I Have No Pretty Eyes Anymore. Left with Puffy..drooping Lids. - Vancouver, BC

I m in great depression. Having my engagement...

I m in great depression.
Having my engagement shoot in may and I did this stupid decision to have dysport injected in my forehead two weeks ago.
I had a really small amount according to my Ps...he said 5 unit in total, 3 injections to my forehead.
One day after I saw the results immediately. Inner corner of my eyebrows are frozen. And it made my eyelids really heavy.... especially on my left eye.the double eyelids gone. Left with excessive skin. And the inner eyebrow won't move at all left me with stupid tired and angry face. I look v ugly now.

I cut my bang to cover most of my eyes now and wear cap to everywhere I go .

Anyone.... share my feeling????? and tell Me what can I do??


Hi again. I just reviewed the litersture again and csnnot find sny evidence that hypericum or magnesium would in some way reverse the effect sooner. But mag is good for you anyway, we never get enough via our diets; hypericum is used in Europe as an antidepressant and has a lot of lierature supporting its efficacy for that indication. Also used for Parkinson's. I can't see how it would hurt as long as you are not taking any meds that would interact. Sheryl Clark MD
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I myself haven't tried either just said I read what other ppl have tried. We need help, it's ruining faces, bodies, and lives. Everyone keeps saying it must be something else. The one common denominator is Dysport/Botox. It isn't anything else. Ty for posting!
Miniton not sure how long u have to wait but when my one eye was way higher than the other it's was like that for months.
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30 days after... and it won't get any better...

It's after 30 days now... every morning I woke, I would expected some changes... unfortunately... it doesn't change at all. My medial brow won't move a tiny bit.. I still look so much like a Spock and weirdo. The bangs won't help much while I am taking photos.....

Anyone can tell me how long it gonna wear off or is it going to be like that forever...???


nothing changed

I have no improvement after 45 days.
Life is like hell and I cry everyday blaming myself being so stupid.

Can anyone tell me, if it's going to fade? or it will just like that forever? like a Spock????

any plastic surgery I can do now????


As I wrote earlier, a little Botox in the right places can actually help!
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Thanks Dr.Sheryl. I was too timid to have another injection done..... so injection to the right place will make me heal faster? or it will bring the lateral brow down? Cos the medial brow won't move a bit and I am having the hoody eyebrow already, so I am Wondering will the injection to the outer eyebrow make my eyes even smaller?
And if I leave it the way it is now, will it back to normal soon?

it's been 14 weeks

And nothing changed....
Any doctor can help me through this????????
How can I contact dusport and complain about this?????


By the way-pharmacist told me could take a yr before its completely out of your body. So anyone considering plastic surgery- give yourself a year. Read studies that it really never leaves the body. They have found this poison on ppl's feet, finger nails, the brain. Really nice they don't tell you this in the office. Oh you'll be fine. I did it, Dr's wife did it, Dr did it. Well guess what I'm not fine! I'm suffering, my kids our, my family is. Constant battle to get up in the morning. Depression has sunk in. Battle to look at my new face everyday! Avoid mirrors! Functions! And more! It's a nightmare!!! Sick of it!
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Dr Sheryl D Clark Very good explanation and great suggestions. I hope she will follow up that can be the answer she so much needed. Thank you for your knowledgeable advise.
You are welcome, ana bella. I have recently posted a video on just this topic where I describe this with illustrations. The injection of Botox is truly an art, and requires a very experienced physician who has studied the anatomy carefully and had lots of experience. I have been doing this for more than twenty years, but just attended a workshop where we dissected a head to examine the anatomy at the Cosmetic Boot Camp in Aspen -- you should never stop learning. http://www.realself.com/video/5-questions-to-ask-before-choosing-your-botox-injector
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