! take it from personal experience and dont change it! I got rid of my dorsal hump and now I hate my front view (so much flatter and wider) you will never be able to get a "perfect" nose, and when you change something about it, sometimes you wont like the outcome of something else on your nose (like in my experience). it also costs so much, and the whole experience is an emotional roller coaster! Unless you are 150% certain you need this surgery I wouldn't do it because I really think your nose right now really suits you and you look beautiful without needing to change anything :)

sweet comments, but you guys are scaring me lol.

Hi guys,

So I have so many of you guys saying don't do it. So I thought I'd write another blurb.

My nose has always bugged me, especially from the side. I want the bump gone, a tiny slope and my tip projected. I just want it to look more feminine. I love angelina jolie's nose and jennifer stanos. I'm not going to get a drastic change, I don't even want the front changed much.

My nose sticks out when I smile, I know if I don't do it ill always be so unhappy with it. I want it to be straight. I really love all those sweet comments but yeah!

My next consultation is in two weeks - Il be posting morphs as soon as I get them.

I know I'm a pretty girl, just wish I had a nicer nose lol.
Please pick your doctor very carefully.  I only wanted tip refinement and that's what was discussed even right before surgery when he reiterated the 2 changes he was making, but to my dismay, he changed my entire nose...drastically! I no longer look like me and have never been so depressed and unhappy with my looks.  I wasted a lot of money and have never looked worse.  I could have possibly avoided this if I would have done a lot more homework and taken my time finding a very experienced surgeon. Good luck to you.

A GOOD picture of my bumpy nose.

K here's a better and clear photo. You can see there is a bump. it look so much better if it was straight, slope, tip refined.
Hi, for what it's worth, the only thing that matters is your happiness, and what you think. I am almost 5 weeks post op from septorhinoplasty. Researching the best PS for you, is number one, hands down the correct path to follow......wait until you are absolutely sure you have found the one for you. my advice is to make sure that rhinoplasty comprises more than 85% of their practice. I did this, and the results of their practice and technique reflect in their work, when you have happy patients. I had 5 consults in one year, all across the north and southeastern united states......It was a long wait, because I was getting so anxious, but it was definitely well worth the wait! You are a stunning woman, and if this surgery improves your self confidence, then you need to do it. All of my PS consults discussed the importance of being psychologically,emotionally and financially ready. If you are, and can have realistic expectations for the necessary functional and cosmetic components of other words, the doctor has to make your nose pretty, without compromising your ability to breathe well! :)) You need to go for it, and let nothing stand in your way of becoming the best you possible! Just practice good common sense and your best gut instinct! Take a leap of faith and go for it! all my best to you for success and this beautiful journey! Hugs from Florida!

I love sock buns and messy buns but..

So lately I've been in love with messy buns Orr sock buns. But of course my nose just ruins it all. Wouldn't it look so nice if it was straight, slope and tip refined? Yes it would
I rock the messy/sock buns regardless of how I know my nose looks from the side, haha! You're overthinking it because. Your nose doesn't "ruin it" at all.

I want to be ready for this consultation..

Hi girls!

I'm counting down the days until my fourth consultation. 11 days to go! Anyways, I've had a gut feeling that this doctor will be my doctor! I want to be well prepared so I think I'm going to print out pictures of noses I adore and tell the doctor what I want.

I'm really excited for this and hope the doctor doesn't rush me. Lot of people have been saying don't do a slope. Straight is more natural? I guess I'll see what the doctor says.
Hope all goes well with your next consultation.

consultation in 7 days.


So my next (4th) consultation is next Monday (7 days). I'm so excited.

Do you guys think I should take pics with me? Or let the doctor tell me what would look nice?

should i thin my nose out?!?!

What do you guys think. Front view
You look pretty anyway but I understand how you feel. My old nose was similar to yours (mine worse) & regardless to what everyone said to me about how I looked pretty anyway & I didn't need a nose job I was still going to do it anyway because I had wanted one forever & really wasn't happy at all with my nose and I didn't want to live the rest of my life unhappy with my nose just because everyone else said it looked ok. Now I have had it done everyone has said it looks great & can see what I meant from my before piccys comparing it to now! I haven't looked back & haven't been happier. So good luck with your consultations & wait until you find the right surgeon don't rush it xx
To be honest you would look more natural with a straight nose and maybe even better because your features are angular and I feel slope noses look better in girls with rounder or narrow faces. So random but there's a show on E called wwe divas and I think it's John cenas gf, she has a similar look going and her nose is perfect for her. A straighter nose would look totally pretty and more supermodel whereas a sloped nose on your face would be too cutesy and diminish your features. At the end it's about what makes you happy and also computer imaging can give you a better idea because I haven't seen you in person and could be completely wrong . And yes always take pictures for reference some people are visual

I found my doctor!!!!! With pics:) Surgery booked!

