before/after comparison picture added ----> 3 weeks post-op

Hello everyone! I am 31 years old. I have 3...

Hello everyone! I am 31 years old. I have 3 beautiful children ages 6, 5 and almost 2. Once our family was complete, I decided to get healthy and I am proud to say that I have lost over 80 lbs. I am currently 155 lbs and was over 250 lbs at my highest pregnancy weight so definitely a big girl! Three pregnancies coupled with the weight loss has left my stomach in not the best shape and no amount of exercise is changing it. Believe me, I have tried! I weight train 4 days a week and do cardio 6 days a week and the better shape I get into, the worse my abdomen and breasts become. I stumbled across this website not too long ago and have become obsessed with reading about people's stories. About 2 weeks ago I decided with 100% finality that I will be getting a tummy tuck. After thinking about it a lot, I feel like if I am doing the tummy tuck, I may as well do the breast augmentation at the same time and get it all over with. (I hope this is the right decision!)

I have been in contact with a few clinics in Vancouver, BC and the cost is going to be between $15,500 - $20,000. YIKES!! I live in a remote community at the other end of the province so it is going to be very expensive to travel as well. Thankfully my husband supports me and encourages me to do whatever makes me happy. I still am having a hard time swallowing that I will be spending this kind of money on myself. Makes me feel kind of selfish but deep down I know I deserve it, know what I mean? My next step is to decide upon when I will be getting the surgery. It is a lot more complicated then the average story because like I mentioned, I have to travel a great distance to have it done. Right now, I am considering October but in reality, January 2013 would probably work best for my Mom (she would be watching my kids) but I don't want to wait that long! :( Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Why can't anything be simple!? lol

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I have had a BUSY day...I spoke with my family...

I have had a BUSY day...I spoke with my family members about an appropriate time to have the surgery and October seems to work!

Being the planner that I am, I immediately contacted the clinic where I am planning on going to and tentatively scheduled my consultation for October 17 with the surgery to take place the following morning. OMFG!! I am so excited, nervous, scared, anxious, doubtful... you name it, I feel it. Simone, the super nice coordinator at the clinic, said that she will phone me in June to get a final answer on if I am indeed going ahead with the planning of the surgery. If so, they will require a 25% deposit at that time.

My cousin (who I will be staying with post-surgery) told me that she will be taking some vacation days from work to be my nurse for the 10 days I am out of town... THANKFUL and GRATEFUL are the two words that I cannot repeat enough.

I can't believe this is all going to happen! and now the waiting game begins.... ;)


W hens the date of your surgery?? I am excited we r both getting in October! We can be surgery buddies!
My parents are from a tiny town in BC I think @ 8 hours from Vancouver.
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My surgery is Oct 18th. We are 1000 miles north of Vancouver... about 20 hours or so by vehicle... FAR away! ;)
Woohoo!! 11 days before mine! That's is far. My parents use to live in Dawson creek - I was mistaken that's @ 15 hours from Vancouver! I am excited that someone is having surgery @ the same time as me!

After much consideration, I have booked an earlier...

After much consideration, I have booked an earlier consultation with my Dr. at the end of July. I was supposed to have my consult the day before the surgery in October (due to travel distance) but I am too nervous and have too many questions that I decided it would be best to go sooner.

So, I will be meeting my Dr. and deciding what I am going to have done on July 31st. :)


Im having surgery in Victoria... Mommy make over in October.. so nervous.
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I just got back from a lovely vacation with my...

I just got back from a lovely vacation with my family so I haven't been able to update but while we were away, I had a consult with my surgeon (our first meeting) and it went well. I was concerned about the loose skin on my back and he does agree that a lower body lift would be more beneficial for me then just the tummy tuck. YIKES! I'm so nervous and need to do a lot more research but I think I will be so happy when it's all said and done. (I hope!)

The coordinator I have been dealing with is going to have a previous patient who had the same surgery give me a call this week. I am looking forward to speaking with her!


@Mom3lovebugs hello just read your whole story... wow. I thought my total was a lot $21,000.
I say you deserve it!! You have 3 children and the rest of your life. Time for mommy now.

I started this journey July 25 2012 I had a implant rupture and that lead me on my journey to decide it was time for a TT/and a little lipo on my lower back. i have made my appointment for October the 15 2012 they say it will take about 4 hours.. Im kinnda scared staying under anesthesia that long. When i went in last month i woke up from surgery and was so nauseated. i hope I don't feel like that again. Well it will be a journey thats for sure, and I have a trip planned for hawaii at Christmas so i hope I am able to be up and Moving. So exciting and Im so anxious cant think about anything else right now. I just want the time to come. AND Get er done:))
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October 18th buddy :) woohoo we can be in this together!
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yes, we can! I'm so nervous and terrified to spend that kind of money on myself but I hope it will be worth it.

Like I posted a few days ago, my doctor agrees...

Like I posted a few days ago, my doctor agrees that a lower body lift is what I need instead of just a tummy tuck. For those who don't know, a lower body lift is also referred to as circumferential body lift = belt lipectomy. This procedure is essentially 3 procedures in one: extended tummy tuck + waist/lateral thigh lift + buttock lift. These procedures are usually tailored for a someone who has experienced significant weight loss and are designed to recontour the entire waist and lower trunk. The incision will go all the way around my body... yikes, that part has me nervous but I know it will be worth it, eventually. (fingers crossed!)


