Had my encoscopic ab muscle repair Nov 21 after full TT in April/11

I have always been in great shape and worked out a...

I have always been in great shape and worked out a few times per week. . I always weight about 95 to 98 lbs at 5'3. In two years I have had two babies. My second pregnancy caused me to have seperation of my abdominal muscles as well as some loose skin and fat. I look like I am 6 months pregnant. I know I am done with having babies now. I am sooo self-conscious about my stomach and I cant even wear nice clothes like I used. I also got some fat around my luv handles and a small roll or two on my back (bra rolls)which I would love to get rid of (I have always had this problem prior to having babies despite working out, just a little worse since my pregnancies)

Holy Hannah, I am booked for April 4 ! I had a...

Holy Hannah, I am booked for April 4 ! I had a dream lastnight that I am on the operating room table and I am receiving the anesthetic. I am starting to fall asleep but at the same time, I am starting to feel like I cant breathe. (I am unable to see the face of the anesthesiologist as he is wearing one of those doc masks.) I wake up almost gasping for air ! Oh my how scary is this, eh ? ! By the way these pics that I have posted are really hard to look at. For some reason, they look wayyyy bad in the pics LOL !!

I forgot to mention that I am 33 years old and...

I forgot to mention that I am 33 years old and right now I weigh about 117lbs (never lost the pregnancy weight, but I'm okay with this number). I also have a belly button hernia (obvious from my pics), which the PS will correct. Yipee, a new belly button ! Mine looks so sad right now :-(

I had some questions so I called the PS and spoke...

I had some questions so I called the PS and spoke to the receptionist. Regarding the prescriptions for pain killers . . . she said the doc gives any prescriptions required on the day of surgery. Does this sound about right? You would think he would give it before so I could pick it up prior to surgery cuz wont I be drowzy from the anesthetic on the day of?? Also, I noticed on this site a lot of peeps are seeing their PS preop but the receptionist said its not necessary, unless I have questions of course. Also, she said its too early for the surgery time (I'm booked April 4) and I wont get it till about a week prior, which is fine.

Wow I cant believe it in a month today I will have...

Wow I cant believe it in a month today I will have had my surgery. I still have worries about receiving the anesthetic and the thought of someone putting a tube down my throat during an anesthetic freaks me out, but I have to say I am feeling less worried since being on this wonderful site for the past couple of weeks! At this point I am feeling very excited and thinking about ways to prepare myself prior to surgery (i.e. types of foods to buy, purchasing a few pillows, etc. ) I was thinking about buying a recliner but I really have no space in my house. I will have TONS of pillows to help stay in the semi laying position and oh my wonderful husband who will take the first couple of weeks off!

Okay, so I have just updated my picture. There was...

Okay, so I have just updated my picture. There was a comment made that my pics look like I am way more than 117lbs (just weighed myself by the way). I must admit I felt crappy about that so I did the pic myself LOL !! They still look hella bad but not as crazy bad as before. Hmmmm. . I wonder what the difference was. My husband took them maybe it was the angle or something LOL !!

Well my fellow TT's . . . 3 more weeks to go!...

Well my fellow TT's . . . 3 more weeks to go! My PS office called yesterday reminding me that full payment is due on the 21st, which would be 2 weeks prior to my surgery. While I had her on the phone, I asked her couple of questions. She has never heard of Arnica, which I thought was a bit odd. But I believe I can get it at the health food store. I really want to take it prior because I am a bruiser! She also said garment is the same thing as binder (she said its just another wording) and it will be provided to me on the day of surgery. I always thought the garment is different than the binder! There is also no need for me to start taking any med's prior.

I have made the list of things I will need and I am thinking Friday I can get everything as my dad is available the whole day & evening to babysit. I am thinking I might as well treat myself to a martini or two in the evening with my hubby hehe!

So I am just starting on a high protein diet with cardio at least 3 times per week on my treadmill since the weather is crappy here right now. I am hoping to lose a few pounds b4 TT. Now that I have pretty much finished with breastfeeding/pumping this week, it should be easier.

Oh also thinking about going to Fiji in June (my husband from there) but I have to ask my PS if that would be okay. Anybody travel 2 months after their TT ?

