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So I have been up and down with weight. Now I have...

So I have been up and down with weight. Now I have managed to keep a steady 155lbs but all the skin just makes me sad and insecure about my body. I am so excited, scared, nervous and have anxiety! I know this will be worth it, oh yea im getting boobs too! Ha that I am very excited for because I am seriously under developed! =( Anyways I got for my pre op on April 18th! More posts to come as it gets closer to surgery date. I will add some photos soon too!

you will be fine! you must be excited! good luck & keep us posted!
Hello Brit S.. Good for you. I know all the emotions your are feeling as I am feeling them as well.. I go in for my TT on May 4th... OMG.. Best of luck
It's so close! Good luck to you!

Went to my pre op today. I got a fairly goof idea...

Went to my pre op today. I got a fairly goof idea of what my breasts are going to look like and a little bit of my stomache. Those 3D pictures are really shocking. Its like whoa i have boobs! Just imagine how I am going to feel when I actually have them! I really wish my husband could be here for my surgery but on the flip side I am kind of glad he won't see me a mess! Ok so I have been reading horror stories about smokers and tummy tuck surgeries. Anyone have any bad results? I know everyone is different. I have been smoking maybe 3 years on and off and I quit for about 2 months then started up again and just quit again today. Literally 2 weeks pre operation. I workout I eat healthy but I just have a hard time with quitting the cigerettes. I hope everything will be ok with my surgery and there won't be any complications during or after. I am really glad I quit and can finally say I am done with cigerettes. Its not worth it.

1 more week and 2 days until my surgery. AHH!!! I...

1 more week and 2 days until my surgery. AHH!!! I am so nervous but so excited I really can't wait for this to be over already. I have been thinking about the surgery non stop and stressing out and I am breaking out on my face =( ...I have this irritating pimple on my chin right below my lip that its causing swelling. Errrr!

1 day left omggggg I'm so excited. I cannot wait...

1 day left omggggg I'm so excited. I cannot wait til I have that flat sexy tummy and boobs! Ha
Saying a prayer for you and your surgeon.

Ok it's a little after 1am on saturday morning so...

Ok it's a little after 1am on saturday morning so technically post op day 3. If feels like I have been in this rediculous Tummy wrap for weeks. My tummy itches where the top of the wrap and bottom of bra meet I keep pulling it up a little to breathe loll its the best relief ever. Oh my poor mom I bet she feels like she taking care of a baby again.. Luckily she went through the same thing so she understands and isn't complaining. S no BM :( just gas lol sorry jjust trying to be as descriptive as possible for other future tummy tuck patients... It's because of the damn pain meds... I don't really need them for the pain it's not painful just really annoying which makes it hard for me to sleep at night. It also helps relieve the anxiety. I'm constantly worrying about if I messed something up with the tubes if there linked at all or if I'm positioned right. One of my tubes has a clot in it which is causing it to leak and my tummy wrap looks like Bloodshed (it's not that bad) lol but there is blood stained in a significant amount of area...I have a appt at 1045 YESSS! I am excited for this because they going to take off wrap and bra so I will be able breathe and just let it hang... I'm scared and excited to take a shower I just really don't want to pass out ok well Valium is kickn in I'm passing out.. Good luck to all you future TT patients it's wellll worth it and not that painful goodnight :)

Post op day 4 or three idk if counting from day of...

Post op day 4 or three idk if counting from day of surgery or day after... Anyways my doc appt went fabulous today I got my drains taken out of my boobs they are looks big and fabulous. It felt so sooooooo WEIRD getting the tubes out of my boobs omg it made me laugh at the same time light headed. My mom was in the room she looked like she was going to pass out haha. I can only imagine what it's going to feel like when my tubes come out of my tummy Eeek! :/ so moving on I had my first shower today it's felt AMAZING! :) I really feel lucky I have not had that much pain really it's just annoying with the tubes and a tiny burning sensation on my insicion sight but comes and goes definitely not constant. Monday I have another doc appt hopefully I get the drains in my tummy out but kind of doubtful. I'm mad cinco de mayo today I really wanted a fat margarita :)) I guess I'll just have to celebrate later haha. Happy healing to those who went through tummy tuck and good luck to those gettin ready! it's a total breeze! I will post pictures tomorrow :D
I will definitely give that a try thank you for the tip :) I bought dulcalax I took one but I don't feel like I even have to go so it kind of was a waste. I've just been gasy lol
I have tried this during my 3 day liver detox and it does help you go. mix 1/2cup apple juice with 1 tablespoon EACH of psyllum husk and aloe vera juice. the husk is soluble fiber which helps you to go and the other has plant compounds that soothe inflammation and promote good tummy bacteria. Glad you are doing ok. Healthy and happy healing!!

