3 Weeks After - Valencia, CA

Glad to get implant's out. Was really scared...

Glad to get implant's out. Was really scared of outcome. Went for it... When I did this 20 years ago. I went to the dr and told him I was just messing around. Unless you get a cancel today I am not doing this. Well the phone rang. He said we got a cancel from a girl with a cold. And away I went. Downstairs to draw blood. Home for a check. Next day I was in. "CRAZY" That Dr. picked the size and where He would cut. Nipple. Perfect Job. Just what the heck..BIG BIG Ones. Really scared me BAD. Even my husband could not believe it. In time they settled. Ok they were just perfect. Now for the bad part. I lost the feeling in my nipple. My back never hurt till I got implants. Oh and hard to sleep with. Cant hug my husband like next to me.Lets face it ...FAKE and kinda Hard...So on my way I went. I wanted these out before I had a problem. Why push my Luck? I just had to do it for me. Yes I was scared. In my mind I did not care how bad I would look. I had to get these out now. I am 57 years old. I just know that it would get harder to pull threw as I age. Plus getting it now while I can still heal maybe half way OK. I am So happy to share my Picture taken by my husband 3 weeks. Still they might change ? I dont know. For all of you that shared THANK YOU. Ellen

Is there a website for this ps I am eager to get mine and I like ur results...where was your incision the first time?
Hi thali11....I felt just like you are. I was not happy at all. I cryed the day I got the implants. Way to Big. I waited 20 before I removed. I was cut when I had them put in and when I had them removed. If you have any questions I will answer them for you. First incision was the nipples. Second incision was under the implant. I would say why wait if you are that unhappy? I never in 20 years was happy with what I had done. Only happy to get those implants out and happy I did not have any problems in that time I had them. Hugs and Love, Ellen
Oh and one more thing. I myself would not have the cut in the same place I had them put in. It was the docter who picked where to cut. I am gald He did not cut in the same place. The place I had them taken out is in Valencia, Ca. It is near magic mountain. I think that is about approx 45 min from you. The price was good and that is how I picked him. Course I did look up his reviews to make sure He was good. What kind of price are the docters giving you? Plus I know how you feel to get it over with. Again How I felt. It did take approx 30 days to get it done from him. Love, Ellen
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Very Happy He removed from under the breast. His pick. I priced around and felt price was fair. The whole team took care of me. Plus He was not the one who put them in. My first time there. I am never going back again. Done with that . Maybe I will go back for his pictures??? I was a large C...Started with a little a cup "if that" After over 20 years of implants. Here is the 3 week picture.

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