Okay so today I paid for the procedure in full....

Okay so today I paid for the procedure in full. This is it, no turning back now! I am so nervous yet so excited at the same time. I just want it done already!

Lately I have been feeling really guilty looking at my kids because following surgery (and who knows up to how many weeks) I wont be able to do all the things i'm doing for them now and especially the first few days I'll be on med's so I wont really be there for them at all :-(

I HAVE A QUESTION: Two weeks following the surgery there is a wedding. Will I be able to stand up straight by then??? I know everyone is different. Thanks.

I got a FREE lazy-boy recliner from Craiglist...

I got a FREE lazy-boy recliner from Craiglist (great condition too). I was really just browzing and I came across the ad so I said why the heck not . . its free hehe! I was wondering though how would I use it after my surgery because you have to push against it (using your back) in order to recline it. Wont this be bad for the abdominal muscles? Oh and I got the Arnica, which I will start on Monday (one-week prior to my surgery)

Okay, the PS office called me and I am to be at...

Okay, the PS office called me and I am to be at the Surgical Centre Monday at 8:15am and my surgery time is 9am. My husband will take me and my sister will pick me up. Wow, I cant believe this is the last weekend with my saggy, flabby, sad lookin belly button that I have been complaining for so long. I really hope and pray all goes well. I will follow-up again after my surgery. This website has been so great to me, so many people who are willing to share their experiences, give advice and just tummy talk. . . it really has given me more courage to do this for myself and I dont feel like I am all alone on this !

So I had my surgery this morning. I am doing...

So I had my surgery this morning. I am doing better than I thought. I can stand 30 degrees upright. My muscles are the only thing that are a bit sore. And I mean, a bit like I did an ab workout. The bothersome things are my nausea and vomiting and my drains which I have some blood coming out. I tried the maxi pad idea but still dripping. I dont know what to do. Any advice anyone? I just took a Gravol. I havent eaten anything and I absolutely just cant. Each time I try to drink water, I throw it all up within 10 minutes. For pain so far I have taken 2 Tyl #3's and 2 prescription pain killer when I got home in the early afternoon. I also took a couple of antibiotics. By the way my prescriptions were given to m husband right before I went in to the O.R. I will post pics soon, hopeuflly tomorrow. Cant see much as obbiously binder is on. Should I try to eat again?? Yuk, just the thought of it makes me wanna throw up.

DAY 2 Feel pretty great today....


Feel pretty great today. Nausea/vomiting has completely gone. I think it may had to do with the anesthetic. I took Gravol lastnight and that seemed to do the trick. Slept on my recliner like a baby. Had to get up couple of times to go pee and take my pills with my husbands assistance. Woke up this morning had an egg and toast and apple juice and tons of water. Suddenly felt VERY thirsty. Felt great to have something in my tummy. I tried to open the girdle thing and was afraid to take it all off but I peeked in a little bit and I am totally flat ! I tried to get a good look on my sides (luv handle area) and seems the fatness around there is gone too! I just cant wait for my appt with my PS on Thursday to see it all. By the way, I only have one drain, which he said he will remove on Thursday. Not too much blood coming out. WIth a little trail and error, my husband managed to securely placed a maxi pad in the right place and used cloth tape. I havent had to change it yet so I guess thats a good sign. Pain level right now: 2/10. The only time I feel pain is a little burning when I get up and stand up where the tube is and something on the left side, which I dont know what is causing it but I guess I will find out on Thursday. Also muscles a litte sore but nothing I cant handle. I hope to take pictures for you guys on Thursday when my PS removes the girdle. Wow, not as bad as I thought I would be. Hopefully, I dont jinx myself hehe!

DAY 2 Slept great again. Love the recliner. I...


Slept great again. Love the recliner. I have two pillows under my shoulder and one under my head and one of those long pillows under my legs. Hella comfy. I put the recliner at the foot of our bed in our bedroom. Poor hubbie got sick unfortunately but he is getting better. My dad helped us out yesterday. Woke up this morning thought I could eat but was wrong. Had some pineapple juice and small piece of hard boiled egg. FElt nauseated so took Gravol and hit the recliner again. Just woke up from a 3 hour nap tummy feels like it has a lot of air and I cant even push anythng cuz I'm afraid I will pop something. Will try to eat something soon again. Just posted pics. Talk to you guys later. Feeling groggy but love my pain med's he he!! Who needs a pain pump ??? My pain is still just 2/10

DAY 3 Slept great on the recliner again. Last...