Omg I finally had BM after 5 days and I cannot...

Omg I finally had BM after 5 days and I cannot tell you how painful/amazing it felt.. I know TMI but seriously. :)) im a happy person now. The other thing I had my first Starbucks vanilla iced coffee since last Monday can you believe that I went a whole damn week without them things Ahh headache free :) oh and hopefully today I will get my tube(s) taken out of my tummy there not really draining they are but it's like yellow fluid now not so much blood. :)) and swelling in my back is gone yay. Ok also for those of you who had BA my right boob is like making the squishy fart like sound it's really funny it doesn't hurt just annoying when I lift my right arm my mom told
Me its probably an air pocket and to massage it. Other than that I'm sailing through this pretty easily. Oh my so last night I took a Percocet and a Valium thinking I was taking my antiobiodic yea no I was knocked out I slept til 845 lol I won't be doing that again I actually decided to get rid of percocet and
Just take Valium at night if I can't sleep. I'm starting to stand up straight again my lower back is so tight from being slumped over ugh but I can only stand straight for a few mins then it starts to burn so I'll slowly work my way by the end of week. I have such a straight back and always sit up straight with my shoulders back so this is really annoying be hunched over. I can't wait to get back to the gym too omg i stepped on the scale I weigh 164 before surgery I was 157 WTF :( I know it's my damn boobs and the little bit of swelling I still have o well I just can't wait til my hubby comes home from Korea and we can start weight lifting again!!! I hate having flabby arms ... Ok enough bitching lol on the road to my doc appt :))
I will post photos tomorrow I took
Some but they look terrible I figure I will wait til last drain comes out thank GOD it comes out tomorrow. :)) squishy sound went away yay it was making me laughing which was making my stomach hurt haha. My left boob has 600cc and my right has 550cc I asked to be at least a D cup the problem was I was so small and had barely any skin to stretch so I hope when they drop completely it rounds out and I get that tear drop shape...btw YAY for BMs that don't hurt hahaha
wow we DO have very similar body structures! lol i cant wait to see new pics! you look great now and im sure your results are amazing!
PS: your boobs weigh clsoe to a lb each so that is part of your weight. How many CC's did you get in each one? i got 475 in right and 525 in left and they are about a lb each. and water weight is a bitch! I gained 20 after surgery and lost 15 since then. im still not where i am supposed to be so just be patient. stay away from the evil scale! lol the squishy sound in your boob is normal. It is air and fluid and wil go away as the swelling goes down and they settle. They will settle a lot!

PSS: congrats on the BM, I know how that feels! Go read my post about my Bm like PO day 2 or 3. I had to "Help" myself crap so I of the horrors BM's can bring lmao

Eek.. i need to start posting my progress more......

Eek.. i need to start posting my progress more... so today is po week 1 and two days woooott!!! I cannot wait to hit that two week mark.. better yet how about the six week when i won't have to wear this girdle anymore or bra haha.. its almost summer and hot and I am jealous everyone gets to wear cute stuff.. o well its only a matter of tiime before I get to wear even cuter stuff.. Anyways I am feeling pretty good for only being a week out I am officially standing up straight my boobs are dropping fairly fast except the left one... dammit :/ They are starting to form that round bottom below the nipple oh also my nipples are in the right direction.. my ps was afraid since i have such a long chest with pretty much no boobs/skin my nipple would point down and said he might have to do a little lift on them in the months to come.. well thank God they are in the right place I really did not want him to mess with my nipples I love them the perfect size haha. No more drains in my tummy he took the last one out on wednesday and told me lowwww sodium and lots of water otherwise he was going to have to stick needles in my tummy to drain any fluid..ahhh yea I won't go through that.. Also a lot of people said the tubes hurt or felt like worms being removed idk if its the tubes he used were just small but I was closing my eyes and kept saying this is gonna hurt i know it and he laughed and said I'm done.. yea i felt dumb and my mom kept laughing. however when those tubes caim out of my boobies man it was wierd/pain/and uncomfortable altogether.. Ok time to do some school work... talk to you ladies later happy healing. :D

Almost 14 days post op and feeling fairly good....

