Botox for Reducing Masseter Muscle Made Me Look Jowly - Vancouver, BC

I'm forty-one and had my square jawline...

I'm forty-one and had my square jawline slimmed with two botox injections appts spaced a month apart. As with all the botox I've had, it was very effective. The trouble is, the loss of volume there made me look jowly. I have, in effect paid good money to look older! Beware of this treatment if you are over forty or have some skin laxity in your face already!


Bumping this... I have had the same thing happen! Jowls on both sides and half of my smile doesn't work. How is your recovery going? All back to normal now?
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Hi kkgirl and true2type, How are you both going now? I've had the same thing happen to me!! My once well-defined jaw and face is now jowly after masseter botox, and my smile is crooked. I'm only 32 and was really happy with my face before this, just wanted to stop grinding my teeth, but now I look 10 years older and not at all like myself :( I am so depressed :( I had botox 6 weeks ago (my 3rd treatment), and I'm wondering if/when I will go back to normal...
I did get my face back. I think anywhere in the 4-5 month range though it started looking better after 3 months. My face didn't change so much as it was my expression which changed. It is amazing how changing your appearance by mere millimeters can result in such a drastic difference. My close friends and family knew immediately something was "off" and i felt like people who only knew me superficially just looked at me strangely. I started covering my face when I smiled and I actually had buck teeth and drooled a bit when I laughed. Honestly, I was horrified and SO upset with myself. I am an attractive woman; I've seen pictures of people who's looks have been terribly distorted by fooling around with plastic surgery in general. I'm hoping I can let myself age a bit more gracefully. Why do you think you have permanent damage? How has your face changed? Do you think the botox froze your muscles and then you lost some kind of muscle memory in your expression? Is that even possible and can you speak to a Plastic Surgeon about this? If this happens, maybe there can be a "fix" of sorts.
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