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I've just had a CoolSculpting treatment in the...

I've just had a CoolSculpting treatment in the last few days and am excitedly waiting to see what results may come.

A few years ago I rapidly lost 70lbs, but nothing on Earth would move the fold on belly fat below my navel. I spoke to doctors who pushed me towards tummy tucks, but I passionately did not want to trade in a hang over belly for a 12 inch scar. SO I'm taking my chances and trying out this treatment instead.

The technician delighted when I removed my garments and told me I had "the perfect fat." After so many false hopes with other consultations this was an extremely unexpected surprise. In fact, it seems loose and elastic skin works well as it more easily fills the suction mouth on the machine. I asked if I might expect some flattening of the fold, as this would be my ultimate fantasy in perusing this treatment, and was told enthusiastically yes. Fingers crossed.

I had two individual treatments across my belly with the large head. The treatment itself was far, far more painful than I was lead to believe, words like "pinch" and "tingle" are euphemisms. When the machine latched on it was less of a pinch and more of a shark bite, and the first ten minutes I swooned and had to clench something. However, as the freezing begins the pain dies away quickly, and within another half hour you are leisurely doing your crossword.

I was in quite a lot of pain going home after the treatment when the machine came off and I began to move around, but again, this died down within an hour and, taking it easy on the couch, felt fine.

I have some pretty gnarly bruising and redness. So far I have not experienced the excruciating tingling others describe. But there is the interesting sensation of a nerve every now and then sort of flickering awake. So far it does not even verge on the feeling of a limb fallen asleep. My skin is nearly totally numb, and remains, two days after, cool to the touch. There is also some mild swelling. It's the strangest feeling, not painful at all, but as if a part of me has dried or hardened like clay and I continue to carry around a foreign thing in my body. I'm aware of it, but it reminds me that a month from now I might have some happy results.

One Week Post; Itchy as Hell

Well it's been a full week now since my first CoolSulpting treatment. This week has been characterized by pain far exceeding what I was warned of. The first few days were fine, and my belly was oddly numb but not irritatingly. As my nerves came awake, however, the did so screaming out with their indignation. Each step sent spasms through me. Prickling lightning storms ran through my nervous system, to the point where sleeping and even lying still were difficult. I felt constantly itchy but with the surface of my abdomen still numb my fingers did little to help. Counterintuitively, at least to me, I found exercise, long walks, to alleviate the pain during and for a few hours after. Told not to use anti-inflammatories and with Tylenol of no effect, I bought a bottle of Neuragen, a nerve pain reliever. It helped a little, but is unbelievably strong-smelling, a little like incense, and a friend told me I smelled like a hippy:) The really bad pain has passed, but I'm still quite swollen and tender.

Told that for the best results I should cut out fats and sugars and to exercise, I have, and have actually lost 10lbs. None the less, the side by side photos I have compared show me my belly is even bigger than before. I chalk this up to swelling, keep in mind it's only been a week and to be patient, and wait, but I still feel a little downtrodden:(

Oh well, time will tell, and I still hope to see my belly get littler:)

Four Months Post Review!

Hello everyone!

So scheduling making it hard for me to get in for me post op photos it's been some time since I've really marked my progress. I watched eagerly for the first few months, and have to admit I was feeling pretty underwhelmed. I knew the CoolSculpting had at least made a mark, since it had left a literal one -a slight dimple where the suction head clamped on- that hadn't been there before. I was feeling like I had paid a pretty penny for just about nothing, and feeling like I might as well take the plunge and go for the old fashioned chop and staple of the tummy tuck.
So gradual were the changes that when today, four and a half months after my procedure, I finally had my after shots, these photos caught me totally off guard. I'm amazed at the difference, truly, and actually feel inclined to book one more session on top of the last. I'm gobsmacked, and would love to hear what everyone thinks? Because I for one think the result is remarkable!
Dr. Braun

The practitioner at Vancouver Skin and Laser was extremely friendly, kind, and attentive. She talked with me when she saw I was in pain until I was more relaxed, gave me juice boxes and chocolates, and a big hug at the end!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I can see the difference. Did the Dr say u could get another 20% change from another treatment. Is that % from the original or from now results?
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I found a lot of relief from the nerve pain and swelling in an Epsom salt bath, I had Px strength ladocaine for nerve pain but magnesium oil I ordered from Amazon has been by far the best relief. I highly recommend magnesium oil. I had 4 areas cool sculpted at in 1 day.
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You're not nearly at the day when your nerves start to defrost--where others say the pain begins. That's around day 5. Please be sure you've got a script for a nerve-blocker (Neurontin or generic Gabapentin) & take it at the 1st tingle of pain. I never needed it but so many here complain of severe excruciating pain for weeks, I felt I should tell you to have the drug in hand, just in case. The generic is really cheap. Of course, someone experiencing NO pain, is rarely going to complain about that on a forum, so we really only get the bad stories here mostly...
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Also, expect to have to undergo several more treatments on your belly & depending on your age--loose skin.
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I never had enough pain to worry about or slow down. I'm five weeks into two treatments on upper and lower abs.
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Me either! IU went to the gym & worked out for 1 1/2 hours after my 1st ab treatment & have had 10 more since that on upper/lower abs, inner/outer thighs & flanks.
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I'm so happy for the hopefulness you're experiencing and had the same feelings! I have similar folding on my sides and one month post treatment, they're already disappearing. I could see them totally being gone after 2 treatments. Be prepared for about day 5 when things start waking up, that's when it's very uncomfortable. Biofreeze saved me and many others like compression camis although I didn't. I wore yoga pants for three weeks lol. Message me if you need someone to talk to! :-)
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