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After loosing 20 lbs after second pregnancy and...

After loosing 20 lbs after second pregnancy and especially lipo on my back area, my back looks very bulgy & uneven caused by loose skin. I had a full TT done in 2011 with lipo and now I am ready to have this procedure done to make my body look proportioned. I hate it that I still have to worry about which types of shirts to wear after having a TT done because of my back ! I do aerobics but there has been no affect on the back area.


Photos added.

Has anyone gone through this procedure ?

Well I have been looking online but seems there are not too many people I can find that went through this procedure. Anyone out there that would like to share their experience and results ?? I am really interested to know about how you did afterwards i.e. being able to walk normally, extending your arms to lift things, back to work, etc. and how you feel about the scar. My doctor says two weeks off work is good. I work in an office. I also do filing so not sure I will be able at that point. Question is if two weeks WILL REALLY BE enough time ?! So all these things are running through my mind even though I trust my doctor, but sometimes it helps to talk to people that actually went through it too ! My preop is December 13th. . . yikes. . . Friday LOL !!

Had my postop Friday December 13th

So once again we reviewed what will be done. Dr. Kerluke explained how he will be getting rid of the extra skin and doing his best to make it nice and even and remove as much as he can. He says there is a limit, which I can totally understand. I was happy and comfortable with it so I signed the consent form and did the rest of the surgical forms and payment! I am to stop blood thinners two weeks preop and start to take Vitamin C everyday starting the two weeks before. I'll have to stop my B12 because it has Ginseng in it and your supposed to stop anything with Ginseng two weeks before. Not a biggie. I have to fill my prescriptions I believe one was a painkiller and the other was antibiotic if I can remember correctly and bring them with me to the hospital. No surgery time yet until day prior ! Really exited to get this over with . . . I'm booked on January 22 !!

2 weeks preop

woo hoo !!!! Lets get the party started LOL !

I was just thinking, I forgot to mention to the doc about the slight excess / loose skin just below my armpit (on the back but on the side near the armpit), which when I put on a bra, also gives a bulgy look ! I'm pretty sure this would also be tightened but I dont know for sure. Hmmmm....questions, questions LOL !

Loose skin around the scapular / shoulder blade area

So I got my question answered today. The doc said when he makes the excision at the mid back, he will pull the skin down from the top and pull it up from the bottom to create an even, smooth look; but again, said there is only so much he can remove or pull the skin, which I totally understand. So. . . no more questions now !! Yay !!

Day before

Well I am to be at the Surgical Centre at 10:30 am. My surgery will be at 12noon and its booked for 2 hours. I should be discharged at 3pm, depending on how I do after having the anesthetic of course ! Feeling excited ! Only questions I have are how to move around afterwards. i.e. changing my clothes considering one has to move the arms up and how to sleep too. That might be a hard one for me I think. . . . Wish me luck everyone and say a prayer for me !!!!

2 days postop (NOTE: error made above "Had my POSTOP Friday December 13th" Should be PREOP ! )

So I had my surgery two days ago ! My pain has never been no more than 3-4 at the most out of 10. I'm so glad its finally over and now the healing process begins. I felt nauseated and threw up twice when I got home. My mouth and throat felt extremely dry. I drank lots of water. Today I am getting some burning. I have been taking pain med's just to be on the safe side every four to six hours the first day and half then yesterday I didnt take it for 8 or 9 hours then decided before going to bed to take 1 just in case. I hate being on it because it makes me feel "weird" and dizzy and kinda sick. So from today, I am gonna see how far I can go without it. Regarding range of motion: nurse said dont put your hands up above your shoulders. Also regarding sleeping: sleep on the back with head lifted slightly up. This has prob been the most difficult part for me. My neck and shoulders are sore because of the sleeping position. I was given two ice packs and was told to ice the back area for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for 72 hours, but I havent been doing it that much . . maybe every few hours. . it really feels nice though ! I am to see the PS next Friday. I have no idea what it looks like back there but I sure am excited to see it :-) !!! He said he put glue and I think stitches too and then on top he taped this white type of thick bandage.

Stitches Removed Yesterday

Even though the tape is still on and I cant see the scar, I can tell you that my back is wayyyyy smoother and my curves look a lot better from the back now AND my shirts that I wouldnt wear before (tighter), looks wayyyy better on me now !!! I'm EXTREMELY happy !! Pictures will follow shortly :-)


6 Weeks Postop - Pictures included !!

Today was my 2nd postop. I am sooooo happy I got to see the whole thing because he took off the whole tape and said to take a bit of a break from it then put it back on; which I am thinking I'll do before going to bed. I am really, really happy that my scar is a lot thinner and lighter than I thought it would be. Of course there is still swelling higher up mid back and the ends (towards the bottom on the sides) are a little more darker because this area took a little longer to heal, BUT I dont even care !! In my eyes, he did a really good job and I am loving wearing all my cute tops again !! I went shopping this past weekend for new tops and lemme tell ya, I was really luvin it !! He gave me this silicone type of gel to apply twice a day. He says it will help with the scar. He also said that scar can be stretched up to two-to-three months so be careful (then after that usually the scar doesnt spread/stretch). He gave me the okay to do aerobics but I think I'll wait for another month or so because I dont want to take ANY chances and also I'm going to Mexico on April 1st and said to protect the skin with SPF plus try to use the tape if possible, which I dont have a problem doing since in the water, I will be wearing a tankini. Regarding massages (I get them done regularly), wait for another month or so because this could cause stretching of the scar.

