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There are only two clinics in Vancouver that has...

There are only two clinics in Vancouver that has Ulthera. My girlfriend called both clinics and went with the cheaper place. I was a little concerned with the reviews for the cheaper place so I went for consultation with both. In the end, I paid a lot more than my girlfriend as I decided you get what you pay for. 2 months since our treatments. My girl friend did not see much improvement but my results are excellent. Comparing the two places, same machines, I think my doctor has more experience. When I first asked about why other clinics can offer such a low price, he said he does not know how the others do it without making money, but he promised a good job at his clinic at a price that was reasonable. Totally true. I have also switched my botox treatments to this clinic as well. Their per unit price is average. Even though my previous place charged a little less but they charged for more units which turns out to be more expensive *what a scam*. Dr. C seems to know a lot about Ulthera and he also explained it is not for everyone. I am convinceed it works, just with the right doctor or clinic.

Since then, I have sent another older GF there....

Since then, I have sent another older GF there. She was initially told that Ulthera may not work for everyone (which I thought was an honest enough answer). She did do it last week and when I saw her yesterday, her results were better than mine. She is very pleased. She was going in for a follow up appointment this week and we will find out what the doctor says. I didn't think it worked so fast but seeing is believing. I am going to try to convince my GF that had the failed treatment to try this clinic instead.

With a few friends that have done Ultherapy with...

With a few friends that have done Ultherapy with Dr. Cheng (not sure if I am allowed to mention Dr.'s name here?), everyone single one saw results. I have to mention that the good doctor did decline to treat one of the them because he said she was not appropriate (too far gone) and it wouldn't be worth her money. The verdict is in, the results do show within the first two weeks and continue to improve over the next 2-3 months. Even though there is mild swelling that may make the face better initially, there are still the initial contractions. It is not a miracle cure but at least it is the best so far in terms of no surgery and no downtime. I have not compared prices recently but the new $2000 price paid by another GF (again, not sure if I can quote prices here..)at Dr. Cheng's clinic seems very reasonable now. Highly recommend this treatment and especially if you find someone that is very good. A tool is only as good as the craftsman.

Dr. Cheng, Skin Matters Medical Center

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I need everything done I live on the suncshine coast is there free consoltation please

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Thank you for the info 63girl.
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Hi 63Girl, I live in Seattle and would like to try Ultheraphy with your doctor. Can I have his complete name & phone number please? Thanks.
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Not sure if we are allowed full names here. If not, sorry Britt, please remove or edit. Thx.

Dr. Charles Cheng, Skin Matters Medical Centre in Vancouver, Canada
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Hmm well I made an appointment for a thousand for my forehead this Mon, now might call to cancel! The thing is, I already know that my face is uneven and where (my left side ALWAYS needs more filler, because of my teeth and probably past sun damage as well as the way I move the muscles -- cannot really alter that. I have definite eye assymmetry and other issues but for the eyes there is nothing ulthera could help, and I guess a second or third opinion helps. Nice to know there are docs out there who really have an "eye" for such things, since I consider them very important. But how -- this is what I was asking -- can different docs use a machine that basically has the same applicators and same ability based on the machine, not the doc's touch, to do something much better or worse? Do they go "deeper" or longer, or something? I guess I need to ask them but they probably won't know about other people, just their own the end, I guess one should trust other people's experience and testaments but I don't know anyone where I live to ask for references. If it's the machine that does all the work, then I guess it's a good thing because you can depend on the same results everywhere. If it's the doc then i guess I gotta travel, take a "plastic" vacay!
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Let's put it this way, if you give two hairdressers the same blow dryer and brush, do you think all the results would be the same? I drive differently than my husband. Same Porsche but the ride is always different! I have found different clinics with the same machine can and will give different results. Same as botox and fillers.....
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Yeah if you put it like that, I guess....still undecided. I did go ahead and cancel my appointment for the brow lift by ultherapy, although I am desperate to do something for it because I am going to a really important thing soon and want to look good, not ugly. Now I kind of wish I had gone, something is better than nothing -- great, now I look yucky! Botox simply doesn't work on me, so I have few if any options. If I ever do get the forehead thing from another person who is considered "more qualified," I will definitely let everyone know (at least for me) if there is a difference, in both technique and other stuff.
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Just read your new comments. 1. Definitely there is a difference between doctors or clinics. When I did mine, they marked my face very differently from left to right because the doctor noticed major differences between my two sides. They told me that every patient is different. I like their individualized approach. If you asked enough questions, you will get a feel if the doctor is experienced enough. 2. About the pain, personally, I don't think I needed strong pain killers. I did it without anything and it was tolerable. Yes, there was pain but it was a lot less than other things I have done that didn't work (Fraxel, Thermage, Titan....). My doctor did mention that pain tolerance varies a lot. Some people may need it. At their clinic, they do offer pain control but he will insist patient be accompanied home by someone if pills were given. 3. About pricing, it was lucky for me that my doctor only charged $2000. According to the nurse, it used to be $4500-$5500 at their clinic a year ago. They brought the price down now because they wanted it to make it affordable for more people. My doctor is known for results and not low prices. He charges about average pricing for botox and perhaps a little higher than my previous doctors for his fillers. But believe me, when I was sitting there waiting, he had lots of patients. I noticed many happy faces and heard many thank you's. Do lots of homework and you will find yourself a much better doctor where you are.
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Emily603, just looked at my bill, it was 1995 plus tax for cheeks and neck. BTW, so far Ulthera was much better than Thermage for me personally. Hope this helps. Enough posting.....good night everyone.
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Hi all,