Hi girls!

I went for my consultation today! And I couldn't be happier! I am so happy with the before and happy pixs. My surgery is booked. Im still contemplating if I should not go for a slope. Because lots of you guys been saying no dont do it but alot of you have been also say do it.

The doctor was awesome and really caring. He asked me first what bugs me about my nose and told me what would look good. Way better than all the other doctors. He is not going to do much work to my front. Because it is already fine but he is going to straighten it out a little bit because it goes to the left! I am so happy. Finally! Let me know what you guys think! xo

I love Ashlee Simpsons nose! I think her jaw line is just like mine!
Your new nose looks so cute! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

why are friends so negative?

So 2 of my girlfriends are telling me it looks bad. And looks like MJ's nose.

I guess friends love to criticize.
You look beautiful. who did you chose as a doctor?
People that care about you are always going to criticize, it's probably just their way of looking out for you, though it's not helpful! I genuinely think you're so gorgeous that your nose is the last thing you notice. But then i think your morph looks great too. Who cares what negativity anyone has, this isn't about anyone but you. Good luck!
So happy for you :) must be exiciting times now, but i also think you should listen to your friends - a straighter nose would look a bit better with your face.

So I was up all nite doing research

So I basically think I'm a pro at rhinoplasty now lol. Last night I realized that not all noses suit everyone's face. All though I really want a slope, I decided maybe that isn't the best idea. I have a very Sharpe jaw line and with the slope in those pixs I'm starting to begin to think it doesn't look that great. I've decided to get my hump removed, nose made shorter and little to no slope. I've posted Angelina Jolie's pixs and Ashlee Simpsons pixs because they have the same jaw line. I'm glad I made this decision. It looks so much better and it would make my jaw n chin look great. Now I gota go see my doctor again! I hope he can do it!

I'm glad I realized this. And am taking this slowly. One more consultation and I'm rdy to go! I believe the best results are going to come by not rushing into anything
Looks far from mjs nose! Profile looks great and yes I would definitley thin the front out!!
Thanks.. I said I wasn't thinning out the front lol..
You are so pretty! You have gorgeous eyes too! Im glad you found a surgeon you trust and feel confident in. Who cares what your friends think. Probably just jealous. You have obviously researched this tons and know what you want. When is your surgery? Im excited for you and cant wait to see your new nose :)

Back to the doctor.

So I had a friend whose an expert on rhino do a morph for me - pic attached! I mean how much better and natural does this look! Straight. no bump and tip projected a tiny bit. little to no slope! I want this! Im going to take this picture to my ps. I know he can do it because its just minor changes.

So excited!
yay for natural
The second morph is beautiful! Good luck xx
Reply the second morph. So natural and so you!
I love the second morph. You look great from the front, even if you cant thin it out it already looks close to flawless.

does the front of my nose need changes?

Hi girls. Do u think the front of my nose needs to be changed? Or is it straight "enough"...

Is it droopy???
Do you mind giving the name of the doctor you have booked surgery with? I live in Vancouver and am considering rhinoplasty :)
When your surgeon lifts your tip up (as per the second morph), it will give your tip a little oomph from the front too. Anything in addition to that would be unnecessary.
When my surgeon talked about pushing my tip up, he said the two cartilages on the ends would spread apart. He will have to sew them together to either maintain the original thinness of your tip or, as in my case, create it. This is something to consider discussing with your surgeon.