Almost 14 days post op and feeling fairly good. Today is
Post op day 12 A couple days ago I hit that depressing point I just sat around all day and took like 3 naps I had my doc appt earlier that morning at 8am and I had to drive myself it SUCKED and was so uncomfortable but I
Managed. My ps thought I had a little bit of fluid so he numbed my tummy and stuck this long needle in and nothing was sucked out so I asked no fluid? He said Nope just swollen well that was a relief to hear but my tummy was 10xx more numb now and I feel personally like there is some fluid build up my mom
Agreed and when I started reading about how doctors need to do it
Several times sometimes to find where the fluid is that made me more freaked out. I fit into my black slacks for my interview today and the scale says 2lbs lighter so hopefully I'm healing well. I have another appt tomorrow for my two week mark so I'm going to see if he can double check on the fluid thing I read some docs have to use ultrasound to find the fluid so I hope that's not the case I hate being a paranoid pain. On the other note my boobs are looking fantastic I am so happy with the size and shape of them. I just can't wait til I don't have to wear this bra its straps are huge and hard to cover my brother asked me why I had like four t shirts on I had to explain to him what it was. not a fun convo to have with your brother lol awkward. Anyways happy healing to all those TT ladies!

OH how i loveeee the swelling at the end of the...

OH how i loveeee the swelling at the end of the day... i had to rant about this... this is normal correct? i assume it is because your up and walking around all day and the fluid needs somewhere to go...ive read some people have been putting scar gel and silicone wraps on their scars at only 12 days post opp.. i thought you had to wait longer.. i will be asking my doc appt this tomorrow... the sooner i can start getting rid of the scar the happier ill be... ive notice its starting to drop a little too im assuming as swelling subsides the scar lowers to the bikini line? Because right now you can see it if i wear a swim suit. :(((

PO Day 13: ok so just got home from my doctors...

PO Day 13:

ok so just got home from my doctors appt... he found the fluid! YESSS! He drained a lot in my opinion he said it was only little bit but that fluid filled up two of those seringe sucker things lol... and he told me it takes about three times to get it all out so i have another appt on thursday to see if there is in fact more.. i feel like 10 lbs lighter as soon as he drained the fluid.. it was a feeling like if you had to pee really bad and were holding it for a long time and finally went that relieved pressure omg it was amazing! haha i still feel like there is a little bit more its funny/weird as soon as he drained it my tummy went flat right away i knew i wasn't crazy... tomorrow will be two weeks post opp which means only 4 MORE WEEKS and i dont have to wear this damn itchy garmet during the day wooot! ughh reality hits friday back to work too... dammit i really just want to not work the rest of the summer. lol yea right

2 weeks po: not much has changed from yesterday...

2 weeks po: not much has changed from yesterday still swollen especially on my hips :( looks like huge love handles I really am missing the gym sigh
Doc appt again tomorrow to drain more fluid :/ I'm glad it's not painful just really annoying my pubic area doesn't look so puffy anymore so that's good news :)

Last I updated was at two weeks po. It's now 18...

Last I updated was at two weeks po. It's now 18 days po doing pretty good no more fluid accumulation yayyy! I was told I can get back in gym by end of this week my incisions look really good you can't even see the ones under my boobs from the BA they look like a cat scratch my belly button has a little blister on it but is healing good and my incision looks like its dropped a little lower I'm
Assuming cuz swelling went down some my hips still look like love handles my doc is a perfectionist so he said in 6months he's going to go back in and do a little bit more lipo on my stomach above my belly button and little bit on my flanks hopefully it's that slim lipo and not traditional I hear the down time for the slim lipo is maybe 2 days... Well I'll post some more pics by end of week after the three week mark. I just got back from the lake and I'm drained from the heat so I'm off to bed early. Goodnight all happy healing!

