47 Yrs Old with 4 Kids Severely Needing a Lift, All over - Valencia, CA

About 18 years ago I was approved for a breast...

About 18 years ago I was approved for a breast reduction, then I met my husband and decided to wait. After 4 kids and losing 72 lbs I am a bit loose in the skin, to say the least. Now I am really deflated and need a lift. Doctor and office staff feel I won't be happy without implants but I don't want anything foreign in my body. I posted a question with pictures and drs felt I should do the lift first and go from there. I am tending to agree based on my research and the posts I have read from many women having explants. I'm also scheduled for a tummy tuck too. Might do a thigh lift instead. I am genetically a thunder thigh person and since I just have excess skin in the tummy, smoother thighs seem to be more important to me at this time. Can always do this in stages.

Thunder Thighs Will See Another Season

So, I let my PS know that I am not going to do the implants. The thought of all the possible complications scare me and I just don't want something foreign inside me. I'm like the Princess and the Pea, I just have this feeling I will be uncomfortable with them inside me. For Pete's Sake, I don't even wear tampons because I can feel them too.
As for the thighs, Dr feels it's better to work from the top down, lift the girls and suck it in, then later have the stormy thunder thighs taken care of.
Only 8 days away, I start my preop regiment on Friday. Have all my Rx's ready to go. BTW, Kaiser cash price was less than half of what Target wanted.
Tighter body, here I come!

Pre-Op photos

Took them myself, so not so good. They're too close, my arms aren't long enough.

Barely any stage 3 lift pics w/o augmentation

I've had a really hard time finding others with similar breasts as mine that have chosen to lift but not add implants. Ladies, if you are like me, please let me know of your results. I don't have much to go on..

Getting closer

With only 6 more days to go this is getting very real. Stress has me down. Bank account didn't show my transfer so I am below 0, car is in the shop for a rebuilt transmission. Thinking about canceling TT to save some $. So stressed I don't want to get outta bed!

Showered and shaved

Well, I forced myself up and out of bed. I took a shower and shaved my entire nether area, 2 days early but I needed to do something different to get out of my funk. I'll shave again in 2 dates just so it's the right day. Still undecided if I might hold off on TT. I haven't called the office to see if I would lose some $ by postponing part of the surgery. Tata for now.

5 days to go

I got my car back last night, yay! $2800 for transmission and then food shopping for next week so the family can eat while I'm down.
Started the benefiber like dr said, washing with hibiclens, and got my amazon order today, a new bra, silicone scar gel, and healing cream. Even started cleaning stuff out, must be nesting. Monday I start my antibiotics. I'll update then. Thank you for reading and going through my journey with me.

Monday, very busy

Two days to go and took the day to bond with the kids. After their ortho appointment (3 of the 4) in the morning we went to a mantinee nod saw "How to Train your Dragon 2." It was so cute! Then took the kids to color me mine for some ceramic painting and while they were painting I was able to get my eyebrows threaded and got a new hair cut (short, hubby likes it that way.). I still have a few supplies to get. Have to drop my car off again, this time the water pump, but I will be down for the count from driving anyway. I'll try to post gain tomorrow, per surgery day, otherwise I'll update after I get home. Thank you for those who are thinking of me.

Day Before SX

Oh my goodness, what a day. You know the days when you wake up and just know you shouldn't leave the house, and then you get a ticket or in an accident? Today was one of those days, I should've stayed in bed! Silver lining? No ticket, no accident, but everything else was as bad. After doing some last minute stuff this morning, finally got the kids out of the house to take them to Hurricane Harbor, the last hurrah. Let's just say that my car was going to drop dead on me as I dropped the kids off in the front. Long story short, my son's friend's mom followed me to take my car in while the kids were in the park. Finally got there around 2 and had my pre-surgery phone call. Since I was wanting to add fat transfer I had to go back to the PS office before 4 to sign the papers. What? No car! My husband had to leave work early to get me there and then I realized I left my purse in my car, at the car dealer, getting a water pump. Back to the car. Finally home about 5 and still have work to get done. I am just now sitting down to the update (9pm) after I had my final meal (fresh juice I made). Hopefully I won't be sick tomorrow since I had it so late. So, less than 12 hours to go. I have to be at the center at 8:00 am. I'm sure I will not be updating in the morning. Hope to be updating from the flat side.
Have a great evening.

Oh, I took some more before pics today to compare to the after. Can't believe it's tomorrow!

Really tired right now

Yesterday went very well. Dr Lussier is wonderful. He called me the night before to confirm and check on me and answer any last minute questions. The anesthesiologist also called the night before. He remembered me from my sleeve surgery and said the TT and BL are his favorites to do. I went in at 8:00 am and was wushu washy over implants again. He said we will stick to the original plan and can always go back and revise if I don't like how much is left from my lift. In the end he said he was happy there was more than he thought there would be. He said I did really well. I woke up in recovery about 4:00. The surgery was about 5 hours. The only problem was the could not a catheter in me because I have a very small urethra. This became the bane of my existence. Pain is tolerable, no need for Valium or nausea meds. Taking Tylenol with codeine, only 1/3 the dose.

Well as I said, my urethra is very small. I had a lot of trouble peeing. In the end (around midnight) Dr said to go to urgent care to get a pediatric catheter. That's what we did. Off to Kaiser emergency they pretty much took me right away and when they put it in, whoe man, I filled an entire container (1/2 liter+) and more was still coming when I was discharged. I think my bladder was so extended that my CG is too big on mr now. Didn't get to bed until about 3 am but was actually able to sleep without feeling like I had to pee ALL the time.