So I went back to my Doctor

Hi girls. Today I went back to my doctors and showed him the morph I liked. And he did his own morph and showed me. What do you think? Should i ask for smaller? Let me know. I feel like its still a bit big tho and the other morph was smaller? Oh god why is this so stressful..... ugh
Dr. Denton.

im so frustarted

I feel like my PS isn't seeing what I want :(
For some reason I think your natural profile looks better than the morphs. I don't know but it just goes with your look the best. I feel naturally from the side that slight droop complements your features. And you don't really have a large ugly bump in your nose, its natural. And its perfect height. And it goes with your ethnic face and eyes. A higher bridge goes with meditter, greek, Italian, Arabic, persian, and indian looks, as long as there isn't a nasty huge brick looking bump, then it should be left alone.
i know you dont want to hear this but you are SOOOOO GORGEOUS and do NOTTTTT need it. i'd advise you save your money! im sorry i know you dont wanna hear it but i have to tell you!
His morph is the one to go with! It fits your face!


Hi girls. So i took time to think things through out and I decided I don't want Rhinoplasty, atleast yet. And here are my reasons:

I've come to realize that my nose isn't bad - its natural.
I also realized that I need to be more confident. Because when when we have insecurities we tend to think were ugly or not as good looking as the next girl. Im not bragging whatsoever but I hear people telling me I'm pretty all the time, I mean all the comments I received under this blog were girls telling me not to do it.
Another reason I have stopped wanting a nose job for now is that I can't find the right doctor. If I do start wanting a nose job again, I may look for doctors in the state.

I know a straighter profile would make me look better but I dont think its really that bad as I believe it is. Maybe in the future I will want to do better research and actually do it. But for now im happy with how I look.


Thanks for all your guys positive support and positive comments. Maybe I will be back...

no nose job lol

Honestly, I LOVE the nose you have now. You look so beautiful and exotic! I would never change that. Especially given all of the horror stories of botched nose jobs (including mine). It is a major decision, and a personal one too so all that matters is making yourself happy :)
I like both morphs, the one the last doc created and your friends. But I think the doc morph is more natural and fits your face. In the photo your tip does appear a bit large and the base is wide. So, have you canceled your operation??
Congratulations on holding off.... you can always get it fixed but never take it back. Never make a hasty decision and go with your gut! Our noses, whether we care for them or not, are how they are for a reason (when it is your birth nose you are correcting). Removing a little bump is not as simple as it is made out to be and you need someone who really knows how to give you what you want while protecting the functionality of your nose. If there has to be a compromise and someone is a perfectionist enough to want a "finesse" surgery, the odds of being disappointed can be higher. You are a great example for others and I am sure your posts will help many people! It for sure would have helped me.

k im back. lol

So 2.5 weeks ago I decided no that I'm not going to go thru with Rhino. I've changed my mind. I have phases where it bugs me and where it doesn't. I'm tired of feeling this way. I feel like my profile could be so much nicer if it was just straighter and maybe thinner. So i've made a consultation with a very popular "nose" doctor in Vancouver. He has great reviews. His price is fairly high but I don't care, as long as I'm in good hands. I hope he can give me what I want. The other doctor didn't make me feel like "ya he's the one" u just have this feeling. I mean his work is really nice but I wasn't too sure if he was MY dr. So this is gona be my 5th dr. And I'm 110 percent sure il love him. Haha. Il post my consultation date and pixs soooooon!
Good luck at your next consultation! Who is this PS you're so excited about? :) If you don't want to say it yet in your review, feel free to PM me :)
Dr Buonassisi :)
In the back of my head I thought you would change your mind and you did! Good luck and keep us updated :) Either way you are very pretty!

Consultation booked! this is it

Hey dolls!

So I have booked my consultation at 8 west cosmetic surgery in Vancouver - Dr. Buonassis! He is actually on Real self!

I thought abt this all summer long going back and fourth and finally I'm doing it. It is the right time for me right now.

My appt is next Monday @4pm. I will post pixs. And I'm prolly booking my surgery for May since I'm in school till April.


Happy ME!

Hi girls, today I had my 5th (yup 5th) consultation with a brand new doctor. Dr. Buonassisi ( 8 West Cosmetic Surgery in Vancouver). I was so impressed the moment I walked into the office, it was very bright and nice. I was greeted by Mandy who is the Client manager – she was very sweet and explained everything so well. I filled out some paper work and Mandy took some pictures of me. After Dr. B. came to get me and he sat down with me and EXPLAINED EVERYTHING. From what will look good, what wont look good. I felt so comfortable. He answered all my questions and more. He told me that he isn’t going to change my nose so drastically but to remove the hump, refine the tip and just make it more girly. And no.. I wont have my tip lifted – just a slight bit because im 5’7 and he says it will not look nice plus I am Punjabi. What I LIKED about him is that he knows what kind of nose will suit what race. I mean one nose may look good on a white girl but not on a black girl. So I was really impressed. He spent about 45 minutues with me – longer than any other doctor ever has. He told me about the side effects, made me feel good that I know the risk. I was reallllly amazed by the after photos (will post) – seemed just natural and soft. Not fake and ms. Piggy like. He explained that after my surgery the tip may seem high but it does drop. Mandy explained everything which was awesome. So, this is it. This is my doctor! I am so excited. I will be getting my surgery done next May – since I am in school and have exams till April. The count down is on!