I wanted to let you know I am 5 weeks PO from a lower body lift with breast lift and some serious lipo. I need to post new pics since in the last week I have been shrinking like crazy. If you have questions let me know. I'm so very happy for you! My 10 yr old gave me the best compliment the other day. He looked at me and said "mom, you look like a teenager". My husband has not seen me in a couple of weeks. I know he'll be so surprised =).
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Thank you, mustangwine! I have SO many questions. Do you feel comfortable sharing your email address with me and we can correspond that way? I just read your story and looked at your pics... you look wonderful and I can totally relate with what you said about feeling nervous/selfish about putting my wants before everyone else's needs. I would love to see some new pictures if you have time too! Thank you for commenting... I can't wait to talk to you more! :)

How exciting that will be so awesome!!! 
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Forgot to add that my doctor says that I do not...

Forgot to add that my doctor says that I do not need a breast lift and that an augmentation will give me the results I am wanting at this time. That makes me very happy!! :)

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I booked my airline tickets this morning... I had...

I booked my airline tickets this morning... I had enough airmiles points to get a free ticket which is awesome! Full fare would have been around $900 and I only had to pay $78 in fees.

The patient coordinator is going to call me this week to confirm if I am going ahead with everything and at that time they will require a down payment of 25%.

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Hi ladies, I am having a heck of a time trying to...

Hi ladies, I am having a heck of a time trying to decide on an implant size for my surgery. My doctor says that I should at the minimum get 400 cc's and even recommends 450's. Since he doesn't think I need a lift, I am definitely wanting the implant to help with 'perking' them up a bit but mostly, just adding the volume back in. I have had large breasts for most of my lift so I am not wanting to go back there but I do want to have the most desirable out come. I am currently a 38 B and my rib cage measurement is 34 so I have a large frame and broad shoulders.

Any suggestions??? What would 450 cc's get my to for a bra size??

Thanks! :)


Hi Mom3. :) I just read your post about breast size. I know when I went to one of my pre op appts I was able to discuss all of my questions and concerns with my PS. ALSO I got to try on different sizes under my bra (recommend wearing a tee to this fun appt) I along with my PS chose Saline. My husband and I chose 400. SO happy with this size! I really was unclear on what size I wanted.. but once you try the saline or silicone gels on and for me one size looked good and stood out perfect for me. :) What all are you having done?
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I have no idea what I am size I am going to get ... I am so confused. But this helped me a little- its4me Jen showed me this!

Take a cut off sock or panty hose and fill them with rice!

1 cup= 236cc

1/2 cup =118 cc

3/4 cup=177cc

1/4 cup=59cc

1/3 cup= 78 cc

2/3= 156cc

1/8 cup= 30cc

then try them on! Hope this helps

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I spoke with the patient coordinator this morning...

I spoke with the patient coordinator this morning about a few things and went ahead with my down payment... there's no turning back now! (scary and exciting at the same time)


I went shopping at VS this morning!! Am 2 week post op, and first time measured. I am 36 DD!! :) LOVE it! :) WOW! You are going to look amazing with all you are getting done! I went to have my belly button looked at yesterday.. the black blechy scabbing was finally coming off and had a foul smell. Freaked me out, so they just took the rest of the scabbing off and cleaned it up. looks great! Am so happy! Still bloated and was reminded I am 'only' 2 weeks post op.. but I did get the green light for light duty excersize. Basically walking.. :) Whoohoo!! Off to the track! Am seriously happy with 400cc!! :) Sounds like you are leaning towards that size as well?
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That's awesome... what a nice shopping day for you! I will go check now but if you haven't, get some new pics up please! Yes, I will do 400 cc's at the minimum I think... my surgeon said I have 'deep pockets' and that I should at least do 400 or even 450. I don't want huge boobs though... been there, done that. lol

Woohoo! How are feeling about it?

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Okay, I figured it was time for me to add some...

Okay, I figured it was time for me to add some before pictures. My husband wasn't home so I had to take them myself so I apologize if they aren't the best view points.


That is exciting!!! When's you pre op? Mine is oct 5th!
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pre-op is on October 17th and surgery is the following day.

Last night was the third night in a row that I...

Last night was the third night in a row that I have had a nightmare about my surgery! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.... I can't shut my mind off of it even in my sleep! Anyone else?????


Yep! My surgery is 2 weeks from today and the nightmares are endless! I dream that the incision is really high up on my abdomen and that it's completely jagged. I have also dreamt that I got my breasts done, but they told me I would have to come back for the tt. What are your nightmares? I'm hoping they don't get even worse as time gets closer. The main theme of my nightmares seems to be that I don't get to meet with the surgeon before my surgery and they just do whatever they want to me without me knowing. It must be a control thing??
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I'm sorry your having bad dreams too but it's understandable since your surgery date is very close! My dreams are pretty much just about botched surgery results... one boob was perfect, one was completely deformed; my incision wasn't stitched together and I had major complications after because of it.... just crap like that. I hope yours do not get any worse! 2 weeks is so damn close... best wishes with everything and I hope it all goes perfectly for you!! :)
I'm not having nightmares but I am having terrible insomnia - just can't sleep because I'm thinking constantly about the surgery etc and then when I do sleep my dreams are all about the surgery and recovery!
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So, last night after having yet another surgery...

