My Rhinoplasty Experience with Dr. Denton - Vancouver, BC

My surgery took place on August 8th. My...

My surgery took place on August 8th. My consultation being several weeks prior at which time Dr. Denton queried my desires and examined my nose and took some digital photographs. Together we determined that my nose wasn't particulary unappealing in overall appearance nor were there any functional problems.

Dr. Denton convinced that a fairly discreet alteration was suitable given that a small nose wouldn't suit me. A matter of removing a small dorsal hump and otherwise providing me a slightly concave profile along with raising the tip slightly.

All of it quite plain to me courtesy of digital before and after images. Images that so surprised me that I asked if what I was seeing in the post-operative image was in actuality realistically achievable. I was assured that it was.

The targeted result was hugely pleasing to me. A truly stellar appearance compared to what nature had provided me. A stark difference even though fairly discreet compared to some rhinoplasties.

My surgery was entirely successful and my recovery entirely uneventful. No pain nor bleeding. Able to nose breath from day one. Improving day by day thereafter. The facial swelling and bruising resolving quickly such that only remnants remained one week later at cast removal. My nose definitely noticeably swollen once it was revealed to me and such is certainly to be expected. But the swelling wasn't and isn't excessive. The targeted shape of the nose clearly visible despite the swelling.

Said shape being precisely in line with what was desired. Dr. Denton having performed a flawless surgery. I couldn't be happier at this point and despite the swelling I find myself feeling changed. A feeling of improved confidence. Of being less self-conscious about my appearance. Viewing myself as being more physically attractive in general. Wanting to smile more than previously.

A very definite palpable change.


Thank you for sharing your experience. We'd love to see your before and after photos! If it makes you more comfortable, you can even blur out your eyes.

Digital imaging is an amazing tool and it sounds like your result hit the mark. Hooray for success!

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I'm now at fifteen days post-op and all is going...

I'm now at fifteen days post-op and all is going extremely well. Swelling overall is resolving rapidly. My nose much narrower now than at cast removal. The only remaining discoloration being some minor redness on the bridge of my nose at the point where my hump was removed. The soft tissue swelling at the same point having significantly resolved. Only a very minor amount of swelling remaining.

Additionally, the feeling in the tip of my nose and the supratip area has already largely returned. My upper lip having been fine from day one. Nostril swelling has also resolved significantly though both outermost edges are still somewhat firm to the touch.

To date I've only ever touched my new nose very gently and only in applying daily a small amount of Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend both externally and internally.

Overall Dr. Denton performed a flawless surgery. No complications whatsoever with a resultant shape and size that met expectations precisely. I always liked the tip of my nose and my new nose perfectly accentuates that tip. I wasn't interested in a straight nose profile but, rather, in a slightly concave profile which Dr. Denton targeted in digital format without hesitation. And the fact that he was thinking the same way I was was hugely pleasing to me.

I couldn't have asked for the whole of the situation to have proceeded any more smoothly nor more satisfactorily than has been the case.

Just and simply could not have been better.

Will update again soon.


You're welcome Angie and thanks.

Hooray indeed!

As for photos?

I'll be posting such soon.

Now at three weeks post-op and all continues to go...

Now at three weeks post-op and all continues to go well. My nose continuing to take shape being overall much narrower at this point than at cast removal. The feeling overall continuing to return. The outermost edges of my nostrils no longer firm to the touch. The minor redness on my nasal bridge now barely noticeable. The swelling in the same area also barely noticeable.

All family members and friends and associates, et al. who have commented to date having had nothing but praise for Dr. Denton's expertise in sculpting my new nose. Compliments no end. My own opinion unchanged. Loving my new appearance. Feeling more confident. Amazed that recovery has been as uneventful as it has. The swelling and discoloration resolving rapidly.

At my next follow-up in a couple of weeks I'm hopeful of taking a moment out to consult Dr. Denton on a couple of additional minor procedures including a conservative augmentation of my upper lip. To bring it more into line with my lower.

My having complete confidence that in Dr. Denton I made absolutely the best choice per my rhinoplasty procedure and will be making the best choice per any/all additional procedures I desire to undergo.

More to come.

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The mentioned post-op redness and swelling on my...

The mentioned post-op redness and swelling on my nasal bridge has, over the past few days, almost completely resolved. I was a little concerned recently that the swelling might not be soft tissue in its entirety and that it would not fully resolve. It has resolved steadily from its maximum projection following cast removal to the mentioned barely noticeable stage but then it seemed to stall. The past few days however having laid my concerns to rest as the attached photo clearly shows. The redness reduced and the swelling at its smallest from every angle.

