Made It Through My TT and BA. 5days Post Op and Loving It - Vancouver Island, BC

The pre op weeks were disaster! I was a bundle of...

The pre op weeks were disaster! I was a bundle of nerves and emotions! I am not typically a mean person but was very rude and mean to everyone. I absolutely hated myself!

5 days post op and I can not stop smiling! I had the best ps I have had very little pain, a little swollen but I am following my ps orders to rest agnd do nothing. Sleeping has been a problem, I have a recliner but find it too hard to get in and out of. Sleeping in my bed as my husband likes me to be beside him but that too has not been the greatest as I have to get him to lift me out of bed. So I catch sleep wherever I can I am able to have shower today as my drains come out and I am nervous as I have to take my binder off and I am loving it ! Wil keep you all updated on my journey

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Dec 7 6 full days of rest and today I showered...

Dec 7
6 full days of rest and today I showered changed dressing. Put on leggings and a sweater. Wow all done up to lay on the couch! It feels good to be dressed and looking and feeling great I love my new body!
The binder and bandaging do make me look thick in the middle but it is still better than before. Feeling great wish I would have done this years ago


Wow. A doc making housecalls. Lucky you!
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Today is day 13 and i am feeling pretty good. Can stand straight when I have my binder on! Taking my binder off is like getting rid of a security blanket but I have managed to keep it off for an hour every morning while I shower and get myself put together. I have swelling and every morning I start off okay and then by 2 it starts. I have been very cautious about sodium in diet so just eating fruit and veggies. Drinking lots of water with lemon. Going to see ps for 2 week checkup on Friday. My incision is also very low and healing nicely. A few ripples I see but when swelling goes down and time has passed I think it will be amazing. I am happy with the results but really wanting to get to the gym.
As for my implants they are looking Good. I am now into my really old bras that were very expensive from when I had boobs. Feels great I knew one day I would wear them again. I think I should have had them lifted but with a little support and push from the bra they look amazing.
Well I am off to have a rest before swelling sets in.
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Hi there, hope you're still feeling great! You were right at a week ahead of me, so I used your Day 6 note as a beacon of hope :) Hope you're still resting comfortably and loving the new bod!!!
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Today is December 28th and it has been 28 days...

Today is December 28th and it has been 28 days since i started this flat land journey!! I am absolutely loving how flat my tummy is I have been healing well had one spot where it was a bit infected but ps put me on antibiotics and it seems to be healing! I still have trouble sleeping, as in I can not get comfortable I have tried every chair bed and position and only sleep for 4 or 5 hours then I am up! I also wake up and am so stiff and sore Yikes. I am so excited as I am heading to the gym tomorrow am for some light cardio and I can not wait! As for my new breast I am happy I have them however I wish I would have went larger and maybe with unders as I do find them to be too low! I am so excited for summer and the journey to getting healthy and even in better shape

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Well I am almost at 8 weeks! This has been a slow...

Well I am almost at 8 weeks! This has been a slow process of healing and a roller coaster of emotions. I am finally starting to feel normal! Back at the gym and that is going to take some work. I have a very good appetite and I need to cut back on my food intake yikes! I want to lose 12 pounds as I am up 7 since surgery and I want to be bikini ready for the summer. Gotta get those buns and legs nice and firm. Still have swelling and I still wear the binder that the ps gave me. I can go for about 5 hours with some compression underwear and a waist cinched but then I need my security! Not sure when I will give that up! I can wear all of my pre op pants except I need a belt because I think my front pooch kept them up before. Well here is to another few weeks of healing.

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My ps and staff were amazing. Explained procedure, told me what he expected of me pre op. He did an amazing job I am happy with the way everything looks so far. He even came to my house for post op check up and bandage changes so we did not have to drive! Just wants me to rest.

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