So, last night after having yet another surgery related dream, I woke up and thought it would probably be a wise decision to get a will since my hubby and I don't have one. Obviously if something bad happened to me, my husband would care for our children but there are a lot of things that he doesn't know about.... banking, life insurance, kids' college funds

Do you have a will??


i just found u on here my prayers are with u your goin to love the new u iam to scare and everything u got a lot done iam get tt /mr/lipo wish i could do the breast i need a left lollet me know on your size u went for iam a 36 to 38 c in bras but there loose at the top i would like to be a small d or full c
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We have a will, set one up when we had kids. Surgery aside I think it is good to have once you have kids. I was thinking that before my surgery I would write some letters to my husband, kids and family and put them under my husband's pillow - just incase - is that really morbid?!? You know it's almost September which means we can soon say "next month..........." Are you feeling organized? I haven't really done anything. I have a toilet seat riser and a shower chair courtesy of TriMom on here which was super sweet.
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We have talked about getting a will and it has been on our 'to-do' list for years but we have never followed through! I KNOW we NEED to get that done and I'm embarrassed that we haven't. No, I don't feel organized! My surgery is taking place 1000 miles away from where I live so it doesn't make sense for me to purchase a bunch of supplies to take with my on the airplane. I will just have to wait until I am there I guess. My Aunt is heading to the city to visit her daughter (whom I will be staying with during recovery) and will be picking up a few things for me so that my list isn't a mile long when I get there. I really appreciate that! It would be much more simpler if I lived in a larger centre but alas, I don't. :(

I have smartened up my eating the past week......

I have smartened up my eating the past week... hard to get out of summer habits... but the scale reflected my efforts. I attend MMA classes twice a week but all of my group fitness classes that I LOVE start back up on September 10th. I can't wait to get back to schedule with the kids in school, me eating and my exercising. I REALLY want to hit -100 lbs... that is my ultimate goal. Wish me luck please! :)


Good luck on your weight loss goal!!! You can definitely do it, you have already done such a great job. Take care!!
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Awwww! Thank you for that! I am really anxious to see what my body will look like post surgery... I have NEVER had a flat stomach so it will be new territory and then hopefully, I will have the extra motivation/confidence to reach my goal once and for all! :)
I have never had a flat stomach either, even when I was a skinny minny dancer! I agree about the extra motivation - no way I am spending all of this money to then get complacent and not look after myself.

I just happened to be looking at my calendar for...

I just happened to be looking at my calendar for something and realized that today marks exactly one month until I fly to the big city for my makeover. Wow! Time has sure flown by!

I received a package from my surgeon's office a few weeks ago filled with pages and pages of information. I finally signed and initialed all that they needed and got it sent back to them last week. I also got blood work done as well which reminds me, I should phone and see if the results made it to my surgeon.

I am thinking about adding lipo to my back as well but I don't want to spend much over $20,000.... that's a pretty high price tag as it is!

Thank you to all of the ladies who are providing updates and advice on the healing process. I can't wait to get there myself.


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My patient coordinator just phoned to talk about a...

My patient coordinator just phoned to talk about a few things (her ears must have been ringing!) They did get my blood work but apparently I need an ECG too but they said they could just do it at my pre-op the day before surgery. She told me to stop all vitamins/herbs/anti-inflamatories 2 weeks prior to surgery and to start taking Metamucil, Iron and using an anti-bacterial soap 5 days before surgery. I asked about Arnica and Bromelain (sp?) and she said it wasn't necessary prior to surgery as there isn't conclusive evidence to support it's benefit. I will take it after surgery though... too many women on here say it does help! As for waxing/shaving... I can do whatever but nothing 2 days prior to surgery. I asked her about my gel nails and told her I am not about to take them off... I have had them for 8 years and she said that's fine. lol

More importantly, I told her I have been thinking that I want to get liposuction on my back as well. To my happy surprise, she said that the Lower Body Lift includes that but at the pre-op I can discuss my concerns with my doctor and if we need to do a larger area, that will be no big deal and a minimal extra charge. YES!! :)

Things are starting to get a little bit more real... I am more excited then anything but sometimes I have those moments where I am scared shitless. haha


Hi there, I see you are from Canada. I heard that in Canada if you lose 100 pounds insurance will pay for a TT because they believe it is medically necessary. Have you looked into this? I am having my TT and BA on Oct. 4th and I am super nervous and having the dreams like you've been having. We have a very similar build, I am 155 now losing 80 pounds. So you'll be going for your surgery about a week and a half after mine. How exciting and scary at the same time. Best wishes to you!
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Hi there! I believe the insurance part is true IF you have lost 100 lbs or more and have problems with skin infections and cleanliness because of the folds. Honestly, I never even looked into it as I have not lost 100 lbs (yet) and I have none of those issues. Congrats to you on your weight loss! Obviously I know how hard it is so kudos to you on your hard work and determination! :) I am currently 150 lbs and really hoping/wishing/praying to get to 145 lbs by my surgery. I have a lot of muscle & large build and I work out daily, so I am not wanting to get much smaller. I am a size 8 right now and would be happy to end up a size 6. I just feel good and after the surgery, I hope I will feel fantastic! Best wishes to you as well! I can't wait to be on the other side of waiting but I guess we will be waiting again for the recovery process to take it's course. lol

Today marks exactly 2 weeks until I hop on the...

