Did Anyone Get Hard Lumps After Lipo?

I am two weeks post-op from having vaser lipo done...

I am two weeks post-op from having vaser lipo done on my upper and lower abs as well as hips and back bra line. I have developed two lumps. One above the belly button which is hard and a soft larger one below the belly button. I went to my Dr. and he says they will go away but I really am VERY concerned. Has anyone else experienced this type of lump and if so how long did they take to go away? Any info that you provide would be greatly appreciated and then maybe I can calm myself down.

I had Vaserlipo 6.7.10 and I did experience hard lumps. The majority of my lumps were on my flanks but I also had one below my belly button. My flanks are still lumpy but have loosened up alot, the lump below my BB is gone. My physician highly recommended lymphatic massage (3-6 sessions) as part of the recovery process. I followed through with the lymphatic massage (10 sessions) and it greatly improved the way the lumps felt and my overall healing process. I always felt better when I left the appointment. I would have continued the lymphatic massages because of their beneficial effects but we moved and I have been too busy. I would recommend that if you have lumps go get a lymphatic massage and see if it helps. I have also heard that 8 months is the time it takes to achieve the desired results. Good luck to you and your recover!! Your lumps will go away.
Thank you very much for the information. I will think about it further - not sure if I'm willing to pay the amount for what the results are. I was VERY happy with the lipo I had done. However, the pain was horrible and I was out of commission for at least 2 weeks. The bruising was unbelievable. I've never seen colors like that on a human body. It looked like I'd been trampled by a stampede...I bruise very easily though so I'm sure that had something to do with it. The idea of minimal bruising is a plus for me though. Thanks! Btw, you sound like a Super Mommy!
@19ank84 - Have you been happy with your results? The before/after pics are pretty dramatic...is it realistic? I'm seriously considering vaser. I'm very interested in the vaser high-def on my legs/knees/thighs. I'd love to hear both of your experiences with it. Lots of bruising? I had lipo 6 years ago and had a lump at the incision site. It took months for it to go away. My doc also said it was nothing. I couldn't help but be worried that I would be one of the few with complications
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