Slept great on the recliner again. Last time I took a painkiller was this morning at 5am. Going to see if I can do without it. So far so good. I still havent pooped yet and I think I will try metamucil or MOM soon. Just came back from first postop visit with PS. He commented that I looked pretty perky considering I just had a TT ! He said he removed 355cc of fat on each side (luv handles). I am not sure how much this is but sounds good to me. He removed my one drain. Hurt like a b_tch for 5 seconds. I have no pain now. I CANT BELIEVE MY TUMMY IS FLAT YALL!!! Came home ate a little piece of low sodium beef fajita with pineapple juice. Feel like another nap though. I think I will change into my PJ's again first hehe! I really did not expect it was going to be like this. I thought it was going to be much, much worse!!!! I am almost walking totally upright at this point. My follow-up with PS is Monday so I can see my belly button then! I forgot my camera when I went to see my PS but will try to post again soon.

Yay, I finally pooped LOL !! Damn did it feel so...

Yay, I finally pooped LOL !! Damn did it feel so good ha ha!!! I took a glass of prune juice first thing in the morning prior to eating anything including my antibiotic. I then drank a boiled glass of hot water. Seemed like something was happening but I just didnt want to push and ruin my muscles so I took 3/4 TBSP of MOM to help and within 1/2 hour it did. I do feel a little gassy though probably the MOM. Luckily I didnt take too much of it. I am not taking any pain med's as I dont feel I need it. Boy do I feel tired though. Off to take another nap. Oh and this binder thing is kinda getting itchy. Feel like taking it off for a bit. Maybe I will later.

DAY 5 Everything still all good but today I...


Everything still all good but today I have developed a really itchy tickly cough! Oh this sucks. Out of no where! It hurts to cough but its one of those coughs where you cant control it! I am afraid I will undo the sutures in my muscles! I am not on any painkillers. Tummy feels a little achy from coughing hard a couple of times. I am taking Fisherman's Friend. What should I do???

DAY 8 Off pain meds for a while now except...


Off pain meds for a while now except sometimes taking Tylenol. Cough is way better after taking a lot of herbal tea/honey and Benylyn. I went to my PS yesterday and he removed that plastic thing on the lower half of my abdomen. I was just so shocked to completely get a look at it. He removed the gauze over the belly button but I didnt really get a good chance to look at it cuz I was focusing on the tummy and how flat it was he he! He said I havent done any damage to my muscles by coughing . . thank goodness. I havent taken off my garment since but when I do I will take more pics. Still no pain . . . new thing that's been happening is several times a day I feel a little stinging/burning for a few seconds on my incision line. I think cuz its rubbing against my garment. Anybody else experiencing this? Oh and I weigh 113 lbs. Before my tt I weighed 117lbs.

Not letting me update with picture for some reason...

Not letting me update with picture for some reason . . . ???

16 days postop Feeling better and better...

16 days postop

Feeling better and better everyday. Still a little swollen but not as bad as I thought I would be. Tend to slouch slightly but almost standing up straight. Doing light housework but still not too active yet. Finally got the courage to to sleep in my bed today (nap). Cough gone and thank goodness I never undid a suture in my muscles. Saw my PS Monday and he said I was healing VERY well. Next appt is in a month. I forgot to ask him about scar therapy. I hate my binder. Will purchase a compression garment hopefully this week. Feeling some aches and sharp pain in my abdominal area but not so bad that I have to take meds. I am not happy that I have a tiny bit of loose skin under my belly button and a line under it. Will ask my PS next time what the deal is. Updated pics . . .