Today marks exactly 2 weeks until I hop on the plane and fly to the city for my surgery. Am I ready?? Not really sure... my to-do list is a mile long with simple things and I need to buckle down and get'er done! I feel more excited at this point that then endless waiting will be coming to an end soon but on the other hand, I am still nervous about the out come and hope that it will all be worth it in the end. There are a lot of women documenting their Mommy Makeovers but I'm the only one on here currently who is having a lower body lift surgery as opposed to just the tummy tuck so I feel like I am heading into uncharted territory!


You must be so excited!!! I am excited for you!
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Okay, this is getting a hell of a lot more real......

Okay, this is getting a hell of a lot more real... I fly out ONE week from today for my makeover! I am in the 'nesting' stage cleaning things/spots that no one sees and washing everything I get my hands on. This week is full of appointments... hair cut tomorrow, nail fill on Thursday and waxing on Friday. I'm getting my first ever brazilian wax (minus the rear end waxing) and I am more nervous about that then my damn surgery! haha

I have my kids' Halloween costumes ready to go (I get back the day before Halloween), have my oldest son's b-day invitations printed and now I just need to fill them out and I have also ordered his cake. His 7th birthday is just a few days after I get back so I wanted to have everything in order so that I don't have to worry about anything when I return.

I need to phone my patient coordinator today. I was told to start taking Metamucil a week prior to surgery (being the uber planner that I am, I started a week early!) but it is doing nothing for me but giving me the worst gas imaginable. It made me rotten! GROSS. Anyways, I am back to taking my 2 tablespoons of ground flax seed daily and it has me regular again so that is what I will stick with.

For as much as I am nervous/scared about my surgery and all that it entails, I am more excited then anything right now to get on the other side of the waiting game and get on with my recovery.



Hi, Just read your story. How exciting! You are almost there. I am also traveling, but due to distance will not meet my ps till the day before my surgery. I'm glad you got to meet yours because it is so nerve wrecking.
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I am so excited for you!!! Waiting is hard but time really does fly. I can't believe I am already 6 days post op. I am sure everything will be fine. Once you get your IV most likely they will give you something like Versed or Ativan that will take all the fear away and the next thing you know they will be waking you up and it will be recovery time. You can do it!! I didn't have the circumferential body lift but I had a full TT and BA and it isn't as painful as I was expecting which was a nice surprise. I am quite numb in many places though so that might be why it doesn't hurt as bad. The worst pain initially was the flanks where the lipo was done. I had some big bruises that were sore to the touch. But it is nothing you can't handle. You'll do great!!
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my prayers are w/you your love the new belly and rest up drink alot and walk i hate sleep in the reliner
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Guess what I did today?? I am no longer a...

Guess what I did today?? I am no longer a brazilian wax virgin! It wasn't too bad, more embarrassing then anything I suppose just because it was unfamiliar. The girl was great though... a really pretty little thing which make me nervous as she was up close and personal with a pretty private area! haha This surgery better be worth all this shit I tell you! ;)

4 more sleeps until I fly to the city for my surgery. My pre-op is the next day and then surgery bright and early the following day. I hope I am ready for this.


You must be getting excited! You are two days before me. I will say a prayer for you. And yes, I had a crazy dream last night I was pregnant ( husband had a vasectomy) and in real life it grew back I got my 4th child! He did go back again for 2nd vasectomy!! So I dreamt I was prego with 5th child!!
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Hi there! YES, I am getting really excited! It will be neat to go through this together so to speak with our surgeries being so close together! LMAO... that's the kind of dream that would make me go, WTF??? haha It's crazy what comes out in our dreams!
Thanks Jen! I wasn't supposed to meet my surgeon until the day before surgery (like you) but since we were on holidays a hop skip and a short flight away, I thought I should take advantage of that. 4 more sleeps until I fly out... I can't believe my time is almost here. YIKES! I have been reading stories on here since late April and I just hope my results will resemble some of the ladies on here... fingers crossed. Thanks again for the support... I look forward to chatting with you more! :)

I started feeling it come on yesterday and today...

I started feeling it come on yesterday and today my head feels like it's going to blow up. Just a head cold so far but I'm SO SO SO worried it will turn into more and my surgery will be post-poned or cancelled!

I called my surgeon's office but they are closed today and tomorrow to ask if I can take Oil of Oregano. My paperwork says no vitamins/herbs (among other things) 2 weeks prior so I don't want to take it without their permission.

