Second Day After Fraxel - Still Red and Swollen - Valencia, CA

Had Fraxel Dual on Friday afternoon -- writing...

Had Fraxel Dual on Friday afternoon -- writing this on Sunday morning. Dr. used only 1550 as I don't have much discoloration so he went after wrinkles. He used pretty high intensity (think he said #8), and told me that I'd probably be pretty swollen. Hope it's better tomorrow, since I have to go to work!

I'd put the discomfort level during the procedure at about a 6 overall. It got pretty intense during the 4th passes, especially over the lip and between eyebrows. The dr. said he was surprised at how well I tolerated it. For the first hour afterward I felt like I had a terrible sunburn. Since then, my face has just been red and swollen. Starting to feel a bit sandpapery today, and I've been loading up with mild face lotion as instructed.

I can't rate my satisfaction level yet, since I'm still in healing mode. Will post updates as I go along. Note on price: Package of 4 sessions - $3200. This was first of 4 treatments. Second is scheduled for Jan. 4.

Monday, Dec. 3 -- My face is less swollen today,...

Monday, Dec. 3 -- My face is less swollen today, very rough and is starting to flake. Color is kind of a reddish-brown. I think that the advertized two-day healing process is overly optimistic - maybe because of the intensity used on me.

I had to go to work today, so I found an unoccupied office to hide out in as much as possible. The few people that saw me didn't say anything about my appearance, probably out of politeness. No one there knows I had the procedure.

I hope that the skin will start sloughing off tomorrow in the shower so I can wear make up soon! Would look ridiculous if I treid to wear any foundation in the condition it's in now.

By the way, I'm in my early 50's -- forgot to mention that in my first post.

Dec. 4 -- Swelling is mostly gone except for...

Dec. 4 -- Swelling is mostly gone except for eyelids and under eyes. Most of the dead skin peeled away between yesterday and today when I washed my face -- just a bit of crustiness left on the bridge of my nose and on my cheeks near rthe hairline. My skin is very pink now, but feels good. I have had no issues with blistering or bleeding whatsoever.

As of today, the fine lines around my eyes are completely gone. When I smile, they are not there. I realize it's early though, so I'm cautiously optmisitc. Don't see much, if any, improvement around lips but I didn't expect to - especially after only one treatment. I know these will be the toughest.

Posting another progress pic, although I don't know these are very useful since I'm using my iphone camera and they're not very clear. Hopefully you'll be able to notice the improvement in the swelling at least.

Thank you for posting your review:)

Keep us up to date as you go through the series of treatments.  Would love to hear how you are doing and if you are loving the results.  

Yes probably not a good idea to put makeup on any of your face right now.  Let it heal.


Dec. 8 -- It's been one week and one day since my...

Dec. 8 -- It's been one week and one day since my first Fraxel treatment. Finally, redness is gone! Still flaking a little, and applying moisturizer 3x/day. Here are the changes between my last post on Dec. 4 and today:

My face was very red until yesterday morning. Lots of comments/concerns from people at work about this -- ugh. I tried foundation makeup, and it kind of caked up over the flakes -- not pretty.

On to results so far --- Fine lines on my cheeks (aka dimple lines) that appeared to be gone when I last posted are back somewhat, but definitely less apparent. I was probably still a littly puffy then. Orbital lines (longish curved fine lines originating at eye corners) are all but gone. Love this!! Lip lines may be a little less apparent, but not much. As I mentioned before, I didn't expect much help in this area, but hoping for some improvement after running the course of the 4 treatments.

I'm considering asking the dr. to ease up a bit on intensity next month, as I can't take 3 days off work for this, and getting to a presentable state takes 5 days minimum -- period. I felt very awkward and uncomfortable with my appearance until yesterday. I'm not posting a photo today because I'm a little sick with a cold, and it wouldn't do justice. Will post one in a couple of days.

Hi. I had fraxel six years ago and ave been delighted with the results I went for a top up yesterday and my skin mirrors exactly how you described yours was the day following the procedure. I am hoping that just one top up session will be all I need to get back to how my skin looked up until 5.5 years post fraxel. It was still a hundred times fresher than it had ever been when I decided to have a top up but I have a big event coming up. How do ou feel about your results now? I can't find anything after Dec on your blog. K
Ok Kelly. Thank for your answer. I Will Read your blog.
Hi Kelly. What did happen to you?
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