I learned that you need to search high and low for the best doctor! Trust me it will be worth it. I am so excited. He really impressed me. He went above and beyond with this consultation.

I am a happy girl! Cant wait

Thanks for your guys sweet comments… xo


also..Dr. b IS not going to change my front profile because it is already pretty straight.. im happy with this:)
I am happy you found the doctor you like and trust.
Hey, wow, that was a super detailed post! It's better to be sure of what you want because even if the doctor does a perfect job, if you're unsure, you will be unhappy. Well my suggestion to improve your looks are not to use the black eyeliner underneath your eyes. If you have to line, do it on the waterline, so it looks neater. for the nose, I actually think its not that bad. If you have to do it, obviously remove the bump. Also, most doctors elevate the tip so it is exactly in between the nostrils (so the nasolabial angle is like 90 degrees) but I think that looks ugly on middle eastern/ desi people. If the tip is more elevated, your nostrils will show more. If you do get it elevated to give the appearance of a shorter nose, I would still keep the angle as such so your nose isn't straight across the bottom when viewed from the frontal view (still should be a bit of a v). If you see Ashlee Simpsons nose, her nose is straight but tip is not too elevated.
I rarely do eyeliner on the bottom. I just happened to have it on that day! I love it just on top. Thanks for the comment xo

pixs from Dr. b

Hi guys!

Here are the pixs. I think they look great. I still look like me. Just better. Dr. B said my tip may look too high but over time (2 months) it does drop. I think it looks great! I am so stoked. What do you girls think?
so i'm curious...did you go through with it? i'm actually in the same boat as you. I've been contemplating getting a nose job for a long time but i'm afraid ill it will change my exotic armenian look. hmmmm its a hard decision.
You know what's crazy? I think we look're one of the only people I've ever seen that look like me!
I see some what of a resemblance:P Sorry for late reply - I will be posting more closer to my surgery! Im thinking about moving it up 2 months for March 2014:) Can't wait!

It's happening :)

Hi guys, i've shy'd away from my blog and have been getting lot of emails if I am still going through with this...

Yes I am:) I've had nothing new to stay. As you guys may know, I am a full time student so the best time for my surgery would be reading break in March or when I am done school in April. I graduate with my degree next April! So it is happening around then. If I could, I would do it now but with school and everything else it isn't good timing. But I will have a new nose in 4 months!

I am so overly excited, my surgeon Dr. Buonassisi and his team are so wonderful. Im so glad I went through those 4 other consultations with those other doctors to find this one - it was worth it!

It feels really good to find the right doctor. Lot of people are saying don't do it, your nose is fine but this is my own insecurity - I know my nose is not that bad but I also know that if the bump was not there and it was lifted a tad bit I would look better.

Anyways, I will post alot more closer to my surgery early next year, like I said I haven't booked it yet because I don't know my class schedule or exam week stuff like that. But march-april!

Thanks! xoxo
Sorry! I didn't mean to make it sound like an insult! You're like 10 times prettier! But you just kinda look like me in some photos! I'm so happy for you though. I hope to get my nose job soon too!
Omg doll! Your gorgeous as well:) Have you found the right doctor? Basically im just removing the hump and lifting tip slightly.. hes not doing any frontal changes cause I really don't need them

what did you guys tell your work?

So my rhino is on May 6/2014 - super excited. But I will need to take at least 2 wks off work. What did you guys tell your work? I'm so excited and can't wait!
I felt the same dejection about having to go under the knife to fit into conventional beauty ideals. I'm glad I did it but wish I didn't feel the need. Hello, self esteem.
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I'm having my surgery done on May 6th too!!! So nervous, but so excited!

should I make the front thinner?