PLEASE send some positive thoughts my way that this illness goes just as fast as it came. Worst. timing. ever. :`(


Oh no! I am sorry to hear that you are getting sick. Take your vitamin C, get lots of sleep and drink lots of water. I was so worried about that happening to me, since I work in the hospital around sick people. I lucked out because my surgery was on a Thursday and the following Monday my surgeon got sick and had to cancel surgeries for Monday and Tuesday. He said he has never had to do that in 10 years. I soooo lucked out. I hope you feel better soon! I am sending my positive thoughts.
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I am so sorry! Sending good vibes your way and really hoping it does go as fast as it came.
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Thank you, Jen! I'm sure it will be fine and it's just a little blip in the road but my mind wanders too much... easy to do when I'm sitting around waiting I guess! I'm going to have a hot bath and try to get to bed early tonight. I say that every night though and end up on the computer on here! HA

Hey everyone! I spend the majority of my day...

Hey everyone!

I spend the majority of my day packing, cleaning and doing laundry. I washed all of the bedding and blankets in the house so that they are nice and fresh while I'm away. My husband (bless his pointed head) does not even know how to do a load of laundry so I'm hoping my Mom will pop over and do a few loads while I'm away.

Oh, I forgot to mention what else I did today. EAT. I can't seem to control myself and it's pissing me off something fierce! My Mom brought over a pan of puffed wheat squares and I pretty much ate the majority of it. My period is do in a few days (the day of the surgery actually... nice) and I always eat the house a few days before.

I still have a cold but I do feel better this evening then I did for most of the day. I have been drinking a ton of water with lemon and honey. I will phone my surgeon's office tomorrow to let them know that I am not feeling the best and see if they have any advice on what I can or cannot take to help speed it along.

I'm feeling good, positive and just excited to get on the airplane and on to the next step of my journey. NOT excited to leave my kiddos.... especially my 2 year old daughter, she is a real Momma's girl and is going to miss me terribly. :(


I'm so sorry! Hope you are feeling better. I had to postpone my surgery, which was supposed to be tomorrow. And I am totally bummed.
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Thank you, it's just a head cold so I'm pretty certain I will be good to go for Thursday. Sorry to hear about your surgery... why did you have to postpone it? :(
How are you feeling today? I hope it was just a fluke and you didn't get sick.
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No Monday morning blues for me as I am so stoked...

No Monday morning blues for me as I am so stoked that my time is almost here. Tomorrow I will kiss my 3 babies and husband bye-bye and get on the plane!

In other news, I am also SUPER HAPPY to report that my period showed up this morning 4 days early. It was due to arrive on the day of my surgery so I'm hoping my heaviest flow days will be over by then. THANK YOU body for cooperating! And, it also explains why I was eating everything in site yesterday.

Best wishes to everyone who is recovering and for all of those who are waiting for their big day to arrive.



I am happy to hear that you are feeling a little better and that TOM showed up earlier than expected (which is not always welcomed). You are so close to your flat tummy!!!
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Thank you, lubju! It's not very often that I'm excited for 'that time of the month' but I am this time. I'm full of nerves but anxious to get to the city and get ready for surgery. :)
You are so close!!!!!
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Today is the day I leave my family for 2 weeks...

Today is the day I leave my family for 2 weeks.

My period arrived yesterday so I am more emotional then normal and cried like a baby when I sent my boys off to the bus this morning. My oldest boy is very emotional like me and was crying too. My 5 year old had a look on his face like "that the heck is going on?". lol

My sister called this morning and I got off the phone with her and bawled my face off. She made me feel like a child for being nervous and having anxiety and kept telling me that 'you need to not be so negative and stop worrying all the time'. Her tone is what got me... she was condescending and spoke down to me. She told me that my kids will be fine and to stop making it out to be such a big deal. I spoke about this website and how it is quite normal to have nerves and I haven't read a story that didn't say they weren't nervous! She told me to stay off the computer and that reading all this crap does nothing good for me. I know she only phoned to make herself feel like she was there for me and offered me support but it was quite the opposite. I think it's weird because she would like to have a tummy tuck herself one day so I'm not sure why she is being difficult and honestly, I don't give a rats ass anymore. I have enough on my plate to worry about what she thinks.

Sorry to be a downer but that's how my day has been. My stomach is literally in knots and I feel like I could throw up. I think this is what anxiety feels like! lol

I will update later if I get the chance once I get to the city. It's freezing rain here so PLEASE cross your fingers for me that they plane is able to fly out today.

later! :)

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It's been a LONG day but I made it and I'm now...

It's been a LONG day but I made it and I'm now tucked in bed at my cousin's house.

We have to get up early so my cousin can drop me off at my pre-op appointment and then I'll spend the rest of the day getting the last of my supplies.

I'm hoping to have a good sleep tonight but now that it's bed time, I'm wide awake of course!

Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and I'll update you ladies tomorrow.

Good night! :)


So sorry your sis was a downer! I'll be thinking about you on Thurs! Hope the plane took off. Start refocusing on the excitement of why you are giving yourself this gift. I am sure you deserve it. It's incredibly nerve racking. It's six weeks of our lives that we will spend recovering, but the gift and benefits of this surgery are going to last us so much longer! You can do this. Don't give the fear any more power!
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Good luck! Some people are just bad at being supportive and what they think is help....isn't! I can't wait to see the after photos I am sure you will be so pleased! Sending prayers your way.
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Good luck! Sorry about your sister's call, maybe she is just a bit jealous?? I completely understand the nervs, surgery tomorrow and it's all I can think about...I'm so nervous about my family doing everything on their own. You will be fine we can do this!
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I just has my pre-op and I don't really like my...