Here are some pics ignore the catheter bag. LOL

Feeling so much better

Wow, just the time to the afternoon makes a huge difference. I put some ice on my face and near left breast. The ice pack cold does not make it through the CG and gauze on my stomach. If I don't get up or use my stomach muscles I feel almost normal. I only have one bothersome spot on the side of my left breast. Later hubby will check the dressings. Tomorrow I have a post-op appt. at the PS. He sounds very optimistic on the phone. I'll see if hubby will take pics when he changes the dressings. I don't even know what I look like. LOL.

2 days post

It's 6:30 am and I kept waking up last night. The CG seem to be squeezing the life out of me. They are pressing on the dressings under that cover my incisions. My face is still extremely swollen. How long does it take for the swelling the go down? I've been putting ice packs on through the night. A picture of my swollen face, this time I got some of the marker off.

Post-op day 2

Had a post-op appt this morning with PS, I was checked over and everything is looking great. The healing is already coming along well. Dr left the catheter in feeling I should follow up with my primary Dr and he should refer me to urology. Now I can connect the dots why I have to pee so often and why I only "tinkle" when I go. It seems I have a strictured (?) urethra and it will need to be fixed through surgery. Back to my mommy make over... I asked the doctor if he put saline implants in because the shape of my breasts were so beautiful, he said no, we can't do anything without your permission. I was shocked at how amazing my lift came out. I guess I did have enough tissue. Dr Lussier is amazing, no wonder he has been voted #1 by the people of Santa Clarita for the last two years. My tummy scar looks absolutely outstanding. When the nurse changed the tape it was so thin. The only really noticeable thing was the color of the sutures. My hubby took a picture that I will post when he sends it to me. The swelling in my face continues to get better, even better now that I got most of the marker off my skin. If I wear glasses the bruising is not noticeable. I can't say how happy I was today at my appt. I was all smiles. They pain is even bearable with my meds that I'm not even taking at full strength.

So back to the bothersome catheter, we called my primary while at the PS this morning. He didn't get back to me until after 4:00. Of course by then on a Friday night urology won't be able to see me. I asked about when I should get the catheter out and his solution was there is always urgent care if I have a problem. Like what? Are you kidding me? Though it was convienent to only get up when it was full, I can't walk around with a pee bag on my leg for a week. So... I looked it up on the internet and read how to remove it and did it my self. One less tube coming out of my nether region... Of course.... I do have to get up more often to pee.

Guess what, my PS is calling me right now to see how I am doing.

My first full view

These are pictures my wonderful hubby took of me before surgery and today. I guess there will have to be a bit of training of the tissue on one breast, they are really just squished in two compression garments right now. Can't wait until I get to really see what they will look like.
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

So far everyone in the office is amazing. I had gastric sleeve surgery in the same surgical center with a different doctor so I know the care here is amazing.

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Poor thing, looks like you and Mike Tyson went a few rounds! Lol! It took my smile lines about a week to calm down from swelling!
  • Reply
Face looks even better now. I put ice on it last night. If I wear glasses the bruising is hidden. LOL
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I am praying for a quick recovery for you! I hope everything goes well and you feel better soon.
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Thank you so much! It seems to be helping, I already feel a lot better than even this morning.
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Yay, it is done! Now, happy healing!!!
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Awww, I can't imagine how uncomfortable you were with the catheter issues! I am so glad you got that taken care of, rest up!
  • Reply
Thank you, did you have one after surgery? I hadn't read about it for anyone. I had no idea it could be difficult to pee, everyone talks about the constipation. I am SO much more comfortable now. Just taking my pain meds and antibiotics now. It's not that bad unless I use my stomach muscles. Take care, have a wonderful day!
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So glad to hear you are well and healing. Get that rest! Hugs
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Thank you so much!
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Thanks for sharing your story and hope all went well today.
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Thank you, everything went great!
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Praying for you to have a safe and successful surgery!!! Sorry about your bad day!
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I have my consultaion with Dr. Marc Luccier in Valencia this Thursday I'm very excited and nervous at the same time...
  • Reply
How was your consultation? I love that office!
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Thank you for all your information, I wish you an fast healing process, and you'll be in my prayers... Blessing and prayers... Rest and relax...update us with pics once you feel better...
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Thank you for the blessings and prayers. I know they helped. Everyone at Dr Lussier's is so sweet and patient with you. I even too pictures with Diana and Bree.
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Oh what a day!! Disaster before peace!! Best wishes tomorrow!
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Thank you for the wished, it sure helped!
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I was just thinking about you! Oh my goodness that sounds like quite a frantic day, not what you would have hoped for pre surgery. You are almost there now, looking forward to hearing that you are recovering. You will do great! Best wishes!
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Thank you for you thoughts. Sx went great, even had the fat transfer to my face at the same sx. I'm very happy. Can't wait to see under the garments.
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Hope your recovering well today. Cute hair!
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Thank you so much. I love how easy short hair is ;)
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Adorable haircut, it really suits you! I am sure you are so ready to be on the other side, you are almost there!!
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Aww, thank you so much. My hubby likes it, it makes me feel lighter too. So close to sx, can't wait. Hoping to get fat transfers in my face too.
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