I a newbie to posting even though I have been leeching info from all the sites. Payback time!

I picked Dr. C in Vancouver (see my method in my other post tonight). Not sure what Vancouverface paid (I am pretty sure it would be the same), my price with him was $2000 plus tax for both the cheeks and upper neck. When I was checking, his clinic quoted me the same price as my friends. No matter what form of payment, Visa, debit or cash, they charged the same. I like that because I don't trust places that prefer cash.

Nadiahoney, from my personal experience and Dr. C's advice, Ulthera is NOT a replacement for Botox. I asked him the same question and received a very definite answer = NO. He explained to me that Botox is to prevent wrinkles caused by expression. Ulthera may improve it slightly but it is no way a replacement for Botox. Don't waste your time with a more expensive place if that is what they are telling you.

Caregiver, as for the Radiesse and Ulthera, Dr. C explained to me that most of the areas we did Ulthera on are unlikely places for fillers. Even with my cheeks, he said the Ulthera shouldn't be hitting the Juvederm (I used Voluma instead of Radiesse) because he injects the Juvederm much deeper than Ulthera (4.5mm). But of course, depends on where you had your Radiesse injected and how deep.

Emily 603, Dr. W was 3rd on my list. If you read my other post and do your homework, you would understand.

I considered myself average in terms of pain tolerance. At Dr. C's no anesthetic was given (an option if you ask him). They treated me with the maximum power and I admit it stings a little but no where near as much as needing valium or strong pain killers. I didn't even need an advil! There are some immediate results and some mild swelling. I did see improvement after the first two weeks after the mild swelling settled. I am looking forward to seeing more results in the months to come.
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Yeah, that's what they say -- and if they do hit the area, it might degrade the Radiesse a bit since it heats the lower layers (a bit beneath the Radiesse??). The pain is BAD. I took nothing for it. One place I called claimed that there is absolutely no pain and that no one experienced any -- well, then I think they are IDIOTS to claim that or it is not REAL ultherapy. Most places want you to take some kind of painkiller -- but that means you need someone to drive you home, which for me is hard to find since all the places are so far away. Some places will give local anesthetic which I think requires the doctor, not just a "specialist" doing the treatment (specialists cost less since they don't have the "doctor" behind their name.) Okay - for improvements, do NOT expect something major, but it has not been three months yet so I cannot say for sure. I had hardly any sagging to begin with, so what I see now is the teeniest bit better and hard for me to say. If I end up seeing no difference in pics, I will definitely be going back to the doc and asking why not. Some people get major change, but I had little fat and sagging to begin with. I just want to stave off the inevitable.
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Oh me crazy but I am thinking about trying a different place (a doctor, more expensive) for my forehead so I won;'t have to do Botox anymore, since really Botox kind of sucks for me. The forehead is supposedly even more painful and this time I will want a blocker for sure. The pain is bad, know that. If I get better results from the doc I go to as compared to the RN "specialist" who did my jaw, to me that kind of will prove that there is a difference in how the treatment is done, even though it seems to me that as long as directions are followed with care, even an RN should be able to do this well. But what do I know? I wish I could understand all this better!
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Also, just so you know....yeah I know Botox is totally different from ulthera, and doesn't target the same problems....but Botox is NOT good for me since (a) lasts so little time and (b) doesn't even work EVER for me since all I want is lifting, and I don't really get those wrinkles anyway and (c) I have rarely seen someone who looks incredibly better from Botox, unless they do it to extremes like Sandra Bullock -- and then it's weirdly noticeable
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I had Radiesse injected in March. My Dr. says it is alright to still do ultherapy, they will just try not to hit that area. My question, what if they do hit that area? Can you also describe your pain and when you first saw an improvement?