Tomorrow will be three week post op! =) got the ok...

Tomorrow will be three week post op! =) got the ok to get back in the gym at the end of this week pretty excited about that. everything going pretty well i am just reallllly really itchy from this bender now i think cuz its dry outside and the swelling is subsiding.. anyways ill update on thursday i have another doc appt prob last one for couple more weeks yess finally cuz im tired of driving an hour everytime i have appt

Go slow when you return to the gym.  Remember if something hurts STOP and modify the move.  Don't over do it and cause any harm to yourself.


Today is 3 weeks and 2 days po: Feeling pretty...

Today is 3 weeks and 2 days po:

Feeling pretty good. I went to the gym this morning at 630 am and i felt great. I only worked out for 30mins though on the eliptical I got tired pretty quickly. I have new photos i will post later!
You look great! I'll be going to the same surgeon for my TT, would you mind if I emailed you a few questions about your experience? Thanks and congratulations again!

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since I had surgery! I...

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks since I had surgery! I cannot believe how fast time flew. I have my 4 week po appt on thursday and hopefully everything looks well and my doc gives me the ok to not have to wear this itchy hot body garmet anymore. Ive been going to the gym and so far no problems yay! I know I have to take it easy and slow but since I didn't have the muscle repair I really want to start working out my abs again... My ps told me I have strongs abs but since its been 4 weeks since i have done sit ups i feel like my tummy is flabby. OMG heres another thing to vent about I started my period today and Im super bloated. Yea so uncomfortable and now that i have a flat tummy you can actually see the bloating and this garmet is tight on me from bloating and i cant fit any of my pants =( back to the sweats for the next 5 days yay me! My left hip also seems more swollen then my right.. I am so happy I had this procedure done but man sometimes the swelling irritates me but i definitely look a lot better than before... happy healing everyone!

You are looking good girlie!


Today is 4 WEEKS! woo hoo! Happy Heeling everyone!

Today is 4 WEEKS! woo hoo! Happy Heeling everyone!
Thank you! :)
No I don't mind at all :) dr. Klink is awesome!

Well everything went well at my 4 week checkup...

Well everything went well at my 4 week checkup sadly I have to wear this lovely garment one more week! Blah its probably best to anyways keep the swelling down good news though no more tape on my incisions now I get to start scar gel :)

SERIOUSLY! It must be possible to gain 6 pounds...

SERIOUSLY! It must be possible to gain 6 pounds when your on your period.. Saturday i weighed in at 159 now one week later i weigh 165. Im going to pull my hair out and i feel so bloated! =( AHHHHHH its one of those damn days

I hated the bloat!!   It will go down.  Just drink lots of water and stay away from any foods high in sodium.


Almost 5 weeks! Woot woot! So still wearing the...

Almost 5 weeks! Woot woot! So still wearing the lovely garment I hate this thing but I love it at the same time. Today I started my new job and I knew I wasn't going to be doing much but paper work so I decided to not wear my garment to try out how I feel :/ no good after 3 hours of pretty much sitting I could feel my start to swell ugh also I was feeling kind of lightheaded and just not with it totally. Has anyone else experienced this after not wearing the garment? I figure it's because all my blood is flowing a lot and that is why and the compression wasn't on my stomach man as soon as I got home I couldn't have been happier to put the ugly thing back on but now that the pressure is back on my tummy I feel nauseous so I'm laying down with a cold rag on my neck. My scar is looking ok it's pretty red some spots it's lightened and flat but most of it is raised I think I'm going to buy the silicone cream anyone know of one that works well? This mederma cream is ok but I feel like others are seeing a difference by day 3 and I'm on day 4 and it really doesn't look too different
You're not alone. Even in the shower without my garment I start to get very light headed too. I agree it's probably all the free blood flow. My doctor said not to take off my garment until 8 weeks is well see. As for the scar stuff I've been hearing a lot of good things about the scar gel and the tape but I'm still too early to try myself so I can't be positive.
Thank you! :)
you look great! :D

6 weeks tomorrow man I worked my first 8 hour...

