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I went in for a consultation in March 2011 and...

I went in for a consultation in March 2011 and finally decided to book an appointment in February 2012. When I messaged the clinic, they told me that the prices for this procedure had increased since my first consultation, but they were kind enough to honor the price they had last quoted me ($3136 after taxes). I had my procedure done today at 2:30pm, and everything went well. I had some minor bruising on my left eye, no major swelling, and I was surprised to see how much the areas under my eyes had flattened. I only experienced some minor discomfort during the surgery (ie, needles for anesthesia, having to reapply anesthesia when the incisions were beginning to hurt a bit), but that was the extent of the discomfort I had. I could not feel any pain at all, even when the surgeon was cutting the fat out. I was given some oral sedatives to calm my body, but other than that, I was awake for the entire procedure and I could see him pulling the fat out of the pockets. Overall, I had a pretty good experience. I think the doctor I went to was very skilled and professional. I can't really tell how my recovery will go since this is the 1st post-op day, but hopefully the swelling won't increase.

I'm on my second day of healing and I barely feel...

I'm on my second day of healing and I barely feel any discomfort. I can probably go out with my glasses on and nobody would noticed any changes around my eyes.

My doctor prescribed some Tylenol 3 in case I need them, but I haven't touched any of the tablets yet. I am currently taking bromelain and Tian Qi (a chinese herb) capsules to help with the bruising and swelling. I think they are helping because I barely have any bruising and swelling, but it could be too early to judge since this is only the 2nd day. I will be going back to the clinic for my 1 week follow up on the 6th.

PS - For some reason, it states that I selected...

PS - For some reason, it states that I selected "Not worth it", but it was.
My healing is going very well, surprisingly! It's only been a day and I can go out without looking like I got punched in the eyes.

Wow, I'm always amazed when I read about people staying conscious for surgeries. I'm so queasy over stuff like that, I know I wouldn't be able to do it - you are brave!!

How is your healing going?


3rd Day Post Op: My swelling has been improving...

3rd Day Post Op:

My swelling has been improving significantly. I woke up this morning with some residual swelling, but it has gotten smoother since then. Apart from my cold, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm still taking bromelain and Tian Qi to help with the bruising and swelling, and I sleep upright (almost in a sitting position).
I think eye surgery is best done on an awake patient because they can follow simple commands like look up and look to the side. This allows the surgeon to assess symmetry and whether the levitator muscle has been severed. I've had it both ways and prefer the wakefulness.

4th Day Post Op: I'm beginning to notice a...

4th Day Post Op:

I'm beginning to notice a yellow tinge under my eyes. Other than that, everything looks pretty good. My swelling is completely gone, and I am no longer taking bromelain or any other herbal supplements.

Something else I'd like to share:

Prior to my surgery, I've always had puffy eye bags (genetics) and on top of that, I also have very thin skin. Unlike most people, the area under my eyes usually had a reddish/purple hue instead of a bluish or brown colour. My surgeon told me that he noticed alot of red blood vessels while he was operating on me and that he cauterized them all to see if it would improve the redness under my eyes. It has only been 4 days since the operation, but I already notice that the redness I've always had under my eyes is gone. I'm actually really surprised at how everything turned out. I thought the procedure would only address the puffiness under my eyes, but it also improved the redness.

That makes sense NHaven, like I said I get queasy, so just the thought of it makes me shiver! ;)


Sorry to hear you have a cold :( Hope it goes away quick for you!! So glad to hear you are healing up well in spite of that!


I thought I should make a final update. It's been...

I thought I should make a final update. It's been just a little over two weeks since my surgery and things are looking great! I no longer have any puffiness or redness under my eyes and I can confidently say that I wish I had done this a long time ago. If there is anyone in Vancouver who is considering getting eyebag surgery, I would highly recommend Dr. Buonassisi.
You were exactly in the position I am now! I too am going to see Dr. M for fillers and later on this year, after saving up for a bleph., Dr. B. You are such a lucky girl! Im so glad that things worked up. Please post some before and after pics if you can to help all of us out. Thank you sooo much for taking the time so share!
I can pm you some photos. :)
Why would not share your pics publicly with those on this thread? You didn't mind providing a good detail account of the post op process.
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Dr. Buonassisi is professional, but also very friendly and approachable. He will answer any questions you may have to the best of his abilities. It was very easy to book an appointment with him and his director, Angie, is very friendly too. I chose Dr. Buonassisi because of his expertise in facial plastic surgery. He showed me photos of his previous patients who had gone through the procedure he recommended me and they were astonishing.

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