Want Them Out! - Vancouver, BC - 3 weeks implant free

I had silicone implants inserted in 1990. I was 22...

I had silicone implants inserted in 1990. I was 22 and and a was left with a small A cup after nursing my 2 children. I told the dr that did the surgery I was not looking to become huge or anything but just wanted " my " breasts back. When the surgery was finished I was a full B. I was alright with that for a year and then started hating the hardness in my breasts! I talked it over with the dr and he suggested to give it more time, which I did. Well 22 years later, 2 more kids and several pounds heavier, I am now a full C and hate it. My breasts hurt, especially the right one. And they are hard.
I found this site and found it very helpful - I am terrified of the outcome! But after hearing of everyones experiences and looking at the pictures that have been posted - has given me courage. I have a consult booked with a dr in Richmond BC but can't get in until August 6th - that seems like forever. I had hoped to have them out before that. I would love to hear of any recommendations for the Vancouver BC area.

Sorry you have to wait until August for your first consult. Maybe you could ask to be put on a waiting list in case anyone cancels and something opens up.

I'm glad you found RealSelf, too and hope you find the site to be a great source of support and information for you as you embark on this journey.


I am seriously thinking of going to Washington...

I am seriously thinking of going to Washington State ( Seattle ) for a quicker explant. Funny how I have thought about it for so many years, and now that I have made up my mind- I want them out now!I have been asked to be put on a cancellation list.
Hi, did you have your removal done, or are you still waiting?
Hi breezy123, i am due for explant the 4th sept, i know what you mean about when you feel so definite about something you want it to happen there and then. I was so not sure about what i was doing until i found this site and now i have never felt so positive and happy with my decision, it is like a huge weight has been lifted. Good luck with all your planning. When do you think you will have the op?

My surgery date is April 15.. I am so excited to...

My surgery date is April 15.. I am so excited to get them out! I have decided to just have the removal, no lift like suggested. I guess this gives me a bit of time to find bras and such. How long do the drains usually stay in?

34 days to go.. any idea of how much recovery time...

34 days to go.. any idea of how much recovery time before going back to work? I have been told it varies on each patient, but am looking for an idea.
Hello Darling Lady, I had the explant and lift. I am very glad that I did the lift because my breast look like they are 18 years old. It was not that painful and my drains stayed in for 2 weeks. The drains were wonderful because all of the bruising and swelling fluids have an exit, which makes for faster healing. I was on Arnica Montana 30x and Bromelaine for natural homeopathic healing support. Wonderful results from them. These herbs help heal 30% faster from what I have read. The lift is expensive so if it's the money part I understand. From what I have read on the site it is important to wear the sports bras while the tissues heal. If you have any questions please feel free to write me and my pictures are posted for your veiwing pleasure. haha. Have a wonderful day. ttBirdie

20 days and counting :) Thank you to everyone here...

20 days and counting :) Thank you to everyone here. Everyone is so helpful and it is appreciated. I was advised to book 10 days off ( yikes) so I will be doing that shortly. I am going shopping this weekend to find a comfortable bra to sleep in for the first few weeks.
The R breast is so painfully hard it has been waking me up every night. I am looking forward to being able to sleep again!
Congratulations...you must be getting excited. Hope you will post some before and after pics..It's such a help to all of us. I go for my removal on 8th May so meantime am looking at everyone's experiences. Best wishes and huggzz xx
You are going to feel wonderful. Counting the days for you and wishing you the most amazing outcome.
Woo hoo! You're getting so close, breezy. May your surgery go smoothly and your recovery go quickly. Can't wait to hear how you're doing!

Well the day is finally here - removal is tomorrow...

Well the day is finally here - removal is tomorrow morning! Kinda freaking out tonight. What will the breasts look like after 23 years of abuse? Yikes!
My husband is so supportive, I am blessed. He has been keeping me calm these last few days.
Thank you to all you lovely ladies for your posts, and picture sharing. I could not have done this without you. Talk to you from the other side :) Wish me luck...
You are now in the plastic free zone :) I hope your resting, driniking lots of water and day dreaming about your New Old Self. Looking forward to reading your post and cheering you on as you heal. Soft Warm Healing Hugs
I hope your surgery went well today!! Take it easy and get lots of rest!

Day 2 of implant freedom! I have drains in, but...

Day 2 of implant freedom! I have drains in, but see the nurse about removing them today. Soreness where the CC had ridden up - even the PS was shocked at how hard it had gotten. Man I am glad that is over. Now just need to rest and heal. Looking down, I do not see much there but time will tell. I am not too worried. It is a wonderful feeling to have the hardness gone. I will try and post a few pics in a few days.
Ah that's wonderful news...glad you are well..looking forward to the pics..:) huggzz xx

Day 3 - still have the drains( for a couple of...