6 weeks tomorrow man I worked my first 8 hour shift at the new job on my feet all day :/ very VERY swollen doc told me I didn't have to wear compression garment anymore except when I work out well I didn't wear it all day at work today and i feel terrible swollen and achy all over :( not my best moment dammit hope your all doin well!
ill have look online for it.. yes even though i hate wearing the garment ive decided to wear it on days i work and at night and when i work and only take it off if im going out somewhere like to dinner... thats what i hate most the straps are noticeable and you have to wear them otherwise the garment starts to roll down ughhh lol i cant wait til the next 6 months is over i just want my swollen love handles to go away! ;)

Well today is 6 weeks and 1 day I feel great about...

Well today is 6 weeks and 1 day I feel great about my physical appearance I love my tummy and my breast but my main problem is an overall ill/anxiety feeling I don't know how to explain it.. It's almost like depression mixed with flu symptoms and almost constant headaches I had mild anxiety before but it pretty much settled I did a lot of breathing techniques and yoga to help me out maybe it's coming back? Or maybe my body is sending all my energy to my tummy and boobs to help repair them ugh idk does anyone else have this feeling? I made a doctor appt with my reg doctor for tomorrow to get everything checked out I tend to worry a lot and read up on stuff which makes me freak even more! Well other then that time is flying and every day swelling goes down more I've decided screw it I'm gonna wear the garment pretty much 24/7 for another two weeks hopefully it makes me more hourglass shaped by wearing it ;) happy healing ladies
Hey hows it going? I haven't sent a comment to you in a while. I'm glad to see that you're happy with your results. I agree though, I get randomly depressed all the time (sometimes for no reason). Anyways how is the yoga going? When did you offically start doing yoga? I want to get back into mine but Im not sure when to start. Well I'm glad to see your okay. Make sure to update your pics so we can see!
Hi :) From what I'm reading the anxiety is really common. I think I'll be in your shoes when I have my procedure done. Have you talked to dr Klink about it? I dont know how you feel about medication but I've read about some people here getting Xanax for that. How are your workouts going are you able to exercise at full capacity yet?

Ok irritation is setting in every pair of pants I...

Ok irritation is setting in every pair of pants I wear fit me but I have lovely love handles hanging over and it's not a little it's very noticeable :( i don't get it I know my ps said he may have to go back in to do some more lipo on my hips he said he barely did any during surgery so now I'm starting to think its not so much swelling on my hips but fat. I've been on low carb diet and low sodium and working out I'm even doing abs but my awesome handles just want to stick around even when I sit I have a roll over my pants in very irritated about this I see my doctor on the 28th so I definitely have some
Questions. Hope everyone is doing well!
I'll take some pics when I get off work an post them there is still a little bit of swelling on my lower stomach I am kind of wishing I had him do lipo on my back a little bit but we
Can't be perfect it's not a huge deal I'm just super impatient and want to wear my size 7 shorty shorts that I bought with my swimsuit and it just doesn't look too attractive lol
Oh no! That doesn't sound like fun at all. Do you have a pic so we can see these handles? I don't notice them in your after photos, has the swelling gone down everywhere else and just not budging in that spot?

Haven't ubdated in a long time. How is everyone...

Haven't ubdated in a long time. How is everyone doing???

Well its about 4 months and couple weeks post op. Love that my tummy is flat BUT my hips are just driving me INSANE! I am very happy and excited on Nov. 6th a couple months from now my PS is going back in to do more lipo on my hips to fix this problem! =) i am very happy about this because i am so tired of wearing jeans with loose shirts to cover up these damn love handles!
Hey! I too have crazy love handles that he missed .... My tummy is flat but my left hip is a huge handful of skin. It's making me crazy. My right hip is only a little bit but the left is really big. It's really frustrating and he's gonna do a revision in January but I'm dreading it. I wanted to be done with all this ya know? I wonder why he misses this often? My friend had the exact same issue with him BUT everything else looks great! Ugh. Let us know how the revision goes.
I am 5 weeks post op and feel the same about my hips. But my ps never recommended lipo or even suggested that my love handls would be more prominent after the tt. I'm disappointed because of it. Now he says to wait until 6 mos out and we will asses for lipo! I would have rather he extended the incision around the back.