5 WEEKS POST TT Hey everyone. I havent been...


Hey everyone. I havent been on this site for a couple weeks. Healing is going great. I am walking totally normally. It was my first day without help with my kids. Still trying to use my arms to lift them, although my upper back kinda hurts from trying to do that. Sometimes I get sharp pain from where the lipo was inserted but its getting alot better. Still numb around my belly button. Hoping to start treadmill next week but waiting to see my PS first. Otherwise my life is pretty much back to normal now. I am very happy with my results but my tummy is not flat. You will see from my pics I just updated. I tried on a couple of shirts and dresses yesterday and you could see the two bumps (upper abdomen bulge and lower) I feel I still have to cover my tummy area by wearing loose clothes. This shouldnt be . . . I just had a tummy tuck! Hoping lipo will help. Will discuss with PS next week. I also want to get my upper back done. Whenever he says its okay i'm gonna go for it!

I took another set of pics right after breakfast...

I took another set of pics right after breakfast this morning. I was changing out of my binder into my day compression and I really had a good look at my tummy. Looks like its not as big as the other day when I took the pics in the evening (as I usually do). Hmmm. . . could the bulginess really be swelling afterall? Its still not completely flat but better. Have a look tell me wut u think!

I saw my PS yesterday (6 week postop) and...

I saw my PS yesterday (6 week postop) and regarding the upper and lower bulge . . he said there is absolutely no fat there and muscles looked great. He said when he pinches he could just feel my muscles not fat and that it should/will come down some cuz it is some swelling there and takes some time. Totally happy with this! He gave me the okay to start working out . . cant wait. . hoping I can hop on my treadmill tonight before the hockey game. Regarding my upper back roll/fat he agreed that since everything looks so proportioned now that it does stick out quite a bit so he is doing lipo for me in June at half the cost. Life is back to normal. . enjoying clothes that I couldnt fit into after having my 2 kids! I have taken a pic with clothes on . . . otherwise tummy looks same as last week :-) Oh and I dont have to wear my binder no more!!! yay for me !!! Also, he wants me to keep putting the sterilized tape on my incision line after each shower for another month or so. I find the tape protects the incision line from rubbing into my pants/jeans. PS asked me what I was doing to the scar. He said whatever I'm doing seems to work cuz it doesnt look so dark. I told him I was doing nothing LOL !! I havent even put any kind of oil or cream on it as of yet! :-)


2 MONTH POST OP I am really embarassed to...


I am really embarassed to show these pics especially the one sitting down. Now u guys will know why I am constantly complaining about swelling! I feel at this point I still have to wear some sort of shapewear to hide the bulging tummy :-( I know there is a HUGE difference from before, just wished it would be flat not bumpy. There are days when I am pretty flat but usually only in the mornings. I will be patient and wait for the day there will be no more swelling. God knows when that'll be though. I really wish PS could've gotten rid of all the stretched skin. Under my belly button you will see there is some left.

I went to my PS again yesterday to try to get more...

I went to my PS again yesterday to try to get more answers as to why I am not flat and why I look the way I do sitting down. I took pictures (Kimmers advice) with me to show him my progress over the last 2 months and to help him understand what I am not happy about. He said I am still quite swollen not only from the TT but from the lipo and that I am really early on. He said it can take from 3 to 6 months before the final results. He also said some patients get really bad bloating and unfortunately, I am one of them! He told me on the days I have bloating (when I look 5 months prego) to wear my CG but mainly that time will heal. He said that working out will definitely help as well. I am so happy I have lost 5 lbs over the last 2 weeks. I am eating lots of protein (salmon, chicken) with lots of veggies and fruits and yogurt and cardio every other day. Its funny my skin is shining and looks like I got a facial LOL !! I am 115 lbs now. It is going to be hard but I will be patient for at least 6 months before I complain again LOL! I'm gonna cross my fingers and toes that it will improve. Either way, I am very, very happy and greatful to my PS. Although I still cant wear tight fitted tops/dresses at least I can enjoy wearing most clothes again . . . clothes that I couldnt wear before the TT.