Hi guys. I haven't updated this for awhile now. When I visited my doctor back in September he said there's no need to touch the front of my nose. It's pretty straight I guess... but do u think I should thin it out.. maybe not? I can't wait for school to be over (end of April!)

nose. thinned out or no

Next appt!

Hi guys! I haven't updated this for awhile so I thought I would. I remember back in November I was like "why can't it be may already" and now it's already March! I am going in on the 26th to discuss some final things with my doctor. I feel more and more comfortable with this doctor everyday. I really like how he's going to make my nose look better for my face - not someone else's nose. Lot of people are saying there isn't much change with the after pixs but I feel otherwise. I see alot of change, my nose is straight! and tip refined. it makes a huge difference to me and it looks so much more feminine. I know it is just a minor tweak but I think my nose would look perfect after..perfect to me at least. He had also told me there is no point in over-doing it since it will look done. Anyways I am just going to go over everything with him and then I will see him during surgery day (May 6). I just have to finish this semester and my exams ugh! I am so excited. I am starting to compile a list of things I may need. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Here is what I have so far

- U shaped Pillow
- Lots of pillows
- Clean sheets
- Halls or some kind of other drops?
- Biotine spray
- Yogurt
- Freezies
- Lip Balm (most likely will use vaseline cause its the best)
- Books, tv shows, movies on laptop
- Laxatives?
- Bottles of water
- Orange juice or gatorade?
- Q-tips
- Fresh towels
- Lots of tank tops, loose shirts
- Hydrogen Peroxide
- Wet ones.

Anything else you think?!

slighest tweak! yay cant wait

Hi guys!

I've been thinking about how the slightest tweak can make a huge difference. I've posted a few photos! Lot of friends/fam have been telling me not to do it and my nose is fine but I feel like the slightest tweak will make my image perfect to me. I'm so excited! I'm not doing anything to the front!

7 more weeks!

New nose in about 3 weeks

Hi everyone,

my surgery is in about 3 weeks and a bit! I am excited but I'll be super excited after I complete my last few final exams and have earned my degree (finally) I got acceptance into the grad school I wanted for my program, these last few months have been super stressful, working, studying, assignments etc etc and of course all this surgery stuff. I am tired lol. My surgery is May 6 about 6 days or so after my birthday and my Dr. B is perform closed rhino - I am not getting alot of work done because I want it to stay natural - just a little tweak (bump gone and nose lifted a tiny bit) he is not de-projecting it or making it thinner, he and I believe I don't need that. I have to get blood work done this tuesday, I have a supply list in my phone and also on a old blog post here, I still need to get everything. For food, Im going to have lots of fruit, jello, mashed potatoes and smoothies. I have 2 weeks off work, although I think all I need is a week and few days but oh well it will be super nice to have some extra days off. I will be taking photos after my surgery as well. The surgery is supposed to be about two hours long.

Thats all for now


Almost May 6th!

Hi! It's been forever since I have updated this.

So my surgery is in 4 days, I have so many mixed emotions - happy, nervous, scared and also sad. I read some where that going under the knife sometimes makes people emotional and although I am so happy I am finally doing this, I am also kind of sad because I am so unhappy with my nose that I had to go to the extent of going through plastic surgery. I mean I am so happy to get a new nose but it saddens me knowing that today's society especially celebrities have such a huge impact on the way we see ourselves. Especially younger girls. Anyways since I got that out of my system, at the same time I am beyond excited to see what my new nose will look like. I got my prescriptions filled today and bought some supplies as well. Like I had mentioned before, my surgery is closed rhino. I am extremely happy with my doctor and really feel like I am in the right hands - what I like about Dr. Buonassisi is that he took into consideration my ethnicity therefore he knew what would look good and what wouldn't.

My surgery is at 11:30am - I will leave my home probably at 9:00am. As of right now I feel like since it is closed, recovery will be fine. I even watched a closed rhino on YT and it looked fine (lol). I have two weeks off work which is great.

I will be updating night before surgery, on the evening after my surgery and every day after that. And I will also upload pictures..

I am so happy this journey is almost over

Thats it for now!

Surgery tomorrow!


My surgery is tomorrow at 11:30am and I need to be there at 10:30am. Okay im a little nervous and anxious. I have got everything that needs to be ready, ready. Im going to shower and wash my hair tonight and yah...I'll have a new nose tomorrow by this time lol.

talk soon.