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Caregiver -- I just read this and here was my experience: I only have had it on the upper neck area, and yes, quite painful. I have had all kinds of injections and I am considered to be quite good with pain, according to docs. I think I am average in tolerance (never had kids, so who knows?) But the ulthera is definitely way more painful than injections. I have little fat so maybe that affected it, and the RN who did my neck said she did the whole face without any kind of medication, but anyone (including the RN) will tell you to expect a lot of pain (sorry.) If I ever get it done on my forehead I will definitely get something for that, since according to the RN when you go against bony areas it hurts even more. I am hesitant to go over areas where I had filler because most people (on this site included) say it degrades the filler, no matter what a doc will tell you. But in sum, lots of pain -- don't listen to those who say none, and as far as improvement, don't expect miracles.
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Hey -- I have researched this and it is true, some docs seem to get more results than others, but they charge about 100- 500 more, if they do it and not a nurse or what some refer to as a "licensed" user. I almost had it done for a good price, 1000 dollars for the forehead. Most docs charge at least 1500 for this. It seems to be arbitrary. One place tried to convince me that EVERYWHERE charges 2500 for the forehead -- which is an absolute lie! If you just csll various places in the same area, they all charge within the same price, usually around 1500. Ask if a doc vs a nurse does it. I have had a registered nurse do it on the jaw. It works a LITTLE bit, not majorly. Best to do it around my age, namely 35 --40, when collagen can still be stimulated. It REALLY hurts, I had not medicine for it. Most places know that you should have a bit of pain meds, but I needed to drive myself back, so....if anyone has any more questions about my treatment and where to go, I have really done a lot of research by calling places, talking to professionals and non-profs, etc. and happy to answer as best I can. If you have the money to spend, I guess overall it's worth it....but do your research, of course.
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hi Vancouverface, I am still thinking either doing this treament or the thermage.
When you mentoned $2000, is it the whole face?
or just one area?
I went to Dr.W and he is charging per area.
Hope to hear from you soon.
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Saw my doc again, once again, he said I looked great and sent me on my way. My results are "holding". He explained that my results will diminish with time, just like aging. He also reminded me that not everyone is the same. He has patients that have done multiple treatments with excellent results. Simply put, why would anyone spend more money unless they see the results. I liked his honesty and absolutely liked his straight answers and experience. One downside to his clinic, very busy and sometimes waiting time is long. He does apologize nicely. Worth it!
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hey vancouverface, sounds like your ultherapy was worth it. I still want to get it -- and am searching for a doc closer than canada, but who knows...anyway I have some questions. First, have you had anything done before? Why did you want it? Does it make fillers disappear? How old are you? I ask all this stuff because I am almost forty and have a thin face, but sagging, so I need an allover lift -- but don't want to lose volume. So I do wonder if some people are better for this than others...thanks!
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wow -- yes that is cheaper. Dr. Choe in VA Beach charges almost 4000 for the while face...maybe I will get a ticket to Toronto and stil have more money left over.
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Hi I am wondering who doctor C is in Vancouver so o can make an appointment
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Went in again recently to see if I can get a second round. The doctor checked me and told me to wait. He convinced me that it wasn't that bad so I can hold on to my money and spend it somewhere else! I think I am a fan for life! He did suggested that Japan Red Cross would be money better spent.

Exciting update. He told me my next Ulthera would be much cheaper because they are dropping their prices after getting better prices for their supplies. I think it is only going to be $1200 for cheeks and $2400 for the whole face! This is gotta be the cheapest price I have seen on the internet and definitely cheapest in Vancouver.
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HI Vancouver,

Less expensive is always nice. I'm glad too your doctor sounds very honest. Please keep us updated.



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I am just in the process of booking an appointment and was wondering if the name of the clinic is skin matters. I would be grateful of a reply
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I just did the cheeks because the doctor told me that is all I needed. I would have paid to do the neck as well but he showed me it was not that bad and told me to save my money for something else.

No pain medication what so ever. Much less painful than Thermage. I think most people can tolerate it. I did read it somewhere that some people needed needles or creams. Don't understand why? Will ask the doctor next time. I am thinking of doing a second round to make things better.
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