2 Weeks Post-op Gynecomastia Surgery(breast Tissue Removal) - Vancouver, BC

So I had gynecomastia surgery done 2 weeks ago. I...

So I had gynecomastia surgery done 2 weeks ago. I only had breast tissue removed since I developed extra tissue through puberty. My chest looked pretty flat a week after my surgery but it started getting bigger again and went to see my surgeon. He told me that it's filling up with seroma. Now my chest looks the way it used to look before my surgery and my surgeon is using a needle to drain the fluid at least once a week. Will my chest to back to looking flat anytime soon? Also, anything I should avoid drinking or eating that would help stop the seroma fluid from forming?



I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with the fluid build up.  Unfortunately this is one of the possible issues after surgery.  Give it some time and it will stop.  The swelling can also cause you to look larger right now.   

Drink plenty of water, avoid foods high in sodium and also processed foods.  Eat all fresh foods for now and make sure you are eating plenty of lean protein.  This will help with the healing process.  

Hang in there and things will turn around.
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Dr. Adrian Lee

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