Skin damaged by VI Peel

I had the VI peel 4 months ago in June of 2011. If...

I had the VI peel 4 months ago in June of 2011. If I had written this review a month after I had had the peel, it would have been a glowing review. The peel itself was fine - 5-6 days of feeling like you have sunburnt skin, and skin started peel after about 3 days to reveal the most amazing, glorious skin I had ever seen. I followed the instructions and precautions TO THE LETTER.

The skin tone was even, pore size diminished and it felt so smooth and looked like I'd taken 5 years off it. Then in August, so 2 months after the peel, I caught a glimpse of myself in a window outside and noticed my skin has this strange texture all over my face.

It's hard to describe but it looked like I had thousands of little bumps all over my skin, but you couldn't see them in all lights. Since then, I've been watching my skin carefully, and have been living a daily nightmare. I used to have medium-sized open pores on the apples of my cheeks and small pores on my forehead and no pores on the sides of my face.

Since August, every day I look in the mirror and every single pore has become absolutely enormous, as though someone had dotted my face with a needle or something.

On top of this many pores have joined together to make long lines of pores that look like pronounced wrinkles. I can actually feel them when I run my fingers over my face. I also have 2 light brown stains on my cheeks that were not there before the peel. It looks like the skin on my cheeks is dead as it doesn't seem to soak up the serums I'm trying to nourish it with and just looks totally lifeless.

I had one single accent laser treatment on my face 18 months ago to "tighten up the jowl area" as the doctor said, which led to fat loss and parts of my face looking deflated when I smiled (I will write about this in a post on the Accent page). I have done no treatments to my face since that disaster but after visiting the doctor (one of the most well known and respected in my city), I was encouraged to the VI peel which he said would help with some of the textural problems that were caused by the Accent treatment.

At no point did the doctor ever mention that there was a risk of me ending up with orange peel skin, raised bumps, pores joining together to form lines, dark stains and lines going all across my face and cheeks when I smile. It looks like the collagen has been completely destroyed under my epidermis!

I feel like I'm living a nightmare. I would feel better if the (famous, well respected) doctor had said that this sort of thing can happen in a minority of patients, but nothing like this and I asked 50 questions!

These doctors are truly evil. I believe that they know the risks full well and are willing to feed people lies as long as it funds their lavish lifestyles.

I have no idea what to do now. People always used to say how young I looked for my age and I feel like I've aged 10 years in the space of a few months. I don't want to go near another laser or peel but I wonder if microdermabrasion can help? I've been using expensive products that are supposed to repair the skin - serums, Vit C creams, essential oils etc but I feel like every day I'm comfronted with bigger pores/track marks/lines as well as the ongoing fat loss from the Accent.

I'm going to try dermarolling - has anyone had any success with that before. I'll post updates - I'm desperate to try to repair the collagen. I'm 32 so hope that maybe I'm young enough for my skin to have some chance of recovery.

To anyone thinking of having laser or peels, I would think long and hard. I believe that there are thousands of "respected", "well known" doctors out there who are keeping up a veil of secrecy about the reality of these treatments and I would not take any doctor's word for it if he/she has a vested interest in you having treatment.

I would also encourage people to think long and hard about whether the problem you want treatment for is really worth the risks that come with these "treatments".

I've lost confidence, I check my skin often, am afraid of going out and am jut generally devastated. There is no way that this is a coincidence - I've never, ever had such issues before - I know my skin so well, every mark and pore and this is not MY skin.

Please all be aware that often the skin looks amazing a month after treatment but you may be dealing with devastating effects several months down the line like me.

If anyone has any advice at all that could help me - I would appreciate it so much. I feel like this is only the beginning and I'm scared as it seems to be getting worse every day. Please someone give me some hope.

Oh i want to ask you about the dermarolling!? What is it? How you get it? If u can explain to me a bit more! Thank you!
hope you recover!!
Hi, I'm so sorry what is happening to you! I'm going thru the same as you are, I will be 32 next week and feel miserable, 6 months ago I had a vitalize peel in this local spa, a month later had microdermabrasion, my skin is exactly how u describe it and it looks worse than yours, now I'm not sure if what the peel, the peel and The micro or sun exposure, the girl who did the procedure didn't tell me nothing, how to take care of it, nothing! So I live in Texas imagine how hot and sunny is here, I have two kids, So I was in the water parks with just a low SPF on my face! Terrible decision!!! I wish I can give you a hope, but honestly I can't I think my face get worse with time, I feel depress and have acne like never before, big cysts that leave a scar, before this peel I have a pimple and heal good, now is horrendous, I went to 3 derms already, first one gave me finacea and tretinoin cream, after 12 weeks I stop it because my skin looks bad, the next Derm told me to do 4 chemical peels, I left very quick! Last Derm gave me atralin gel( tretinoin) so I gave it a try, after one month that it was last oct 26 I stop it, because my skin is so bad, even if I know that it takes up to a year for tretinoin to really works, I'm scare that I'm doing more damage than good. Well this weekend I will drive all the way to Oklahoma to my old esthetician, that I trust to see if she can tell me what's going on and if is any chance for my skin to at least looks better! I feel not hope but I will go anyway. I know what you going thru! I cry everyday I look in the mirror, is hard to accept this, my life is ruined and my family is suffering because I don't want to live sometimes, anyway I met a girl here, on realself, she told me about osmosis skincare, emu oil, copper peptides, rosehip oil and also tretinoin, but I'm not an expert so I really will tell u to see a dermatologist and see if u find a good one! You are not alone! I hope your skin get better, you can send me messages if u want, I know how it is to feel lonely and nobody either understand you, or tell u to get over it, oe they are tired of hearing the same over and over! Take care!

My skin seems to be getting worse every day. I...

My skin seems to be getting worse every day. I feel like the peel triggered some kind of delayed cell death from the single laser treatment I had done which damaged my skin. Or maybe it has nothing to do with that...but in the space of 5 months, my skin has aged by about 10 years.
Does anyone have any advice?
I'm dermarolling and feel like I'm seeing an improvement but has anyone had any luck with anything else?

just about the same thing happened to me. I had really good skin, but started noticing a few lines around my mouth. Went to a spa and was told Pearl Fractional would stimulate collagen. It did just the opposite! I was left with tiny pin holes all over my face and in the past 2 years, the holes have formed lines all over my chin and upper lip. I have lost so much facial fat that I have been told I need a facelift. Has anything helped you?
WOW i'm so sorry this has happened to you, i know someone who had the vipeel and their skin looks great, i hope things are better for you.
Go to a website called reverseskinaging. The products are phenomenal, science behind them impeccable. You can speak to someone about your specific situation. I have been using the products for years. I am 43 but regularly guessed in my 20s. They work to restore your skin. Yes your skin is young enough to be restored, but you have to do the right things. Adding inflammation upon inflammation will only make it worse.
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