Finally done


I finally had my surgery and it went really well. Everyone was so sweet at the clinic, I wasn't really nervous when I got there. The nurses were all so supportive which really helped! Dr. Buonassisi is such an amazing doctor, he came in and talked to me and we went over everything - he is really caring and listens to his patients. I def recommend him if you are in the Vancouver are - and that is coming from some who saw five different doctors. The surgery went well, I felt nothing it all. It was actually relaxing. My surgery took one hour and 45 minutes - it was open rhino actually which was fine because I trusted my doctor alot. He removed that ugly bump, corrected my septum, and lifted my nose a lil bit. He told me that the nose naturally falls within several months and he wants me too look good in the future. This doctor really goes above and beyond. I am so happy I picked him.

After the surgery I felt no pain, I was bleeding though and the pain came around the evening time but I took my meds so it was not a big deal. I also slept well, didn't wake up lol. Im surprised how well it went. Today I feel fine, my nose is not bleeding anymore, it isn't really stuck, I can breathe through it BUT I do have really swollen eyes looks so bad.

Overall my surgery went fine, im doing well and by this time next week I'll be looking great :)

Gravol is important, and biotene spray for dry mouth.
Also polysporin.

I will update again in cpl days - my follow up appt is on Monday and I will see what my nose looks like with no bump!

thats it for now.

I'm glad to hear your recovery is going well! I think I hit the unlucky end of recovery :) Consider yourself blessed and I hope you like your new nose! :)
Glad your recovery has been going well! I am also on day 3, and find recovery to be a breeze! Can't wait to see the final result!

Im doing great - day 3 post op

I can't get over how well im doing, I am in no pain, im sleeping normally - basically everything is normal! I do have black eyes but they have turned yellow which is a good thing. I am eating well and drinking plenty of water. Also, I have been cleaning my nose gently with warm salt water and after I clean it, I put polysporin in my nose, just a little bit. It makes such a difference when I go to bed. I am more comfortable. My nose does have crusties or whatever in it but it is hard to clean it that well considering its so swollen and does kind of hurt.

Overall, I am doing fine. I think my nose looks great (even with a cast on lol) , Monday I get my cast removed, I can't wait to see what it really looks like.

Recovery has been a breeze!

Day 4 post op

Hi realself

okay so I am doing good, not in pain. Everything is well. BUT there are so many "crusties" in my nose and it's stuck. Ive tried cleaning it out but its hard. What do I do? My cast comes off in 2 days.
can't believe your cast already comes off in 2 days! post picssssss

It's done!!!!!

This journey has been so overwhelming, stressful, exciting all at the same time but now it's finally at the end! I received what I had asked for from Dr. Buonassusi. Bump gone , straight, and slightly lifted. I have been doing well and adjusting to my new nose, I think it looks amazing and very feminine! My nose is extremely swollen right now, the tip is rock hard and it just feels weird but other than that my nose is not really stuck! I can put a finger in both nostrails (lol but do not do that) - my friend also had septo-rhino done couple months ago and she cant but her surgery was more complex. I can breath much better - no problems there!

I love my new look, my sister, brothers, friends and parents all think it looks really natural. My sister is very straight up and she thought I was wasting my time but she is impressed with the results and so happy for me. She wants to visit dr. b AND be like "how can you make me look better" - lol. I am so happy he gave me NO slope, would not have suited my chin or face whatsoever. Everyone says it looks like my nose just refined a little bit. I'll be honest, I hate how high the tip is sitting right now and my nostrils showing but Dr. Buonassusi told me many many times even before going in to the surgery he will be lifting it because it will drop and will look amazing in the future. I am not patient at all but I know I have to be. I was in the hands of one of the best nose doctors in Vancouver who def knows what he's doing and saying.

I hope this recovery process goes well and nothing happens! I have deleted all my old pixs but I will be posting one before and one after picture! I love how my new nose is the same but not really, it compliments my jaw line so well. Each day gets better, swelling goes down. :) I love wearing makeup now! before i HATED it because I thought id just attract attention to my nose! i don't know it just didnt suit my face (old nose) i feel so girly now and cant wait to contour my nose, wear makeup wear dark lipstick do a pony tail do a top knot!

