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I am 32 years old, I have in-mouth cheek implants...

I am 32 years old, I have in-mouth cheek implants 5 months ago. After cheek implants I have following problems:

• I can’t smile and laugh normally; when I smile I look like a chipmunk
• The corners of my mouth drooped (upper lip changes smaller)
• Implants are imbalance, right side is higher and bigger then left side.
• Implants are too big on my face
• The Naso- labial folds are obvious now. Marionette lines appear
• My gum around the area of two in mouth-section still numb
• When I move my mouth to left, the right side stitching part is pain and ache, when I move my mouth to right, the left side stitching part has same problem.

my doctor said I need to wait 6 months to see the final result. therefore I haven't removed it so far. Within this 5 months , I can't sleep and cry a lot.
I really want them out, but I am afraid my face will sagging and get 10 years older.
Can any one helps me with my questions:
1. If I remove my cheek implants will my damaging nerves and muscles recover?
2. If I remove my cheek implants, Can I get my normal smile back (no chipmunk any more)?
3. Because the muscles have separated with my cheek bone already, if I remove the implants, will my muscle reattach in the cheek bone like before?
Does any one have cheek implants removal experience? please help me.
God bless your kind heart, thank you!
Name not provided

I will reveal doctor information, if my problems are permanent.

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If anyone has had there implants removed please share will us how it was done and how you feel and look. Also the down time.
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I don't know why you had a procedure at all...According to your photos here YOU DO NOT NEED IT!!! You have a young, beautiful face, wait with procedures until you are past 50's. Also, wait for the 6 months the dr. suggested, and then see what happens. Good luck!
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I think you look really good in both pictures :) If it's causing you pain, get it removed, but until then don't worry so much, it doesn't look bad at all. You look very cute!
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As another person said, your cheeks looked great to begin with and like you said, I think it'd be best to remove them if it's not too much of a process. How long has it been? What kind of implants did you get (that can determine the difficulty of removal)?
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Hey, I don't think you needed cheek implants. Your cheeks really look very full in the before. I am sure you can return to your pre-op look.
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Hi, I recently had my small, submalar, silicone cheek implants removed after 7 months. My before and after pictures look very similar to yours. I had been getting filler for the past 3 years (one syringe per cheek about every 9-12 months) when I had decided that implants would save me money in the long run. It ended up being a huge mistake and I feel so much better with them out. I just had mine removed 9 days ago and I already look shockingly normal. I don't know if it'd make you feel any better or be helpful but I'd be happy to share photos and information with you.
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I have the EXACT same problem as you do. And with my implants, you csn even see the edged around it through the skin. One of my implants where put so low down on the bone I will need to have it moved, I can feel the implsnt with my fingers inside my mouth!! I did mine 8 months ago and I am still in pain at timed, and I look like an idiot everytime I smile. The thought of going through the healing process again is killing me.
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I have implants beside my nose and that had me sad for 2 years,, i cant smile or laugh,, it looks very flat and my smile is higer on the right side.. And when i touch with my fingers on the implants i can feel that they put more on the right side.. The implants made my profile look very good but it kinda screwed up my smile
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same here, I smile looks so ugly now.
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Girl whoever told you you needed cheek implants was an idiot. You are right you don't need them you have a beautiful full face. If u need a little volume try juvaderm its not as drastic. Well your still pretty at least they can be taken out.
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I want to take it out now, but I am really afraid that my face will sag...I will look older then before. my doctor said the removal surgery will be waited for another 4 months. T_T
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I'm so sorry you're this unhappy with your cheek implants! Here's what some doctors say about cheek implant removal. Here's more info on that. Please keep us posted on what you decide to do. We are here for you!
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Thank you so much Angiemcc. I may remove it recently.( it depends on doctor's schedule) I will updated the information after removal.
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Hi, I am a 32 year old male and I had the exact same procedure done as you 7 months ago. I feel exactly the same way as you do. The swelling took months and months to go down and I now that it has completly gone I feel like the implants are way too large for my face and are very asymetrical. I have avoided photographs all this time, but last weekend I took a picture with two friends and I just looked like a chipmonk trying to smile. The implants have made my face look so fat and not the high cheek bone chiseled masculine look I told the doctor I was looking for. I want to take them out, but I fear also that the implants have created a large pocket that will now sag on my face. I am meeting with my surgeon at the end of the month to try and figure out what to do. I have been so depressed and alone for the past 6 months waiting for the swelling to go down....and now it looks like I will have to go through more surgery to try and rectify this. Have you tried discussing your options with your surgeon?
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hey, thank you for sharing your story with me. I have the same concerns as your, I maybe will removal the implant recently. do you have any email then I can contact with you? or you can send a private massage to me.
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What size implant did you get & was it malar or malar/submalar? Thx
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