Quick update

Before I forget, I want to post that this week is the first time since having the procedure that wearing my bra did NOT irritate the incision area. (didnt start to wear my bra till 2 weeks after surgery). I'm sooooo happy :-) I LOVE HAVING A SMOOTH BACK !! Now I feel my back area fits with the rest of my body.
Vancouver Plastic Surgeon

Preop: Takes the time to listen, not rushing. Gives me his suggestions and opinion to make my result the best it can get. Postop: This doc sure knows what he's doing !!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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I had this done yesterday - I had a similar look to you. I hope it works well and thank you for your review.
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Hey hon, Bet you are all ready for your vacation! How exciting!!! Have tons of fun. I'm just getting over a bad cold & will be posting updated pics.
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Hey there :) Your results looks amazing ! I'm planning on having this surgery done in the fall and you are right - not much info out there on this. So I'm curious about the arm pit bulge you mentioned when you had a bra on? Did this surgery help with that as well? I have that problem BIG TIME. Just had an arm lift (and tummy tuck) the end of January. I was hoping some of that under arm bulge would be taken care of with the arm lift but nope. As soon as a bra is on there it is !!
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Hey there ! Thanks so much ! Lets put it this way . . . I see enough improvement that it doesnt bother me no more :-)
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Well id take thAt ! Lol thanks ! I'm so scared to go back in for more . This recovery is taking longer than I thought. Was this harder than your tummy tuck?
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Wow I just saw your pics you look great !! You must be soooo happy and thrilled with the results! To answer your question . . . NO WAY it was NOT harder to recover from this compared to the TT. . . not even close !!! In fact, it was sooooo much easier than I ever throught it would be. I didnt really feel any "pain". Just every so often some burning sensations here and there, which lasted for few seconds and basically just being careful not to lift your arms too high up. The itching drove me crazy for a good week but all in all I had a pretty good experience. I did have some vomiting after the surgery, which was the worst part for me.
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Thank you very much - I'm happy so far . My "mons" needs a revision but I'm very happy with the tummy tuck . But my arms are still a struggle . My left arm still won't loosen up and the muscles are so tight and sore from my elbow down to my wrist . It's freaking me out. How long until you were lifting your arms up again with out too much pain ? And when you did start lifting your arms did you feel restricted from any tightness ?
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I actually had pretty good range of motion. I was able to lift my arm up (from the beginning) up to shoulder length. I would say above that, like above shoulders . . . around at 3 weeks. I did have a couple of instances when I was before 2 weeks I had to reach for something in the cupboard (I prob shouldnt have) but it was all ok. I mean, I had stitches, the tape and I dont know what you call it but something else taped on top of that (which was removed at 2 weeks) so I was pretty secure. Still, you shouldnt really lift your arms above your shoulder I was told for at least a couple weeks. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask !
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Thanks for all the info! Info have another question though! lol I read on some surgeons definition of the bra line back lift that patients get a "slight upper buttocks lift" as well when they do this procedure . Is this true for you? I should've gotten the all around tummy tuck because I have a lot of looseness in my lower back too but nothing like my upper back. My surgeon didn't seem like this was possible. Im considering having consults with surgeons that more so specialize in weight loss boys contouring for this surgery. I love my current surgeon but I just want to get the most out of this surgery . I don't think he does many of these back lifts
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I didnt get even the slightest upper butt lift ha ha . . what the heck darn PS . . . ha ha . . no but I can see how one would get this . . . I guess it depends on what needs to be done on the back (how much skin excised, etc). I do, however see on the sides of my body or lateral part of my body that it has a much improved contour. . . before I could see a fold (if looking from front view) . . a tad bit on the sides. I know what you mean girl about wising the PS did all around tummy tuck because although my tummy is pretty flat, I have this weird thing going on just past my incision line from my tummy tuck. . . its really, really obvious when I sit down. . kinda looks like a muffin top even. It feels like stretched skin, no fat (prob from my pregnancies) I am gonna see what I can do about this the next time I see him. (BTW this PS is not the one that performed my TT) I mentioned it to him prior to my back lift and he said because both the top and the bottom would have been tightened it would cause tension to both incisions. He said we can talk about it next visit which isnt until 6 weeks or so. Depends on how much it costs . . . and to convince my husband is another story. I think he's gonna think I have lost my mind this time LOL !! I would go with the PS that specializes more with contouring :-)
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Dang it ! Was hoping for a booty lift ! Lol I do have a lot more hanging skin that you did . My saddle bags are ginormous . I carried so much weight back there for so long. Yeah I'm going to have another consult before I do this next surgery. Thanks girl !
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Wow, our back looks awesome! Bet you can't wait to show it off!
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Thanks ! The results will only get better from here. How are you doing?? Have you taken off the tape on your back yet? I would love to see pics.
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Oops, meant "your"
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On my 7 day post op he removed all tapes just to be replaced by new ones. Have my next post-op in a week maybe then it will be removed. Your back looks awesome -excited for you!!! Just don't forget that SPF in Mexico.
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Thanks so much :-) For sure not forgetting the SPF . . . and the roll of tape is coming along with me too LOL.
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Oh you look gorgeous!!! He did a wonderful job.
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aww thanks :-)
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I am glad it went so well!!!
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Thanks ! I'm really thrilled that my sagging skin is gone !!!
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Oh yes, I know the feeling! Enjoy!!!
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Wowzer !!! look at your transformation !! AMAZING!!
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Awe, thanks so very much. I think Dr. Capella used a magic wand on me.
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I am so happy to hear your surgery went well. I can't wait to see some pics happy healing
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