I'm over the Wall...- Now, it has been one year....Vancouver, BC

21 years of these awful implants -hard and painful...

21 years of these awful implants -hard and painful so after a health scare (mammagram showed a mass -ultimately, everything okay), I had them removed.

My PS indicated my CC was close to a 3. April 12 was the day. PS did not want to do a lift.

It was tough since apparently, the right implant had ruptured even though the mammagram said it was okay! I'm so happy they were removed since before any health issues, I was o embarrassed to hug people because of my hard implants.

It now has been 8 days. Must say, the second day was the worse for me but after that, things get so much better. Also, I thought I would be way flatter and even though I haven't gained any weight (pre-implants) my breast are no larger. The PS indicated it's very common to have breast change. Now, the fluff fairy may add a wee bit more, I will be happy.


I may have re posted ?? Sorry if so.. Just nervous energies and excitement!
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Thank you so MUCH! I will be asking about the Arnica pills, just another wonderful deal with this site, so we can hear of other ways to help and not be totally blind going into something. I too sometimes go into my closet and try to find items, whether it be Sports Bras, or Camisoles, to flatten out these fake very hard Boobs! I used to be so active with working out! The last few years it hurts to much with these suckers to do much of anything, walking. At 53 years of age, I need alittle more then just walking. I miss the days of jogging and no pain. Yoga moves, that I can do with out the boobs hurting and just looking like Hard mountains. I shared with my Esthetician last week what I was about to embark on. Ive known her two years! I had to share with someone other then my Husband I have now! Lucky for me, he is not into big bowling ball boobs either. Anyway, the young gal was horrified at my tale, and said she was considering doing Implants because of being small chested. Also, she pointed out a few in the Salon, that have Implants and are still young and in the, LOOK AT ME AND MY BIG BOOBS stage. I never really had that stage, but know it now all to well. ANYWAY, I am so thankful, this gal said she would never have implants after hearing the truth and that some things can go wrong and they are not in for life! They do not last! SO.. thanks again girls!! Prayers to you explanting this week!! Power of the mind, see it, feel it and know you will be beautiful !! I truly believe in that! :)
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I hear you on the wearing sports bras and Camisoles to feel flat again? Really is telling how we truly see our Big filled out hard Cups..Same as others on here, Id love to be more active in my Work outs, but find I am not able to move with these suckers in! Like weights on my Chest! When I lay down flat, they are hard as a rock? Never had that before, so I know something is horribly wrong. I went into the re visit of Implants thinking, well, I am over 50, if these last 20 more years I will be OLDER and I can figure out what to do then. Never did I think I would have this kind of Complications and misery! I am not sure on the Armica pills, but will for sure be asking that question. Thank you! Just another wonderful deal on here to attain information so we are not so blind going into this. Thanks!
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18 days post explant and it has been an experience...

18 days post explant and it has been an experience. I'm getting stronger but still get tired in the evening. My breasts are healing; however, sometimes they just feel sore (especially at the incision). Also, notice, at times "pings" in breast -especially the left one which is strange since I have had most of the work done the right breast for removing scar built up.

Can sleep, at times, on my side but still aware of my breasts -quite sensitive still. Is this normal?


Mine were really sensitive until week 5 and totally can relate to the "pings". Congrats on the removal and you look really good!
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My tiredness lasted about 3 weeks total - obviously it was worst at the beginning and got better over time. My breasts were having zingers here and there for a month. I am at 7 weeks PO and boobs feel pretty normal now, but every few days I still will get a random momentary throbbing or zinging for what seems like no reason. I did notice the end of a dissolvable stitch fell out after my shower yesterday, so obviously things must still be going on in those boobs. I think it's all normal and just takes time for the discomforts to completely heal.
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I wasn't comfy sleeping on stomach or sides until about 5-6 weeks post op. Tenderness lasted a while. Plan on getting used to the pings and zaps, etc. They might stick around for a bit. They are good healing signs, nerves coming back to life! They might seem smaller as the swelling goes away, but you look fantastic! Are all the lumps gone now? Cheers to hugging your little ones without those tennis balls in the way! :-)
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9 weeks since explant

Well, hard to believe it has been 9 weeks. I'm working out again and it feels great; though, the "jumping jacks"still make me feel tender.

So, when I first started out, my breast were quite "full", then, they seem to shrink ("noooooo....) but lately, I notice they seem to be gaining more fullness. In addition, my left was quite smaller now it seems to be "catching up". I don't know if they will shrink again. Is that it or will the "fluff fairy" make a visit?