Just over 2.5 months postop My upper abdomen...

just over 2.5 months postop

My upper abdomen is still bulging. Lower has gotten better over the last couple weeks. I am really bothered by it. I know when I get swelling and bloating (usually throughout the day). I dont wake up flat anymore, since I have not been wearing my CG for the last couple weeks, which worries me. I went to the walk in clinic and the doc said something doesnt feel quite right where this bulge is. I went to see my naturopathic doc (for a differnt reason) and she said it looks as though your muscle or organ is pushing out. I went back to my PS and he STILL didnt feel anything was really wrong, nor did he agree that ultrasound was warranted. He sid I am concentrating too much on this area (I wouldnt be if it wasnt sticking out). He decided that he would lipo the area some more since I am to go for my lip of back on Monday. I dont think its fat, because when I pinch or poke it feels like muscles but doesnt feel like this anywhere else. Will update with pics on Monday. Am I still happy I did the TT . . HECK YA I AM !!! Look at the new pic I posted. You can kinda see the upper bulge. . .

I had my lipo on upper tummy on Monday (along with...

I had my lipo on upper tummy on Monday (along with back lipo) and I had a quick peak and finally that upper bulge is no longer there. There is a tiny hard piece of something just above my BB but seriously, this does not bother me like at all!! Now the lower looks huge LOL! I have been using an elastic type compression since Monday so hopefully the bulge doesnt appear again once I stop using it. PS still didnt order an ultrasound . . but I guess it wasnt muscle problems after all . . . THANK GOODNESS!!!!

This sucks and I am very pissed. I have been...

This sucks and I am very pissed. I have been telling my PS since I think week 1 postop that I have been noticing this damn bulge and he kept reassuring me (last visit was last week) everything looked great. One time he said to me "you know, some people are built that way". Ya right! I was NEVER like this prior to having my kids!

It looked flat on the day of the revisional lipo (which I still cant believe I went through it) but starting the day after as it started to soften up it started slowly reappearing (and as soon as I starting eating normally). Long story short I had seen a naturopathic doc for constipation issues and I am allergic to virtually everything I eat. (gluten, egg, dairy, peanut, blueberry, onion, garlic, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, grapes, orange, lemon, lettuce, cabbage, carrot, celery, coffee, wheat and more!) Although I am not avoiding everything it has made a huge difference in my bloating but the bulge is always unfortunately there and it bothers me so much. I saw a GI specialist today and he said there is obviously about 4 finger gap (muscle seperation). He even made me put my fingers in there. I am going back to see my PS although if I want to get this fixed I dont think I will have it done with him. Plus I dont want to get reopened up again. I want it done endoscopically, which he doesnt do. IDK. I cant believe my PS didnt see the seperation all this time. I mean, thats what he does! Weird thing is ultrasound abdomen ordered by my GP (cuz PS didnt want to order it, that a-hole) was normal. Weird.

I cant remember the last time I was on! Well I...

I cant remember the last time I was on! Well I just wanted to let you all know that I am booked on Monday Nov 21st for the endoscopic muscle repair (above BB). I went for the consultation several weeks ago. My preop is coming Monday the 14th Nov. Very excited and just want to get this done and over with. My sis in law and bro in law staying with me till February (they are from Fiji) so its perfect timing. Recovery is like 3 to 4 days off work but NO HEAVY LIFTING for 4 to 6 weeks as before. The TOTAL cost is $3,840. Hopefully, I wont develop a cough after surgery, which I did the first time around! Thank goodness I dont have to be cut open again ! He is going through my BB. Sucky thing is, I will need that tube :-( WISH ME LUCK EVERYONE. I will update after the procedure for sure! Hope you all are doing good! I still hate my back area (bra rolls) but decided to do nothing about it right now. I am doing tons of walking and trying to eat right. Nothing has helped though . . . but I feel great :-)

My endo ab musscle repair was done yesterday. it...

My endo ab musscle repair was done yesterday. it was about a total of 2 hr drive as the PS is in Everett, WA and I am from Vancouver, BC. I was a bit nervous but right up to the time they wheeled my in to the O.R. my husband was with me and my nurse was great and made me laugh. It was done under GA and by the time I knew it I was waking up. I didnt feel nauseated and I did not vomit like I did in April when I had my full TT ! I walked right away and had to use the washroom. I was surprised I had a pain pump and the binder. MY PS saw me before I went home, which was an hour after waking up. He said I also had a upper hernia! That explains the pain I was getting. I have to see my PS in two weeks for stitch removal. I am not sure from where I guess from where he went through. . the BB. I am glad I didnt have to get re-opened again. I can remove the pain pump myself on Thurs and then on Fri I have to call my PS and he will instruct how to remove the drain. Oh BTW. . . the drain is super, super thin and I only have one. I had only taken 2 vidocaine (I think thats how you spell it)so far. It is a bit sore but more so when you get up and walk around. I almost kinda feel like hunching over while walking. I guess because the muscles are stretch a bit when you are staight up. I can sleep normally, just not on my tummy, of course. I have to record the blood from my drain twice a day and let PS know on Fri. Otherwise, my pain is about 2/10 and I feel a little tired. I had have a nap today and ate normally . . . but less than what I normally eat. I havent opened the binder to look at myself it. I think I will later this week, mabye on Thurs.

