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I'm a 36 Year Old Mother of 2 and Miss my Body - Vancouver, BC

I work hard to be in shape, stay fit and eat...

I work hard to be in shape, stay fit and eat healthy. I can't reach my personal goals with these stretch marks and hanging skin..it's hopeless unless I have the mommy makeover. I'm starting my journey by finding the right surgeon. I have two consults booked both in vancouver. I've already been to one and the other one is in a week. My husband picked the first one and I picked the second. After all my research I was happy to find friends that have chosen the same dr.s so I have heard personal reviews from both. So far real self and the ladies on here have been fantastic by sharing their own stories making me feel more comfortable. After months of "stalking " all of your stories and pictures I figure I should write my own story and support others too. :)

2 consultations

So i just got back from having my consultation from a second dr. Both dr.s i saw were fantastic and I'd feel comfortable going to either... I think i've made my decision on which one i'm going to see. The second dr. explained things better and was more "medical" with the procedure conversation. He explained everything he would do, the risks and what would happen if the risks did occur. The two main differences were no drains and to prevent blood clots he gives a series of needles to me with a mild blood thinner. I dont really want to give my self a needle but i like the extra precaution. The drains I dont really want and he uses a quilting method to elimate the space where fluid would build up so it doesnt have the space to do so... if it does happen he'd drain it with a needle but he said it doesnt occur often. For my ba he gave me a sizer of 350 and the other dr seemed to want me to go bigger and i wasnt feeling good about bigger is better ...so i think i decided on 375 silicone gel moderate plus profile.. I went and got a mamogram done today and i talked to her about what she'd recomend saline or silicone and she also said do the silicone. If your wondering .. I chose to go get a mamo done for my peace of mind and to have a document to compare to for the future. If anyone is scared of the "pain" of a mamo..dont be... it was a piece of cake! Anyways I did call the plastic surgeon today to book my date and he may be on vacation on the day i'd like to get this done...so crossing my fingers he'll be available... I should find out in the next few days! EEEEK!
Has anyone had a tummy tuck with no drains? i'd love to hear your thoughts on this.


Ok I did it ... Dr. Picked , date picked , deposit down... Now to wait and not chicken out!!! I'm excited, anxious, nervous, happy all these crazy feelings running through my head! Thank you to all the ladies on real self supporting me and answering all my questions... Xo

Rice sizers

Ok ! Today is the day I'm adding a few pictures .. I need opinions .. I made these rice sizers today. I want natural looking breasts.. I like mine, if only could inflate them lol. I think I like this size ... I'm going for the gel smooth implants under the muscle 375cc so according to these rice sizers this is what they should look like ...

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Why I want this done...

Well I took some pictures of my disgusting tummy ... And hanging boobies .... I really don't wanna show it but everyone else is lol. I'm pretty lucky , my dr did a fantastic job on my c-sections . My scar is low and barely seeable ... But this skin this bulby pooch agh I hate it !!

Well that was scary!!

I had a mammogram done, just for peace of mind. Well, much to my surprise I got a call back to see my dr! They found an abnormal mass in my right breast! We'll I was a mess! I was to have a spot mamo and ultrasound. I went to get the mamo and good thing I know the tech and ran into her on her break and she took me in right away and the next day I had the ultrasound... I seriously had no control over myself and totally broke down... Thank god for my husband and he was with me talking sense. Anyways the radiologist seems to think its b 9 but should deal with it first. Today I talked to the specialist here and again seems to think its nothing to be worried about either. He was going to put a needle in but he couldn't physically feel anything in my already bumpy boobies so now I'm going to get an ultrasound biopsy just to be on the safe side ... Anyways that was my scare and I cross my fingers and say my prayers that this is In fact nothing...I wanted to share because I haven't really been sharing this with people close to me .. :(

Removed The growth

I had this cyst removed today ... I had a choice to get mamos every 6 months to see if it changes or take it out... So it's gone . Surprisingly enough it was quite painless... I had a wire ( 10 inch needle) placed in my Breast and it hooks onto the growth?! Then I was sedated and roved it through a small cut around the areola ... Now to wait 3 weeks to get biopsy results ... I hope all is normal
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Glad it all went well ... adn glad you had it out - why wait and watch - just get rid of it so it has no chance to cause harm is my motto!! Keep us updated.
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Wow! So much going on for you. Just breath. I'm sure everything will be ok. Thinking of you
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Thankyou for thinking of me ... Much appreciated
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Best wishes! Size looks great for you:)
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I like that shirt!
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Le chateau it was on sale too lol
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That size looks like it will be great on you
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Great thanks
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Hi Becky, I replied to your message. Please let me know if you have any further questions. I'd be happy to chat with you!
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Thanks so much for paying it forward and starting your story! Here's a list of questions to ask at your consultations. Please let us know how they go!
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Good luck!! :)
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