It has been a long time since I posted last. Well...

It has been a long time since I posted last. Well in 2 weeks I am going back in for round 2. Scar revision and lipo revision =D I am so very excited my scar is looking great but my left hip has little bit more skin/scar tissue so he is removing that and also scar is sitting little too high so he is lowering it as much as he can and going back in and doing lipo on my flanks/back. I really appreciate my PS not very many PS will go back and fix any flaws without additional charges he is doing all of this on his own time. I did spend a lot of money so most would say he should but still I am so happy my doc is a perfectionist.

Well today is election day everyone! Also today...

Well today is election day everyone! Also today was my surgery! :) I feel great doped up but great :) he did mainly lipo so I'm burning pretty badly which is normal right?

Day 1 after surgery and I'm feeling good I put 12...

Day 1 after surgery and I'm feeling good I put 12 pounds on from fluid and swelling but just weighed myself and I'm down 7lbs I dont have any drains in so my garmet is pretty soaked with fluid kind of gross lol but anything better then those damn drains not much pain just the burning from the lipo but nothing like I experienced before thank GOD :) I can't take a shower yet or change my garmet so no pics yet but hopefully by the end of th week happy healing all!!!

Day 3 after surgery it's Friday Nov. 9th Well I...

Day 3 after surgery it's Friday Nov. 9th

Well I woke up at 6am to take my antibiotic I could go back to sleep so I decided to work out a little just did some lighting toning on my arms I showered actually did my hair and makeup and decided to bake a cake. I know random but it's cold and rainy so why not :) I drove myself around walked around target for a bit and the grocery store I will say by time I got home I definitely over did myself today I got through making the bundt cake and just sat down on couch o man it felt GREAT haha I felt like I needed to push my body today I've been lazy the past two days. Anyways I'm definitely still significantly swollen especially the pub area :/ sigh lol however I've lost 10 pounds I weigh less then my preop weight so I can't wait to see what I'll weigh when I'm completely heeled :D I drink A LOT of water and tea to help with the swelling sad to say still no Bm (tmi I know ) well I'm gonna take a nap now post later
It could be the way he does the insicion? I've been reading a lot of the reviews on this website and looks like 80% of them develope "dog ears" it usually happens if you don't wear your garment long enough also I think it has to do with skin type. Me I'm a smoker so I knew there may be some tissue buildup/ problems the other thing I read is if your ps doesn't do lipo from the back to get the flanks then the results don't come out how you would expect most ps dont do this because they don't like to flip their patients on the belly/side I just had my revision on Tuesday I'm 3 days post op and I love my tummy and side I can tell difference from the first time and my belly button doesn't look ugly haha also he lowered my scar on my terms just because I wasn't really happy with it but he definitely could have told me no but insted knew that it would make me feel better. I know going in two times is a pain but this time around I took a week off work and now I'm wishing I didn't I was up walking around day 2 and I didn't go home with any drains this recovery is nothing compaired to the first time ;)

Nov. 11th Happy Veterans Day all! =D Well today I...

Nov. 11th Happy Veterans Day all! =D Well today I am 5 days out from surgery. Feeling much better I woke up this morning and it actually didnt hurt/burn to get out of bed. =))))) Can't wait to wear jeans lol thats all i keep thinking and looking at different styles of cute jeans all of mine were too big pre op so lets see how it will be when i can actually wear again. I also measured my waist/hips yesterday and then today and I am two in. down. yesss can't wait for swelling to go down especially the pubic area -_- Happy healing everyone
Hi Brit! I had my revision for the love handles and wow what a difference. Dr klink is the best.

Glad to hear you are doing so well:)

Yeah!!!!!!! Happy healing!
Vacaville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Klink I believe is one of the BEST! It's hard to find a doctor that actually takes the time to get to know you. He is a wonderful doctor and th nurses there are so fantastic I am extremely happy I had such excellent professional staff taking care of me even the receptionists are fabulous.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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