I just has my pre-op and I don't really like my doctor! I met him before but he just doesn't have the best bed side manners. I already paid so its not like I can be choosy right now. Please tell me it will all be fine!?!?!?


Oh sweety, I'm so sorry! I know how frustrated you must have felt at your preop, but I agree with the girls here. Sometimes the best doctors are a$$holes. I went through a few of those when my son was very sick in and out of hospitals. My thoughts will be with you tomorrow from 7:00 a.m. on. I'm so excited for you!!!! By this time tomorrow you will ..... well you will look like hell after so many hours of surgery, but you will be in the process to healing your new improved beautiful body. ;-) I will be praying everything goes smoothly and you end up better than you ever imagined. And FYI, I do the squeezing of the belly too. lol
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Hi Mom2Lovebugs- Is he a good doctor? Seen his work? Other than that are you ready? I have to be there at 7. Ready to go.
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I guess so? He's highly rated and really busy. His work looks good... he didn't show me much though. He seems really intelligent, he just wasn't very warm and didn't offer much for encouragement that I am doing the right thing. Pretty matter of fact and made sure I understood he can't work magic. That was reassuring. :/

Good morning Real Self ladies!! It's 5:15 am...

Good morning Real Self ladies!!

It's 5:15 am and I'm going to have my last shower in a few minutes. Need to leave the hotel at 6:30 ish to be there just before 7.

I actually slept last night!!! (I'm sure the Ativan helped with that but it was nice to actually sleep since its been evading me for some time.

I hope to update you all at some point tonight but until then, please keep me I'm your thoughts and prayers that all goes as planned.

Goodbye hanging skin, goodbye pancake boobs.... I have loved your help through carrying my babies and breast feeding but that era has come to an end. Thank you for all you have done and I'm grateful to have met you. Farewell and good luck wherever you go from here. Love your former body! xoxo

Later!!! :)


Hey there hope all is well waiting for you to post hope the surgery went great!! minus all the pain hope to hear from you soon happy relaxing your on the other side!!!! woohooo!!
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How did it go? Had my MM yesterday. The first night sucked I couldn't keep my waterandmeds down, but today I feel great/compared to yesterday. My hubby is taking such good care of me and the family. Can't wait for the binding to come off and see the new me. I'm not in any hurry thou s I'm sure I'm a nash sight. Sill full of drugsand sooo grateful for the pin. Pump :).
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Good luck hun x
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Hi ladies. Thank you for all the messages and well...

Hi ladies. Thank you for all the messages and well wishes. I just got back to my cousins house about an hour ago.

Surgery went well... was 7 hours long I guess.

Today was hard and painful and I cried a bit. Had thoughts of WTF have I done numerous times!

I feel a bit better now and will get in bed right away.

Doctor removed a lot of skin he said... I took some pictures of my markings but I don't think I can upload from my iPhone onto here??

It's really hard to get out of bed because it pulls on the incision on my back and sides... very painful.

I ended up with 450 cc implants. I was surprised at how much they hurt but it's getting better!

Hope everyone is healing well and best wishes to those who have yet to have surgery.



Yay! So glad everything went well. I'm so sorry you are in so much pain though. Try to stay ahead of your meds. Remember the doubts are part of the roller coaster and you will start feeling better soon. Get a lot of rest. Hope you feel better soon. Can't wait to see your pics!
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Glad everything went well. Hope you continue to heal perfectly, rest as much as you could. Take one day at a time. Can't wait to see your pics.
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I am happy to hear that you made it to the flat lands!! There will be pain and moments of doubt, but just remember that it is all temporary. You're new body will only get better and better from today moving forward. Stay on top of your pain meds for now and get a lot of rest. We're all thinking of you!!
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Post op day 2 was pretty uneventful. I didn't...

Post op day 2 was pretty uneventful. I didn't sleep much in the night so I made up for it that day and rested a lot. I was able to get out of bed on my own and it gets easier each time. I had a couple bowel movements which were uncomfortable but not super painful. I'm sure the stool softener/laxatives I've been taking are helping. I haven't had an appetite and because of that have been quite nauseous since the pain meds are hard on my stomach.

My drains have not much fluid so I'm hoping they will come out later this week around 7 days post op. I can't wait to see my incisions on the front... everything is bandaged up so I have no idea what I look like.

I miss my kids and husband but I know I'm getting the most rest here. My cousin has been a god send!


Hydrate hydrate ladies drinking coconut water today. Lets keep our fluids up and flush the toxins out:))) day 6 is feeln good.
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Hey M3LB! Every day gets better after day 4-5. I'm day 11 and feeling way different. Hang in there, get all your rest in, and soon you'll be ready to leap back into action! Well, leap might be a strong word...:)
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You are doing great! By 12 days out you will be feeling so much better and you will be so happy to see your family. When do you go back to get your bandages off? Mine came off on day 2, I was so anxious to see my new boobies!
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Hi ladies. Today I am 4 days post op and feeling...

