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I am 32 years old, I have in-mouth cheek implants...

I am 32 years old, I have in-mouth cheek implants 5 months ago. After cheek implants I have following problems:

• I can’t smile and laugh normally; when I smile I look like a chipmunk
• The corners of my mouth drooped (upper lip changes smaller)
• Implants are imbalance, right side is higher and bigger then left side.
• Implants are too big on my face
• The Naso- labial folds are obvious now. Marionette lines appear
• My gum around the area of two in mouth-section still numb
• When I move my mouth to left, the right side stitching part is pain and ache, when I move my mouth to right, the left side stitching part has same problem.

my doctor said I need to wait 6 months to see the final result. therefore I haven't removed it so far. Within this 5 months , I can't sleep and cry a lot.
I really want them out, but I am afraid my face will sagging and get 10 years older.
Can any one helps me with my questions:
1. If I remove my cheek implants will my damaging nerves and muscles recover?
2. If I remove my cheek implants, Can I get my normal smile back (no chipmunk any more)?
3. Because the muscles have separated with my cheek bone already, if I remove the implants, will my muscle reattach in the cheek bone like before?
Does any one have cheek implants removal experience? please help me.
God bless your kind heart, thank you!
No, maybe not. I had my implants removed after 5 to 6 months. He put them too close to my nose. Yes, I have major nasal folds now. And, I was in facial neuropathic pain (pins and needles). I had them removed 9 months ago. Doc said when he took them out there was scar tissue build-up on the implants. Since then the scar tissue is growing. I'm in pain all the time. My upper lip is swollen; I can't smile the same way. I have chipmunk cheeks right next to my nose. Doctors don't warn of these side effects. Don't ever use the plastic surgeon in Town and Country in Houston. I am remiss.
Your face WILL sag, not matter how young you are or how short of a duration they were in for. I'm the same age and mine were only in 3 weeks. I look like my mom now and will need a facelift in the near future, only I don't have the time or money for this at the moment.
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I will reveal doctor information, if my problems are permanent.

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