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I'm 28 years old - 5'0, 95lbs. I had 280cc...

I'm 28 years old - 5'0, 95lbs. I had 280cc implants placed 3 years ago. I've never had kids. My first instinct is to blame my relationship - but if i'm honest my insecurity started long before my boyfriend came along. As an athletic teenager I was constantly teased by the guys...I had always been insecure about my lack of chest. When I found myself in a relationship where my boyfriend thought my body looked childish and unattractive - I decided to do something about it. I wanted to look more mature. I liked the idea of being able to wear clothes I'd never been able to in the past. But deep down - I knew minutes before going into surgery and the minute I came out that I was making a terrible mistake. As my surgeon said I just never "assimilated" by breasts. They never felt like mine. I felt like I was carrying the most enormous secret around. Nobody knew except my boyfriend. I was more self conscious then I had been before. Wearing a swimsuit was a huge deal - hugging - dresses - I felt like an imposter in my own body.

I followed this site for about a year. 3 weeks ago I went into the clinic and had my saline (under the muscle) implants deflated. I was totally shocked by my lack of breast tissue. I had asked for them to be drained first, just in case the result was so horrific that I wanted to put very small implants back in. It took me three weeks to decide - but I opted to have them removed completely.

Today I had them taken out under local anesthetic. It HURT! So worth it. I'm as flat as a pancake but my breasts look perky and just about the same as they did before the surgery. Maybe a little looser and definitely feel a bit mushy --- but the result is far better than I imagined (and i'm picky).

I am so grateful for this site and all you courageous women. We all explant for different reasons - for me, breast implants just weren't a good fit. I hope my story can help someone else along. I will post pictures as soon as I can.


Hey, just found you. Congrats on your explant! I had mine on 1 July. I, too, felt awful carrying this secret around. Having implants made me even more concious-in fear of people finding out I was 'fake'. It was such a strain on me. A massive well done, you've been so brave. Straight after op it was a shock to me, size wise. But I'm so glad to be rid of the nasties. Keep resting x
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Hey, Thanks for posting your review, me and lots of ladies will be able to relate to what you have wrote. I hated mine, they would never of felt like real boobs or part of me. congratulations on your bravery to explant. You are still early days, the mushyness will get better and better. Your clever to realise for your own reasons they weren't for you, lots of women choose to put up with them when they are not happy with them! Happy healing. XXX
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I, like you, felt that implants were "not a fit." I can completely relate! Congrats on your bravery to explant. All of us here know how hard the decision can be. You are free :)
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