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Thru browsing I found these site too late. I just...

Thru browsing I found these site too late. I just had botox to address a deep skin fold in between my eye brows. My face is heavily scarred by acne thru the years but it is now clean and break out free but scarred. The only thing that I just wanted is to ge rid of this deep folds in my forehead in between the brows. So I got botox and the results were WOW, skin tone improved and fairly looked beter but still there is a fold and I am happy, then the doctor suggested that she will administer Restylane and that her most senior and competent Aestheticist will administer the filler. She broke a blood vein during Restylane administration and the vein that was injected Restylane started getting heavily bruised down to the tip of my nose in 2-3 hrs and the pain and pressure was terribly painful, the next day they injected hyaluronidase to correct it, the pressure subsided but it left a dark deep crevice following the veins and it look a like a deep purple from the forehead down to my nose. The whole affected vein burned and turned out like a deep wound. This only happened last week. I am so dissapointed and felt so low right now. I don't know what to do, the dermatologist has referred me to another doctor tomorrow. I don't know what's going to happen. I am thinking to get my Restylane procedure of $700 refunded at least and negotiate a treatment plan for this damage for free. I know lawsuits here in Canada for this type of case has never been favorable to victims and lawyers doesn't seem interested to take my case. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

(my forehead down to the tip of my nose looks like there's a lightning wound on! sigh)

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Procedure gone wrong

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Hey there. Do you think you can let me know which doctor you went to so I can avoid the place? I'm looking to get restylane injections done in Vancouver. THanks so much.
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The Fucidin ointment and Aspirin low dose since to be working, the damaged vein is healing with uneven bumps and discoloration. I will end up with scars around the nose to the forehead area. I am so frustrated and sad. But I have to move on, I am bigger than these and things will be okay. Sorry I wasn't able to post the before and after it really breaks my heart to see the before and what was I thinking to get a derma filler done and agreed with my dermatologist. Oh well, everything will be okay from here on. Thank you all for the support, it meant a lot.

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So sorry to hear what you are going through. Wish I could help. Though I have to say, with such a positive attitude on your part, which I've noticed can be rare in such conditions, things will indeed be okay and get better. I know I need to have a better attitude on certain things that have happened to me in the past two years procedure-wise, so thanks for being a leader in your calmness.
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I absolutely love this portion of what you wrote, "I am bigger than these and things will be okay." That is absolutely correct, but it takes a lot of strength and wisdom to see that - very inspiring.

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Wow, I too am really sorry to hear about what you are going through. I'm glad you are on here to get support as you go through this. Is the area still painful?

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Thanks Megan
After the procedure today, the pain and pressure subsided almost completely. There is a huge dark reddish scab like an inverted number 7 around 3 inches in length & quarter an inch wide. down the tip of my nose there is again a discoloured purple like patch on the skin that appears like a letter s around 2 inches in length and skin is somewhat raised. Oh boy, hope they can still reverse if not do something about these future scars.

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I hope the same - please keep us posted on how you are doing.

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Hello Julia,
Thanks for the reply. Until now it hasn't really sink in I still have that positive attitude in me (its the Buddhist in me probably) but it really makes me sad. Right now a group of very good dermatologists are working together to address my medical case and its being charged to the main dermatologist. I was given another shot of Hyaluronidase and a plastic surgeon in her team is now working a treatment plan for the scars. Right now I was given Fucidin ointment and aspirin low dose. I wanted to really scream at the person who did this to me, but you know accidents happen and yes competence make these accidents not happen as much as possible. Too bad it happen to me, as I was joking around in front of my daughter that this was Voldemort's doing and that my former last name was really Potter! LOL!, I can still make her smile even though she is always teary eyed every morning to check on me since this happened.
At this time my plan is to work with the dermatologist and get whatever I can from them and hope this will be over. I can deal with the scar not a big deal but I have to admit it really hurts inside and out. I will try to get a before and after photo later this week.
Thanks again
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Ramjebc, I am so, so sorry and upset to hear what happened to you! I thought the injectors were supposed to know the anatomy well enough to understand vein distribution?!
Lawsuits are tricky with such procedures - even here in the US. Do you have a before picture? I had been a victim of a negatively altering procedure as well and from what I've researched and been told, unless
a) it has done you physical or potentially fatal harm,
b) you count on your physical appearance for your work (i.e. you are an A-list actress),
c) your face has been brutally damaged (to the degree you'd major reconstructive surgery),
d) your face is an insured body part, I would imagine that suing is well-nigh impossible. Usually lawyers will take on lay clients whose faces have either been completely and utterly distorted and destroyed or whose procedures have physically harmed their health.
On another note, if you do find someone who would be willing to help, don't let what I said stop you! Just letting you know the risks before you spend your money on a lawyer.
First try and see if you can get a refund and treatement plan.
Good luck,
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My current doctor told me the restylane under my eyes was injected too superficially. I cannot say I fit either a, b, c or d but if there is nothing medically that can be done to help me, I will always have a disfigurement under my eyes. The thing I find hard to accept is that a doctor did say that the procedure was done improperly, yet I have almost no chance to get a settlement. I will surely have less chances both socially and occupationally (in competition with someone who looks better). The doctor who disfigured me wanted to inject sculptra as my solution. I can't understand how anyone who did a procedure improperly can be trusted to do ANY procedure properly.
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