Please do not leave any negative comments, as this has been a very overwhelming journey for me. If you are thinking about going thru this I suggest you search high and low for the best doctor, talk to people who have been thru this, see at least 3 doctors (I saw 5) - you will know which doctor to pick if you feel you can communicate with him/her and he/she knows whats good and bad for you. And be ready for a long road, it's not over when the cast comes off. Recovery takes up to a year!!!

thats it for now

another pic

Hi! Did you take your pictures down already? They aren't showing for me, and I would love to see your before and afters. I am planning to have surgery with Dr. B. as well. Would you email them to me if you took them off the forum? Thank you for any help!
Beautiful results! I don't even see any swelling! It's funny that your sister now wants to see him too. I, too, had a friend who jotted down my surgeon's name when she found out I had surgery. Hoping the recovery process will be smooth for you after cast removal. I just got my cast off today, and know that the road ahead is long, but it will be worth it!
Beautiful xx Congrats my surgery is in 4 weeks any tips I am petrified of not waking up again ;-((

Four Month Post OP!

Hi Real Self bloggers!

It’s been super long since I have posted on here. My rhinoplasty was May 6h, 2014, so it has been a little over four months although it feels like it’s been longer. I apologize that I haven’t updated this; I became super busy with work and school. Also I was a bit hesitant to post here because people were leaving rude comments on other people’s posts. But whatever, I was on this website for a year before my surgery happened. This website helped me a lot, it guided me and I learned a lot of information so I feel that I should give back.

So after my surgery, I was very swollen, my eyes were puffy and yeah basically the normal stuff so I won’t get too much into that. My recovery period was not bad at all though; I was able to sleep well. I suggest getting Gravol, ice packs, fill your prescriptions, have lots of pillows, clean sheets, easy shirts to get out of (tanks), lozenges for sore throats and also you will get dry mouth! There is a spray, I forgot the name, I believe biotine? And nasal spray – these two things are crucial! The nose spray will help you breathe. I bought mine from Wal-Mart, their house brand, equate I believe?

So my cast ended up coming off itself, the day before I was going to get it removed. When it came off I was shocked, my new nose. But it was so swollen, I kept staring in the mirror, I could not believe that was ME! My nose was so swollen, there was crusties in it and my nose was green from the outside. The next day I went to go see my doctor. He was very happy with the results. I remember him admiring his work, he was so pleased! The post-op apt was pretty quick; I mean my surgery went very well, no issues no nothing. So the next 2 weeks, I literally became depressed, probably because the drugs were wearing off. I THOUGHT my nose looked so weird and ugly. It was so lifted! I looked like Miss. Piggy but the dr had told me that it would fall eventually. I REMEMBER his exact words “It may look weird now but I want you to look great in the future, your nose will look amazing, you will be happy”. Well I couldn’t sleep for 2 weeks; I would wake up drowned in sweat lol! I would have to change my shirt, bed sheets! It was bad! My cousin went through the same thing when she got a breast Aug, its cause you changed a big part of you. I knew it was normal. Also I was so afraid the bump would come back! I keep having nightmares it came back! BUT it didn’t! Thank god.

I went out May 24th, and this was the day I fell in love with my nose (see pics from that nite), I looked amazing, I felt beautiful. I LOVE MY NEW NOSE. IM so happy, I feel gorgeous although I feel like I cheated beauty lol? My nose did fall, Dr Buonassisi was right:P My nose is still very swollen but it has healed a lot!

If you are contemplating, I would suggest you do it. You would be so happy and confident. It will change your life; I know this sounds pretty sad but its true! We live in a society where we are so impacted by celebrities like Kim Kardashian; it’s just how things are today. Even social networking sites like Instagram makes us want to alter our appearance. I HATED MY OLD nose! I finally think I look amazing now, I love my profile, I think my nose and the shape of my jaw/chin are my best features now lol….I went back and fourth deciding if this was more, took me over a year and it was totally worth it.

I suggest researching like crazy though! I went to five different consultations. But it was so worth it. Dr Buonassisi in Vancouver is amazing. He gave me a nose that suits me and my ethnicity. Anyways I know my nose will still change a lot and I will keep you guys posted. I have attached few pixs, tell me what you think!

That’s all for now! beautiful!
Congrats...looks good!
Your nose looks amazing. I screenshotted them & want to show my surgeon for an idea for my nose! Love
Dr. Buonassisi

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