Day 3 - still have the drains( for a couple of more days) , but am definitely feeling better today. Stopped the pain meds yesterday afternoon. Who knew you could feel this good so soon after surgery. I had a peak when the nurse was doing a dressing change - not much to see..lol. Will definitely want the fluff fairy to pay me a visit!
So glad to hear that you are feeling good. It just gets better and better. Your boobies will fluff. Maybe the body feels that gap and tries to make up for it in time. I never thought I would end up a little Bcup. The truth is health is so much more precious than implants. Did you order a good compression bra? Big Hugsxxx
Hi Birdie -The bra they told me to use is the Marena Comfort Wear. It is comfortable, not sure how good the compression is tho. Do you recommend one?
Hi Breezy, The two compression bras that I really like are the Marena comfort wear bra style #B2-3436-H and also the ''Isavela'' model # BR02-MD-BE I picked the styles with the 2''band because I like the extra support, but the also have a 1''band for a lighter feel and look. The isavela cost me 22.50 on ebay and the Marena cost me 44.00 on Amazon.com. They have excellent compression because of the high elasticity in the fabric it's a F5 surgical fabric. When you get your bra hand wash in cold water and drip dry. You don't want to reck the elasticity by the use of heat. Hope this helps you. :)

Day 4 - drains came out today :) feels great! I...

Day 4 - drains came out today :) feels great! I recommend taking something an hour before you go for the removal to help! What a difference now, the breasts are still sore but much more comfortable. The pinching feeling is gone. Now it is just the swelling and the healing of the incisions. Still getting lots of rest, husband won't let me do anything ( love that man) but tomorrow my goal is to get moving at least slowly and begin life as the new " old " me. I am so happy I had them removed.
Good Recommendation with taking something before they remove the tubes. It was a very weird sensation indeed. Great that you have a good man watching over you. Mine turned on me in my hour of need. Well, he's history now. Back to you....You will really start seeing some healing now. You are Free Baby!!!
Congratulations for getting the drains out, breezy! Sounds like you will be much more comfortable now and I would guess your sleep will improve as well!! How fortunate you are to have such a loving and supportive husband. Take care & don't overdo it!

Day 7 - wow, can hardly believe it has been a week...

Day 7 - wow, can hardly believe it has been a week already! Other than some pain around the incision area, and numbness where I am still swollen, it is good...I don't understand why it took me so long to do this. Each day is better than the last. I see the PS tomorrow to see how things are going :) I am loving the new " old" me. just a side note - currently the left nipple looks lifeless but I will not panic yet. There is still a lot of swelling going on.
sorry to hear about that man of yours, be thankful he history. When did you stop wearing the compression bra? This wearing a bra 24/7 is getting to me!
Hi Breezy, I am so thankful he is history. I really got exhausted with his negative moody self. I won't put up with a mean guy or person ever again. Life is too precious. I am still wearing my compression bra and I'll sleep in my walmart cheapy that is a little less constrictive. At times if I have a tummy ache or something I'll take it off and just breath for half the day. It all depends. I have to wear the compression bra because I do so much physical work all day long. I bought some arnica message oil and I've been using that to rub my boobies and it feels so wonderful and I love the earth smell of it. How are you doing? I'll check out your page again. Big Big Hug
I was able to roll over onto my side last, the first time since in a week. It felt so good! You must be getting excited with your surgery date next month :)

Day 8 - I am SO glad these implants are out! I saw...

Day 8 - I am SO glad these implants are out! I saw the PS today. The left nipple is being " squished" from all the scar tissue. She told me when she opened the breast up, it had leaked silicone into my tissues. She had a lot of scraping and tissue removal to do to get all the "crystals" out. No wonder why that side is more uncomfortable. Good news is I can start massaging it when it is comfortable for me and she feels it should soften up. The nurse in the recovery told me that there was no leakage and all was good :( I can move up to a big girl bra in a another week! Nothing with wire tho. I am going shopping this weekend!
yeh and it would be really helpful to girlies pre and post explant if you could put pics up xxxx
Hi great to hear all is ok xxx thanks for sharing and letting us know you are ok xxx
It would be great if you could post before and afters...c'mon you can do it!! It really helps us all to compare notes and photos... Huggz and best wishes to you xx

Lol - I have been taking pictures but my computer...

lol - I have been taking pictures but my computer is full and I can't load them on!! I will see what I can do this week...
Today is now 2 weeks and couldn't be happier to be free of the implants. I had mentioned earlier about the left nipple being " squashed " in scar tissue. It hasn't gotten any better so I figure I will have this the issue long term.... my husband says the poor thing just went through so much trauma, to stop worrying about it. I laugh and say I am not worried about it. I am starting to massage now and hopefully it will soften up. For all you ladies out there contemplating removing - don't wait. The junk that is inside you is very unhealthy. I wish I had not waited so long, might not have had the leakage if I had.

Sorry it took so long for the pics - you can see...

Sorry it took so long for the pics - you can see the left nipple is still having issues but they feel wonderful without the implants. The only thing that is sore really is the incision and the scar tissue in the left breast.
Congratulations, breezy! You still have great volume! Give your hubby a high five from me. Love those supportive partners! :-) You might want to look into ultrasound therapy if that scar tissue still bothers you later on. It was helpful for me. :-)
You are coming along nicely! The first 6 weeks are the hardest and it takes time for your body to heal. Congrats on joining the club :)
You look so much better without implants. Things will continue to get better. Congrats...so happy for you
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