Today is day 3 (counting the day I had the...

today is day 3 (counting the day I had the procedure) I feel pain is a little more . . . was up to 5 or even 6. Maybe I should take more med's. I still am a litle hunched while walking. I feel if I stand compeley straight, my muscles are stretching and I dont want to take any risks this time. My pain pump comes out tomorrow. PS gave us instructions and husband will be removing it. The hardest part is getting in and out of bed without trying to use those stomach muscles even though I roll over and push muself up with one arm. I feel some sharp pains when doing so. I keep thinking OMG I sure hope I didnt undo a stich again! the most hardest part is not being able to pick up my little ones.but they are always around me :-)

6 days since endo muscle ab...

6 days since endo muscle ab repair:

Unfortunately, my bulge is still there. Right above belly button. I am sooooo pissed off that I have gone through this for no reason. I cried and still feel like crying.

It has been about a year and three months since my...

It has been about a year and three months since my first tummy tuck and 8 months since my endoscopic abdominal muscle repair. My upper ab swelling/bulging is a lot better as you can see from my pic. I actually saw a GI specialist because I was having a lot of cramping, bloating and constipation (since my first surgery) and she diagnosed me of having IBS. I also had skin testing for allergies, which showed a ton of food allergies to include wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs and several more. I have pretty much avoided these foods for a few months now and started working out again (lost 10 lbs) and eating better i.e. no fried foods. I feel like I have more energy, my eczema has almost completely gone and NO MORE CONSTIPATION !! yay! My doctor says I will always have a slight bulge because it seems the doc tightened me a little more on the lower than the upper ab but I am sooo happy with the outcome and I am not getting that bloating feeling/cramping no longer. The only complaint is if I eat even a little too much I can slightly see the upper bulge. I was never like this before my surgery (I mean before my pregnancy) I am 104 lbs now and happy with the weight too. All in all, I am still very, very happy I went through the tummy tuck in the first place !
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Thanks for posting your story! I am about 11 weeks post op and just noticed an upper buldge about 2 weeks ago! I'm so worried about it! I saw my ps and and he ruled out any seroma and said it's swelling. But especially after I eat it looks awful :( I don't know if I ruined the ab repair or if he didn't tighten it up enough? I'm so pissed and worried :( it feels like something is wrong though. Right above the bb.
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Omg! You are scaring me! I have a bulge. I vomited & had a cough after sx. :/
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Hey Brooklyn01, how are you doing ? Did you find anything out from your doc? It doesnt necessarily mean that something has gone wrong...it could be swelling for sure. I felt a bit of a "pop" and "crackle when I coughed at one point really hard. Hope everything is all good :-) My swelling has completely gone and I have no complaints now :-)
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No my doctor says it's to early in the recovery process but I am being hopeful but preparing myself for the worst anyhow.. I did not hear any pop maybe because I screamed when I threw up because it was painful. Did u have any test like ultrasound etc to see where the bulge was coming from before you had the endoscopic surgery? Also did a Plastic Surgeon perform the endoscopic procedure through your belly button?
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You look great after all the repair! I have a slight bulge too, hoping its swelling of course! Thanks for Sharing!
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Thank you. All the repair was soooo worth it and I'm soooo happy I did it ! No regrets...
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Wow chick, red is your color!! HOT!! :)
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aww thanks :-)
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What did you put on your scar to help it fade?
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I actually didnt put anything special. I had some body butter cream that I used to put on during my pregnancy and I always have a habbit of slathering it on after shower.
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Hey girl good to hear from you again!!!!   Wow you have been through a ton this past year.  Darn IBS...Grrrr!