Hi ladies. Today I am 4 days post op and feeling better. My cousin washed my hair which felt amazing! I had a protein shake this morning and a grilled cheese sandwich and fresh pineapple for lunch.

I see all of the pictures of you guys standing up straight and I'm so jealous! I'm hunched over like a 90 year old woman. Obviously my incision is around my whole body so that makes a huge difference but I still can't wait to be vertical.

I am down to 4 pain pills a day... take them every 6 hours and that seems to be doing okay.

I think I was taking too many stool softeners/laxatives cause I sat on the toilet a lot yesterday!

Gas-X is my friend.


Hooray! Be glad youre pooping so early, that's awesome! Glad to hear things are progressing well, you're doing great, just keep doing nothing...had my 2 wk post op today, got my drains out with strict orders to keep doing nothing for one more week. You are a stud!
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You look great!! So excited for you and your amazing's just going to keep getting better. I stood up straight comfortably at about 3 weeks but was hunched a bit again by the end of the day, not sure how fast you'll be straight with complete circular incision but take it slowly!
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Thank you! I'm excited to see my incisions without bandages... just a few more days and drains wil come out too. I'll take it slow for sure, don't want to undue what the dr just did. lol

Not much new to report at 6 days post-op except I...

Not much new to report at 6 days post-op except I decreased my stool softener/laxative amount the last few days and paid for it today.

I had bad constipation and asked my cousin to get me some suppositories. I have never used one before and it did the trick alright but I had a huge blockage I had to manually help remove from all of the was so effin painful! (Sorry for the tmi). :(

Other than that, I am doing good. I have an appt for Friday afternoon to get my drains removed. Very anxious to get to see my stomach finally!!!!

My boobs are pretty big so it will be interesting to see how much they change when then drop and fluff.

Lipo sights are still quite sore and the bruising is really coming out now too.

I have been forcing myself to drink more water as I haven't been getting enough at all.

Hope everyone is doing well! :)


Welcome to the flat side! Congradulations! Milk of Magnesium (MOM) worked the best for me. Wishing you all the best!
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look great Mom! I just started cutting back on the Colace today-maybe not a good idea? I am eating more normal-veggies, rougher fruits so I am hoping my body will jus start doing what it's supposed to naturally.
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Drink lots of water too and you should be good! :)

Just got done at the doctors office. He removed...

Just got done at the doctors office. He removed my drains... it hurt and burned like fawk on the one side! :(

He did not take off my bandages, only the belly button one but has a quick peek and said I'm healing fantastically.

I was given a compression garment to wear and an extra to have. It's tight as hell and I find it hard to breath but I'm sure ill get used to it.

The doctor and nurses could not believe how well I'm getting around and how good everything looks so that was nice to hear.

I see the dr once more on Monday before I fly home on Tuesday.

I can shower tomorrow and change all of my dressings... scaf is low in the front by higher in the back then I was expecting but I don't care!

Right now I am thrilled with my results.. swelling and everything! :))


You look amazing already! Congratulations !
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Thank you!!! :)
You look amazing!! What great results, you must be so excited!!
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Hello everyone, I had a productive morning......

Hello everyone,

I had a productive morning... had my first shower and finally got to see my incision! I am very happy with it, it's low and a nice, clean line. :)

I was really tired after getting cleaned up. I have been experiencing insomnia since the surgery and it's wearing me down. Yesterday, I was out of the house from 12 - 6 ish so I'm sure that played into effect today.

I forgot to mention yesterday that my doctor said I had a hernia! I guess he told me after the surgery but I don't remember. Just glad it's all fixed I guess!

My left breast is a tad smaller then my right... hoping the massages help with that. I clearly realize that I will need a boob lift down the road eventually, but with a bra on, I'm quite pleased with them. I tried on a few bras I had with me, I'm a full C/D right now. I don't look any different with clothes on as I wore super lifted/padded bras before.

A good friend of mine said the rumour mill at home is already turning... I'm from a small community so it is what it is. Feeling a little down thinking about that but I dunno, I've worked extremely hard the last 18 months to lose 90 lbs and I'm not ashamed. That being said, I don't want people to think less of me, ya know? :/


I just told everybody that I had a hernia and a 4" hole in my stomach that needed to be fixed, which is true. Hardly anyone knows that it was considered cosmetic and I didn't tell them. I told very few about the boob job. It's none of their business. You look great.
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if anyone thinks down on you its pure jealousy you did something that makes you happy and to feel better about yourself. Dont worry about what people say.
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Anyone who thinks less of you for losing 90 pounds and getting rid of the excess skin leftover is just ignorant. Pure and simple. Or jealous, I guess. People have this idea that the surgery helps you lose the weight and they're just mistaken on how it works. You should be as proud as you are, if not more, and your results are beautiful, so enjoy them! Now get some sleep--insomnia can exacerbate those depressive feelings from after the surgery!
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Hey ladies, I had been lucky with not having...