My scars are healing nicely and in a slightly padded bra, I'm very comfortable and no one seems to notice my smaller size. I just wish I did the explant sooner. I love hugging -- who knew???

Even though things are going great, I do note that if I hit my breast by accident, still tender. Is this normal?


Van girl, were yours silicone? They look so good natural! I'm getting mine out July 2nd and I'm really hoping for an outcome like yours.
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Hi Ajduck. Mine were "Dow corning silicone/saline gel implant", I think. It has been so long ago. To say I was freaked out to have the explant surgery was an understatement; however, it's so true but you relly will feel better without having those fake balls on your chest. I'm actually very surprised that my natural breasts are so perky -worried that the implants would have made them saggy but not the case. I can't remember if the implants were put over or under the muscle and I don't know if that impacts the ultimate outcome. Worst part of explant surgery? Waiting for the surgery -I guess when you make the decision to explant, just want it to be over with. Best of luck. Keep us posted.
You look amazing! Big congratulations :)) I am about 14 weeks post-op and feel basically normal. Massage makes them "tender" but it is also hard for me to remember how sensitive natural breasts were after so many years with implants (the implants made me lose sensation in different areas from the weight and pressure damaging nerves and tissues). So, I don't know if the extra "tenderness" when I am handling them is normal boobs, or still a little bit of post-op sensitivity. But, I am ok to wear a normal bra and go about my day (no more super-compression etc) so I consider myself healed. I won't consider my results 'final' until 6+ months :)
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14 weeks and it's all good....

Well, as the title suggested, 14 weeks since explant and my only regret was that I didn't do this procedure sooner.

I am healing nicely. No longer need to wear 2 sports bra to work-out -no longer super-tender. Enjoying wearing t-shirts and tank tops. My "go-to" bra is the Genie bra -slight lift and slight padding. So comfortable.

I think some fluffing is happening? Not sure but no longer as obsessed. My left was much smaller for a while but it's catching up...

Anyone thinking of this surgery, it's so nice to exercise and hug without hard fake rocks.


You look awesome! I can't wait til I get to work out again. How long did you wait? I'm running and power-walking at 3 wks post-op. But, I'm still pretty tender and sore so I'm afraid to lift weights yet.
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I waited until about 3-4 weeks before I could work-out but that was with 2 sports bra since anything bouncy was too painful; in addition, you always know when your body doesn't like a certain movement so I always modified during my work-outs
Thanks for letting us know your still seeing improvements and so happy with your decision to remove them. I'm only a week post removal and am totally happy with the decision too. Its nice to know that continued improvements are seen for months afterwards. You look great, and you feel even better!
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Over the Wall 12 months later and loving it...

Well, it has been a year since I had these awful hard implants removed and it has been quite the year.

I have thrilled with my "new breasts". I love that I can hug my children and really really hug them - no hard beach balls in the wall. I love the softness of my natural breast and while I don't judge women with implants, I think they are so unattractive. Fake looking the way they jut out.

I didn't have a lift and I was so worried that after 21 years of implants, my breasts would be awful but they are quite perky in spite of what I have put them through. I don't have any visible scars (much to the surprise of my doctor) and my normal bra of choice is a Genie bra - gives some shape but still reflects "me". On the odd occasion where I want to "va-voom" it, I put on a push-up and it fills out very nicely.

This journey has been very interesting. My first pictures, my breasts, were, in hindsight, somewhat swollen because around the 6th week, I seem to have been shrinking ("nooooo) but I think then it filled out again. Any gals going through that "roller-coaster" of wondering what your breasts may look like, you do have to give it time.

In addition, before I had my implants, I was quite flat but after the removal, my breasts seem to have gotten bigger since they were not this size before the implants. Perhaps if any young women are thinking of implants, your breasts do change.

Thanks for this site. It really has provided so much information.


....stitches dissolve. Go back in 2 weeks to see Dr.
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Had the Drains removed this morning,one hurt more then the other. Left breast is a bit numb. Does the numbness go away? Implants didn't rupture after 23 years but had a capsule that was all cleaned out. I'm glad the stiches
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Wow! What a difference 12 months make! You looked great from day one. I am 6 hours post op. Dying to see how they look. Didn't get wrapped in an ace bandage just a tight bra. What kind of bra is the one with the zipper?
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