You look fantastic!!

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Farz, You look so amazing... wow, who knew you had to change up your diet and everything... I bet you feel great now! I can tell you are so much happier by your email! You deserve it sweetie!
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Hi Farz, I think we both had our original TT in 2011. I had to have repair work in Jan. 2012, because my incision split. But, know I am left with that "bulge" you talk about just above the belly button. I understand how you feel. Food definately effects it. AS time goes on, I hope it will calm down some and the swelling will subside, but for now, I just have to deal with it on a daily basis! Makes me so mad to have gone thorugh all of this and still have a waist bulge...the very thing I was wanting to get rid of in the first place.

Stay well,

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WOW!!! You look amazing Farz! I am so glad that you are happy now. Wow, what a long road huh? I am glad that you figured out what was causing the bulge. I get bulges when I eat too much, it is awful! If I keep to my healthy diet then I am nice & flat. I also get that ugly bulge for about a week before my period - very annoying! But I am so happy that you are loving your results because you look so beautiful, just in time for summer!
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Sorry I just read and saw your recent posts . I guess your pretty sick of it all and I can't say I blame you. I still hope things improve
For you but I'f I were you I'd be calling the ps and making sure its corrected . Your entitled to that ! Maybe you just need some time to take break from
It all for a while! I'm so sorry your going through this!
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Did same dr who did first tt do the revision? That's bullshit! They need
To fix that ! By all means you look great and a
Huge improvement but you shouldn't be left a a bulge like that! Ugh I will pray that all goes well and improves .. Is it possible your just swelling from muscle repair??? I hope so.
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Nothing been new to me.. Just the swelling almost 8 months... When does it stop
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Farz, i am so sorry...do you think its from swelling from the surgery and will go down? Have you seen the PS yet?
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I spoke to him yesterday. he said he is not worried at this time and its swelling. . . ya right . . . thats EXACTLY what my ps before said. I know my body and this aint swelling here. I am seeing him next Friday. It doesnt even matter. I doubt anything can be done about it since it has not been corrected. No way I am doing anything further about it anyways. It just sucks because I didnt have the surgery for NO reason. To take the time off work, spend the $ and not being able to lift your kids for up to 6 weeks . . . ALL FOR NO FK'N REASON. If he told me he might not be able to fix it, I would've never gone through with this procedure. I just want to heal and get on with my life. I really cant be bothered anymore.
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I am so sorry Farz, we can only hope that it is the swelling...and that it goes down. I can't begin to imagine how you feel after all of this time, pain and $$...I wonder what that bulge really is if lipo and TT couldn't fix it... it just seems crazy that it won't go away... I am so sorry =(
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What could it be??? I hope the ps who did your revision could help figure it out. Can you call him tomorrow?
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So sorry Farz, I have been following your progress and was hoping for better results for you. What is that bulge then?? why it will not go away after you did everything you could?Can they xray your tummy and see what is pushing? I am learning to live with the imperfect tummy and am too lazy to go get the lipo the Dr suggested to try and fix my bulge. The truth is it may or may not help and that is why I am holding off. Maybe I have the same issue as you. I hope you feel better soon and then see if the PS can find out why its still bulging.
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Farz, can you tell me what the removal of the back fat was like? How invasive was it and how much down time? Are you happy with the results?
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I had it done under local IV sedation. I felt a few pokes here and there and then I fell asleep. I was laying on my back so I am wondering if my doc didnt even turn me over so he could properly lipo the back area. AFter the procedure, it felt like somebody punched you. I was very surprised the soreness only lasted a couple days. I am not happy at all with the results. It looked exactly the same. I am having it done possibly again with this doc in Everett that did my endo muscle repair.
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I am so glad that the surgery went well and you are home recovering! Wow, so you had an upper hernia? I bet it was from the coughing and vomiting after the first surgery... Do you think? I am glad you are up and walking around and able to eat... Seems like this surgery went really well for you... Are you anxious to open the binder and sneak a peak? I bet your tummy looks beautiful! Take it easy and have a quick recovery! Thinking of you!
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