Hey ladies,

I had been lucky with not having much swelling until the last few days. I'm sure it coincides with getting my drains removed on Friday and also being more active. I went shopping for 4 hours and felt faint / light headed a few times.

The swelling is bellow my belly button to the top of my pubic region. I look 4 months pregnant! Swell hell is right.

I'm exhausted so hope to nap now.



I didn't sleep for longer than a few minutes at a time (seriously) until I started cutting back on my pain meds. I thought I was sleeping, but I wasn't. Just dozing. The same thing happened with my last c-section. I hope it gets better for you!
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I'm so glad I'm not alone on the Can't sleep train. hope it ends soon as I have to go back to work in a few days :(
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I'm sorry you are not sleeping either, Jill. It really sucks... It feel like I'm in a fog. Doctor says he has had a few patients experience it so although it's 'normal', I just want it to end! (HUGS)

I made it home yesterday afternoon and it was the...

I made it home yesterday afternoon and it was the best thing ever to hug and kiss my 3 little loves! :)

My house is not up to my standards but I knew that would be the case... husband + 3 kids = chaos. I have been trying to get things in order and because of it, my back is really sore.

My 6 year old son got sick a few times in the night so he is home today. Poor guy, kids love Halloween and he was excited for the school activities today. He feels better right now and is anxious for tonight. Fingers crossed he can enjoy a few hours out and about with his brother and sister.

Other than that, nothing too exciting to report. I was down 5 lbs since surgery but gained it back in the last few days. I'm sure my increased activity is to blame as I'm super swollen.

Happy Halloween to everyone!! :)


Welcome home! Maybe you need to not clean so much, 13days dpo. My Dr. Said not to lift anything for a month! Much less running around cleaning and stuff. You look great--don't wear yourself out!
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Thanks! I can't help it and I'm for sure overdoing it but it needs to be done. When my back starts to hurt I lay down. This is why I am thankful I got to recover for just over 10 days away from home... ;)
LOL. Yep, you knew it would happen!

Good evening ladies! Wow. I just realized that...

Good evening ladies!

Wow. I just realized that it has been 2 weeks today since my surgery. Right now they were making me get out of the bed I was in to walk to the room I would be staying in for the night. PAIN is all I can remember during that! It's amazing how far I have come in 14 days. :)

Today was my first day by myself with my children. There was no school today and tomorrow so my boys were home too. It went really well and I got a lot accomplished. Laundry, laundry and more laundry! My 2 year daughter naps from 1 - 3:30 ish so I layed down during that time which helped my back a lot.

I had a shower tonight and my incisions are healing wonderfully. No issues to report at all with them which makes me happy. My belly button seems to be on the small side so I have taped a marble like ball there for the time being but will pick up some foam ear plugs up town tomorrow. I read that trick on here some where!

My boobs are shaping up nicely but I can tell that one is slightly larger then the other but looking at before photos, it always was... I just really didn't notice I guess.

I have been wearing my compression garment and spanx control panties (knee to under boobs) over top for extra support and it seems to have decreased the swelling in my lower abdomen. YAY!

I'm tired and look forward to a good sleep... best wishes to everyone in recovery and waiting for their big day! :)


Your looking great swelling is such a pain I know but you will love the results can't wait to see more pics
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Most likely it's swelling. Have you been doing a lot? I have been swollen since day one, but have barely been off my feet. Believe it or not going to a Florida Dance Club now. My husband's family leaves tomorrow and they want to go to a club. His aunt is staying at the table with me while everyone dances, but to be honest I'm exhausted. We go home Thursday and I already told my husband I will land in bed and stay there for about a week. He's in charge of cooking, cleaning, and kids. I've been fortunate that most of my pain today is boob pain and mostly just the left one. So that and swelling, but besides that I'm fine.
  • Reply that girl...enjoy

Not much to report in the last week except that I...

Not much to report in the last week except that I feel almost back to normal which is awesome! I don't need to rest in the afternoon anymore and my back pain has subsided. Life is pretty much back to normal minus my daily work outs.

I tried to make a before/after comparison pic collage thing but it didn't work out. It make me feel better about my results to look back at where I came from. The last few days I have been wondering if this is it as I still have a fat roll when I sit down. Probably swelling but who knows. Don't get me wrong, I am pleased with everything so far but I am hoping for more flatness in my stomach then what I have.

I am going to start walking on my treadmill in the next few days as it's cold here with lots of snow so I'm not spending any time outside. ;)

Other than that, no news is good news I suppose!

Happy healing everyone and best wishes to the ladies in waiting... your time will be here before you know it.



u are so brave with what all u did and look good hope u are feelin ok i just got a tt he said he did lipo but i dont think he did i only had one small bruies now i have no belly and big thigh lol
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Okay, your collage turned out awesome! What a difference. I'm so happy for you and your new well deserved body. You worked hard and should enjoy every minute. Just your body alone looks like you are 20 years younger. Amazing! Please keep us posted on your post progress.

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Thank you for sharing your pictures! Your before body looks just like mine! I'm scheduled for surgery in less than 48 hours on May 14! I can't believe it! Getting nervous, but your after pics have given me hope! I will be very pleased if my after body looks like you!
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