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I've always loved breasts. Mine were small...

I've always loved breasts. Mine were small but, cute. Four years ago out of nowhere I decide I am going to get implants. I got the implants and loved them, i had the best experience. About six months after surgery I went back to have a scar revision done. They were perfect for about 3 years. I then started to see a little ledge under my right breast, not worried I thought I would just go back back and have my PS fix it up like the last time. I had the surgery and was hopeful that everything went well and problem was fixed. When I removed the bandages it looked okay facing forward but if i flexed my muscle the breast looked awkward, like it was stuck on something. I thought it might get better with some massage and time to settle in. But, no luck. I waited six months and decided to have my PS try again to fix it. This time was no better, if not 10 times worse then before, i wish i never tried to fix them. When seeing my PS after the surgery for checkup I could tell something was wrong when she removed bandages. She was telling me about the surgery and how challenging it was she said I had a band of muscle that was really tough to work around, that she did the best she could. I then looked and wanted to cry, I have barely wanted to take my clothes off this past month, I didn't even remove my bra while bathing.

The last surgery was Feb 21st and my surgery for explant is for tomorrow March 20th. Excited and nervous. I forgot to mention, I was diagnosed with MS about a year and a half ago. I had symptoms before the implants but, since the implants the symptoms were getting worse. When I started having the problems with my right breast it started me thinking that maybe they were part of the reason my symptoms were worse. As most of my problems related to MS were as well on my right side. Maybe not, but it's something that I have to look forward to in the coming months after having the explant surgery. If not, I am sure I will feel better that I am doing something that is best for my health. Thank you to everyone on this site, your stories and photos have made it so much easier to make this decision.

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How was surgery??
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Wow you look better afterward and look amazing! I'm having mine out (autoimmune issues but fingers crossed nothing diagnosed in particular -just feel bad since i got them 4 yrs ago w symptoms) they look perfect but i'd rather feel good and have small breasts. yours look great. did you have a lift?
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Just read your post and you appear to have the issue with one breast that I have. Would love yo know how theysettled after surgery! Take care!
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Thinking of you and hope you're healing nicely!

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Hi Jodi, How are you doing Honey?
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hi Jodi, I remember feeling that my boobs did not look so good a couple of days after my op too. The plasters were pulling the skin and making them look rather weird. but I have to say I am absolutely over the moon with them now. So as brownies123 says 'hang in there' give them time to adjust, Im sure you will be loving them again very soon (if not already)
and really hope that your MS symptoms have settled a little for you since your op xx
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It's done! All went well.

It feels great. I am having a hard time getting over the look of them though. I suppose that this is normal. It has only been two days, and the bandages are on still. But, besides the look everything is feeling fine.

I'll post an update photo soon.
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Congratulations. Happy for you. i think we were all a little shocked at first. it feels so different not having those heavy bags hanging off of you. Then all of a sudden ( at least for me) it was like I never had them. I look in the mirror now and see me again..its a good feeling. I hope everything continues to go well for you.You are a beautiful woman and our boobs do not define us. Hang in there and get lots of rest. Keep us posted : )

Hang in there and get lots of rest. Keep us posted
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I had saline implants a year ago and they are nice but I want them gone now, no problems with them, just uncomfortable with being "big breasted". what did you pay for removal? I am also in BC and worry what the cost will be.
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Hi Jodi,

Hoping all is well with u and u r happy with everything after yur explant, as brownies said keep us posted.
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Hope your surgery went well. Keep us posted
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Hope all went well today, be brave xx
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Jodi - good luck. I will be hoping for a beautiful outcome for you. Keep us posted.
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Good luck today! I'm sure everything will be fine :) I understand not wanting to take your bra off I have capsular contracture of my left breast and I don't feel comfortable in my own skin anymore. Hopefully now you will be comfortable in your own skin! Best of luck!
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Thank you so much for finding us and starting your story! I'm sorry your breast implants have betrayed you! Did you surgeon say it might be capsular contracture?

I hope your surgery goes smoothly (I'm sure it will!). Please come back and let us know!

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