30years Old. Going from a 34J to a 34DD - Vancouver, BC

2 weeks until my surgery. Getting really excited...

2 weeks until my surgery. Getting really excited and scared at the same time.
I've been thinking about doing this for years. Have always been big in the chest, but after my daughter was born they just got to big. I have huge back and neck pain.
I've been reading everyone's reviews the last couple of weeks. It's helping me picture the recovery a bit and also helping me put my shopping list together.


Congrats mammabearof1! I'm 5 days post op and feel sooo much lighter! So excited for u (:
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it is the best thing I ever done... they removed like closed of 2.5 lbs (total) and I am feeling so much free :)
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2 week countdown.

So it's exactly 2 weeks away now. Started my shopping of all the things I will need. Would like to thank you lovely ladies for the warm welcome.
I am starting to get nervous about the recovery part of this but I know it's going to be so worth it.
I hate the way they look with out a bra but I took some pictures anyway.


a normal recovery is not awful, see my review for an account
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Hi, you don't live too far from me (I live on Whidbey island). You are going to be so happy when you get this done. The recovery is a process with good and bad days, but each day gets a little better. Have you found a bra and something to wear home after the BR? I found pjs with a zip up top, and my PS had me wear my old bra (took the underwire out). Good luck
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1 more day :)

So tomorrow is the big day!!!! I'm super excited!!! Didn't sleep last night and up early this morning. My house is ready and I think I've got everything I'll need.
I am a little stressed out that there is a school strike going on where I live and that my daughter will be home with me. She'll just be bored to tears lol.
I've read that i need to wait 4 weeks until I can work out. What was like for you lady's??
Anyways I'll post tomorrow when I'm home and on the other side !!!


hi there.. I have got my surgery back in January and for me it was not so bad at all. I mean it is a surgery you still have to be careful... for me the worst thing was because of the liposuction in my armpit it was awful it was sooo painful.. I did sleep a lot but the pain of the incisions for me was not bad at all (I had 2 c-sections before) ... I healed really good and started working out (running only no lifting weight) around 6-7 weeks after.. :)
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They cant tell you your size before hand. A good doctor will fir you proportionate to you body frame. Recovery is not a peice of cake. I got to stay in the hospital for a night on Morphine...thank God!!! You will feel great and then you will feal lousy....LOL I just had mine on 8/15/2014. today is my first day back to work. I really needed a nap on lunch. DOnt take this surgey lightly...it is a major trauma to your body ...so treat yourself like a baby...be gentle...best wishes!! Woohoo...you will be so happy.
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Good luck tomorrow :)
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The other side!

So I'm on the other side!!!!! Still can't believe I did it.
Everything went well and the PS said she took half off. About 2lbseach side.
Had to stay in the city over night though. Had a little scare. I have low blood pressure and it dropped too low in recovery. So they felt the long journey home would be to much.
My pain is ok right now.
Just laying down taking it easy. I really want to see what they look like but I'll wait till Friday for the binder and the gause to come off.
I'll post some pics later. Back to bed I go. :)


Good luck! Don't peek too soon! They'll be wonderful!
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Congratulations!! Happy resting to you!! :)
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Congratulations so exciting! (:
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One week later :)

So it's been a week. I'm really surprised at how well I'm doing.
Pain level has been good. Nothing to crazy. I get tired very fast. I'm still quite swollen and hard. Went to the clinic and had a nurse do my dressing change. She said they look great. I asked her to take a picture for me. I think they look beautiful.
I go in to the city on Thursday to see my PS.
Had my first shower today. That was amazing.
They only thing I really had a hard time with was having a bowel movement. It took me 5 days and a lot of help :(. Not something I wish to do again.
I will update again after I seem PS.
Oh can not wait till I can sleep on my stomach.


Wow! Perfect proportion and super shape! Congrats - rest up, you look fab xxx
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Congratulations! You look like you're doing great. I live in Vancouver as well and am just researching surgeons now. Can I ask who was yours? Did you pay or go the MSP route? I'm so ready to be rid of these big boobs!! Thanks and best wishes!
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you do look beautiful!!! I am always urging people to drink prune juice post op to prevent constipation, that can be the worst part of the early post op days, getting off painkillers also helps get things back to normal. I slept on my side at 17 days and stomach at 3 months, but the 5 pillow back sleeping method was much more comfortable and successful than i could ever have imagined
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I have a question.

So tonight I took the tape off the bottom incision because it was falling off. It seems a scam came off with it. Now I have a tiny hole that is bleeding. Is that normal??
Also had some greenish yellowish drainage. Is that normal as well.


You look great! Happy healing
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Hi sorry just saw your comment. I saw Jane sproul. I thought she was amazing. I've read a lot of bad reviews when it comes to her bed side manner. I didn't find that at all. But she is a straight to the point and no hand holding type. If you come prepared with your questions she answer them. Msp paid for mine.

4weeks post op:)

4weeks and feeling good!!!! Still swollen on the outsides of my breasts. I am mostly all closed up exept on spot on the T incision on the right breast. Still very tired. Not back to full time work yet. I did think I would of bounced back a little faster but I guess my body still needs the rest.


you look fabulous I have four weeks to go
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looks like you're healing great.. you look awesome!
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