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I tried to ignore it, but there it was: a too-long...

I tried to ignore it, but there it was: a too-long upper lip that made me not want to look in the mirror without pursing my lips to change the proportion. I'd had a long-scar facelift in my forties and a brow lift in my early fifties and was happy with my face at the age of 56 except for this one thing that wasn't in harmony with my relatively youthful face.

Dr. Buonassi's website was comprehensive and user-friendly, and the videos showed me a plastic surgeon who was low-key, intelligent, thoughtful and personable, with a clearly warm and caring rapport with the patients featured. I liked that he specializes in facial surgery. The photos of his rhinoplasty patients demonstrated a terrific eye for a natural aesthetic, and his lip lift patients had symmetrical and conservative philtrum reductions; I'd seen some extreme lip lifts online and was very clear about wanting to avoid anything unnatural. My consultation was relaxed and thorough and I felt entirely comfortable about putting my face in the care of Dr. Buonassisi.

Mandy and Katy could not have been more kind and reassuring and the facilities at 8west are elegant, spotless and first-rate. Everyone was on-time and professional.

The procedure was done with local anaesthetic and was over quickly with no pain or anxiety after the initial freezing injections, which the doctor did swiftly and deftly. Subsequent discomfort was minimal -- after that evening when I took a couple of Tylenol, I didn't require anything else. There was no difficulty eating or drinking. The swelling was gone in four or five days. There was no bruising. After two weeks, with a touch of coverup, I was back in the social whirl with no self consciousness, feeling prettier and very happy. Four mm. were removed from the original 20. The scarring after one month is barely noticeable except for some redness which will resolve itself.

I can recommend this procedure and Dr. Buonassisi without reservation.

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Makes a Subtle but Beautiful Difference - Vancouver, B.C.

Before and afters


You look gorgeous--congrats! I am scheduled for a lip lift next month and I'm hoping for a result like yours.
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Thank you. I'm really glad others have been encouraged. I read your questions to the doctors and looked at your photo (you have wonderful bone structure, by the way). The doctor who mentioned a vermillion lift is in a very small minority. I have seen nothing but poor results and some real disasters that way. My own doctor would refuse to do it. Of course, I've seen some bad bullhorn lifts, too, as no doubt you have by researching through Real Self, although they are rare. The chief problems seem to be a) mobility problems with the muscle hemming or cutting technique, and b) a poor effect in terms of scar placement from an incision that is not close enough to the nostrils or does not follow the natural contours of the area just under the nose. I personally think that some doctors take off more than they might have and the result is not as aesthetically pleasing as a more conservative excise would have been. I myself had wanted 9mm removed to get to the magic 1.1 promoted by a Dr. Rodriguez who has done lots of lip lifts, but Dr. Buonassisi said I'd have to find another plastic surgeon if I insisted on it; he would not do it. I tried to persuade him to at least take 5mm. Nope; he said 4mm was perfect for me. I was disappointed at the time. Now I'm glad I trusted him. He does a lot of excellent noses so his eye is very well trained, and I went with a faith in that. I'm sure you've done due diligence to find an experienced board-certified surgeon and have seen his or her Before and After portfolio to ensure that you're both on the same page. As for teeth show, you'd mentioned that wasn't the main goal due to your anatomy. That was the same for me. If I'd gone for 4-5mm incisor show my upper lip would measure 2mm! Maybe an exaggeration, but you know what I'm getting at. The doctor must step back and look at what is going to make the best overall result. So glad that I had this site to help me along when I was thinking about a lip lift!
Hi Catherine, thanks so much for the kind words! I would love some tooth show, of course, but not at the expense of throwing my face off balance or getting too much "slope"--I hate that hiked-up look where the middle of the mouth is too high compared to the corners. I actually had a consultant do an imaging of how it might look and she recommended a bit more than 5mm excision. I'm not sure what my precise measurement is right now (my husband measured 17mm, but it wasn't with a caliper) so we'll see. My doctor is John Hilinski in San Diego; I am actually traveling from New York City to have this done with him. His before/afters look really natural, I think, and one of his patients has similar facial dimensions to mine, and she looks fantastic. As for the muscle, I would never in a million years let anyone mess with that. No aesthetic improvement is worth risking the function of your mouth. Congrats again on your gorgeous result! I would love to see more pictures if you're comfortable posting...

At five weeks, no makeup

Just to reassure everyone that if done competently, the scar is very minor indeed.


Ha! I totally get it. And I'm glad your scarring is undetectable--that's one of my biggest fears! Thanks again for sharing...

At just about six weeks.

This is 2cm minus 4mm equals 1.5cm final measurement. That little mark is just a beauty spot.

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Better photo


Sexy photo with the glasses! Your scar looks great!
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Okay, guys, just since you've been so sincere, I'll put up a full face so you can see the whole effect of 2cm minus 44mm on a 56 year old. I hope it will help guide you to a great result of your own, whatever the math might be!
Just posted a hopefully reassuring close-up and another showing what it looks like today. Excuse the crooked glasses!

See me while you can!

Full face just for recent followers because you all have been so supportive.


Do you happen to have any comparable Before and After pics that show you with a wide smile? I'm very curious to see the change in smiling tooth show.
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Actually, there was no difference at all with smiling teeth show. Happily, my "old" upper lip creased really nicely and behaved just like a short upper lip in terms of teeth show and nice vermillion show! I will try and post a smiling shot.
I agree with MM, you look great, so natural, not done. Lovely!
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Smile didn't change at all.


how many mls u removed?
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YOU are absolutely gorgeous! Amazing procedure, thank you for sharing!
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Well, I sure don't know about THAT, but thanks for such a positive comment! I am so happy I had my lip lift - happy every single day I look in the mirror. Best wishes for any procedure you decide to do, lip lift or otherwise.
Vancouver Facial Plastic Surgeon

I couldn't possibly be any happier with my experience and the beautiful result. When I am ready for any other rejuvenating plastic surgery as I continue to age, I'm glad to know that I will have a terrific doctor to put my trust in. Thank you, Dr. Buonassisi, Mandy and Katie!

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