2 Months Post-op- Very Happy With My Results!

So...where to start... My name is Sonya and I'm 17...

So...where to start... My name is Sonya and I'm 17 years old and living in Vancouver, BC. I've hated my nose since I could remember. My nose has a huge dorsal hump and droops down when I smile. I had 2 friends get a rhinoplasty from Dr. Buonassisi and their noses turned out amazing. Upon further research I found that he had some of the best reviews in my area so I booked a consultation with him and booked the surgery the same day. I'm so excited that the day I've been waiting years for is just a few weeks away. I saved all the money for the surgery on my own :) .

Today was the big day, my rhinoplasty! The surgery...

Today was the big day, my rhinoplasty! The surgery only took 1 hour and was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I was on twilight anesthesia meaning that I couldn't feel any pain but I was totally aware of everything that was going on and could talk to the surgeon/nurses. The nurses were so sweet and nice as well as the doctor. The weirdest part was when my lip was numb and it felt like a part of my lip was missing, it was so foreign to me. My teeth also felt odd and heavy. The surgery was totally pain-free and the worst part was sitting in recovery for an hour and a half because I felt totally fine and normal and was getting impatient because I wanted to go home already. Overall, I'm so happy. My bump/dorsal hump is completely gone.

When I got home around 11AM, I ate some crushed pineapple and took my antibiotics, gravol and pain medication and went straight to bed. I know I'm supposed to lay slightly upright on my back but i slept on my side as I usually do and didn't feel any discomfort. Is the way you sleep really that important? I just woke up from my nap an hour ago and had some mashed potatoes and I feel amazing! No pain at all, I totally feel like myself.

Oh and the best part- I can breath through my nose almost perfectly :D

Day 2: I'm feeling awesome! No pain at all and had...

Day 2: I'm feeling awesome! No pain at all and had no trouble sleeping. I used a huge piece of foam under two pillows to make it comfortable. I haven't taken any more pain medication, just the antibiotics. My eyes are pretty puffy and I have some bruising but not as bad as some other people that I've seen. I can breathe through my nose a bit but it is easier to breathe through my mouth and it hasn't bothered me.

Ok so today is day 4 post rhinoplasty and I feel...

Ok so today is day 4 post rhinoplasty and I feel great as last time. I started taking 1 or 2 pain pills a day to get rid of the constant pressure on my nose. I consider myself one of the luckier rhinoplasty patients when it comes to recovery because my bruising and swelling are really minimal. I'm so excited to get my cast off on Tuesday! :)

Before my surgery, I had a sneezing problem. For years, I would sneeze 3-15 times a day every single day (no exaggeration). I was really worried about this going into the surgery because I knew you weren't allowed to sneeze for a couple of weeks. However since the surgery, I haven't had to sneeze even though my airways have been pretty clear from day 1. This is a huge deal to me and I hope the change is permanent! I don't remember the last time I had such a long break from sneezing.

So today was the big reveal and I'm pretty happy....

So today was the big reveal and I'm pretty happy. I was expecting more of a slope to my nose but I realize that it's still swollen so it will meet my expectations in a few months. I'll be honnest, I'm not as thrilled as I thought I would be. Thoughts?

Ok I wanted to take back the negativity I put...

Ok I wanted to take back the negativity I put forth on my last post and my profile view picture caption. I do love the way my nose turned out! It looks really natural :)

Overall, my rhinoplasty experiance has been...

Overall, my rhinoplasty experiance has been excellent. I've had no pain and my results are exactly what I wanted. I definitely recomend Dr. Buonassisi! The swelling on my bridge went down quite a bit since the cast removal. I mentioned in a previous post how I didn't sneeze for 4 days after the surgery and I thought my sneezing issue might have been solved through the surgery...well I was wrong. I'm back to sneezing about 5 times a day, but I don't mind.

So its been over a month since my surgery and I am...

So its been over a month since my surgery and I am very happy with how my nose looks. The tip is still pretty swollen but other then that I am satisfied with the results. My nostrils are still pretty long but I knew going into the surgery that that couldn't be changed and I feel like my nose looks fine either way. I'm surprised that many people couldn't even notice that I had anything done, which could be a good thing because it shows that my nose looks natural.