I anticipate the redness and swelling being completely resolved over coming days.

What I wanted, and what Dr. Denton targeted, was an uninterrupted smooth, slightly concave, sweep to my nose from top to tip and it is now very obvious to me that such is indeed going to be the final outcome.

Grinning broadly once again!

More to come.


You look great! Thank you for sharing.

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Next week I'll be overall updating my review. At...

Next week I'll be overall updating my review. At the six weeks post-op point of my recovery.

In the mean time I just wanted to submit a new photo that more clearly demonstrates just how truly great my newly sculpted nose actually looks. The degree to which it suits my face. Looking like I was born with it.

The photo is a slight bit out of focus but overall is a great shot. My original nose having sported a sizeable and lengthy hump on the bridge and the tip was lower.

The photo was shot 31 days post-op and so some minor redness and a slight swelling on the bridge can be seen [at the point at which my hump was removed].

Dr. Denton did a truly outstanding job of providing me the nose I've always wanted.

My having no regrets whatsoever.

Just extremely grateful and happy.

More soon.


Thanks Angie,

I've added a photo that more clearly demonstrates my overall outcome.

I couldn't be more pleased with the way the whole of the surgery turned out.

Great indeed!

Thanks again to Dr. Denton.

Now at six weeks post-op. Have added a new...

Now at six weeks post-op.

Have added a new photo depicting my newly sculpted nose as it appears as of this writing.

Noting also my upper lip augmentation. One syringe of Juvederm [with Lidocaine] having been injected six days ago in order to bring it into balance with my lower lip. An outcome that has entirely succeeded at this point as can be seen. Symmetry and all. My having experienced only very minor swelling and discoloration overall.

I'm again extremely pleased with the outcome of my two procedures to date and I once again wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Denton's surgical skills and abilities.

Absolutely first rate.

Him and his staff.

And I'll likely update again.

Perhaps at the two or three months point for my rhinoplasty.

Ciao for now.


I scheduled a consul with Dr Denton! So excited because of the positive reviews!
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I have my surgery next week, nov 8th with Dr. Denton. Up to today, I've been nothing but excited. Although now, I'm a nervous wreck. What was the actual procedure like for you? I'm so worried that I will see and hear what is happening throughout the surgery. Did you have a super sore throat when you woke up?
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Kirstabell, Have no fears. None whatsoever. When I arrived for my surgery I wasn't even remotely nervous. I entered the office and said hello to all and then sat and waited for a few minutes before the nurse came out to take me in for surgery preparation. I stripped to the waist in a side room and put a hospital gown on. Removed my shoes and put on hospital booties. Then the nurse had me use the standard mouth wash and gave me some standard oral medication. For relaxation and more. Then Dr. Denton came out and had a brief chat with me and we went into the surgery theatre where I lay down on the operating table. I was again totally relaxed. Feeling entirely confident. And the staff wastes no time. My arms were placed on flat surfaces to my left and right. Near as I could tell my left arm was hooked up to monitor my vital signs while my right received the intravenous anaesthetic. And, again, no time was wasted and there was no discomfort. The last thing I recall was Dr. Denton telling me that I'd soon be feeling like I'd had a martini or two and I replied that I was already feeling a little drowsy. The next thing I know I was waking up in recovery with the nurse asking me how I was doing. And I was doing fine. No discomfort whatsoever. Just a bandaged nose. There was nothing to it. No call for anxiety or nervousness or any such. The whole of it couldn’t have been smoother. You'll be fine. Try to relax. You'll be in the best of all possible hands with Dr. Denton and staff.
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Dr. Denton was thorough and confident in his ability to get the job done which I liked a lot. There was no hesitancy on his part. I detected nothing in the way of tentativeness. And I should note at this point that I had been to one prior consultation with another surgeon. And on that occasion I wasn't even remotely convinced that I had made a good choice. Inclusive of the fact that we were talking an open procedure whereas Dr. Denton was going to, and did, perform a closed procedure which I much preferred. Overall Dr. Denton was professional and pleasant to chat with. His leaving me feeling confident that in him I had made a good choice and the best, in fact, as it turned out. Dr. Denton's professionalism and confidence and surgical skills and abilities I would recommend highly to any interested party/parties. Definitely first-rate. And I don't anticipate any change of sentiment on my part as my nose continues to settle into its final appearance over the next year or so. If the day comes when I'm considering any other cosmetic procedure I won't be consulting any surgeon other than Dr. Denton.

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