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To close the gap between the front teeth that i...

To close the gap between the front teeth that i have had all my life!


thanks for sharing! How long is it meant to last?

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My bondings were done around five years ago and have had no problem since then! They look great and I really like my own teeth and do not want to do veneers and i can afford them!

My bondings still look great and i am very happy...

My bondings still look great and i am very happy with my beautiful natural looking teeth.
Maybe someday i will let Dr. Fields do veneers
but at the moment i totally happy with the bondings i have and my own front teeth! He is a great dentist!


Hi....Leah i am sorry but i do not remember quoting a price....i had the gap closed between my upper front teeth with bonding and contured so they would be alike. The bonding is still good to go! I paid around $300 I think for the procedure..and I have insurance through my husband's work, but they see it as a cosmetic procedure and would not pay for it.
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actually i see that i did say $400 and maybe it was.
The point is i am still good to go and it was money well spent. My teeth are big in the front so i would not be a good candidate for non prep veneers and i do not want my teeth DRILLED or taken down to put on veneers which are far more than what i can afford to pay.
Is the price that you quoted including the fees that your insurance provider paid also?
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I have large front teeth with a gap between the upper top teeth. Solutions to close the gap were Invisalign, veneers or bonding....the most inexpensive and reversible was the bonding. Dr. F did a great job and my two top teeth look great! He gave me more than one option to choose from. Later, if i am unhappy with the bonding and would like to have something more permanent and more expensive, i would probably do four veneers to make a beautiful smile

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