So its been a little over 2 months since the...

So its been a little over 2 months since the surgery and I'm sooo happy with how my nose looks. I believe my face looks softer overall and I'm a lot more confident. My nose seems to look the same as it did a couple of weeks post op, but I guess its because I don't have a lot of swelling.
Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Buonassisi and his team of nurses are so nice and caring and they made me feel really comfortable. My results are exactly how I wanted my nose to look. He was very realistic on what he could and couldn't do for me and I would recommend him to everyone! I gave 4 stars for responsiveness because sometimes it took a while for his staff to get back to me, but overall everyone who works for him is great!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Oh my goodness! What a perfect result! You were beautiful before, but now you look all the more gorgeous with your other features highlighted. Thanks for sharing!!! :)
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OMG amazing!!!!!!!!! Beautiful nosejob!
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Did you have tip work done as well or just the dorsal hump removal?
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You look amazing!!!!
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Yayyy! looking great!
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I have been following your review for a long while now and although you haven't updated in a bit, I thought I'd let you know that your before and after photos are both gorgeous but WOW, does your new nose ever suit you! Dr. B did an amazing job. I have my rhinoplasty booked with him next month and I'm so nervous. But seeing your photos and reading your review makes me feel more comfortable, so thank you very much. Also, random question, when I update my review it won't let me add Dr. B in the "My Doctor" section the ways yours does :S On mine, it only lets me write his name, but it doesn't bring up his picture of let me rate the different aspects of him and his staff. How do I do this?? Lol!
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Thanks so much and good luck with your surgery :D Hmm.. I don't know when I entered his name in the doctor section, on the drop down menu it had a picture of him and I clicked it. Maybe you spelt his name wrong? I'm not sure.
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I have the same nose you had before. You look beautiful!
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I love your new nose! You look gorgeous! :) hope you're doing good.
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Thanks for posting the pics! Your nose looks great!
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Hey there... I just LOVE your nose. Was wondering how you're doing almost 1 month post op. hope all is well!
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Hey, girly. Your new nose looks lovely! Fits your face very well! I'm very glad to hear that you had a good experience with your rhinoplasty because almost all the reviews that i read go through the usual symptoms and discomfort so that's definitely a plus that your recovery was great for you! Thx for sharing your story with us. Btw, how do you deal with people that didn't know about your surgery? Do they notice? Or do they ask you if you changed something?
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Hey, when I saw people that didn't know about my surgery they usually didn't say anything, I guess people didn't notice I had a huge nose. It's surprising how other people overlook certain flaws that you concentrate so much on...
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That's a relief! I hope it goes the same for me. I live in a small town and run into people that I know ALL the time so I was afraid that people would notice. Thx for the reply. :)
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Your new nose looks fantastic x
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wow that looks amazing results wise.
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Results look brilliant!! it only gets more refined over time so imagine what it will look like in a few months!, Im at 7 months now and i can still see mine getting better and better!! x
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Hi Sonya, I just wanted to tell you that you look absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on such a wonderful experience and outcome. You could easily be one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen!
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Wow thank you so much!
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You look amazing! I have already had a consultation with Dr. Denton but after reading your review (and others like it), I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Bounassisi for late December. Your nose looks amazing, so it gives me confidence in his work!
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Thank you so much! Both Dr. Denton and Dr. Buonassisi have really great before and afters and I'm sure you will have great results with either one :)
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hey hun, you look great! props to you for making such a mature decision at your age. i also live in the vancouver area and i have an appointment with dr. bartlett in richmond next week. i also have an appointment that i'm on the wait list for with dr. richard warren. did you go to any consultations with other surgeons before settling on dr. Buonassisi?
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No, I didn't go to any other consultations. I was so eager to get the surgery over with that I booked it right after my first consultation, but I guess that worked in my favor in the end :)
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How long was the wait between the consultation and the surgery?
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Two months
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