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Just had my revision, and I'm so happy!

I am a mom to two beautiful healthy little girls....

I am a mom to two beautiful healthy little girls. I had them 19 months apart, my first baby was 7 pounds even, very easy pregnancy and birth and my belly bounced back quickly. However, the second baby girl was born at a whoppin' 10 pounds and really did a number on me lol :) She was absolutely worth it though! I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancies but the excess skin really became a problem after my second child was born. I am very active and have lost a good amount of weight (45 pounds since having my youngest daughter). I am now 5'5" and weigh 185. I don't care about being "skinny", what's more important to me is that I'm healthy, strong, and physically fit. However, I don't like feeling droopy and deflated which is where I'm at at this point. I have been mulling over whether or not to go for the TT for a while now, and I feel I have finally met the right doctor to take the plunge with.

I run my own daycare and am a very busy person in general, but thankfully since I am my own boss I can take the necessary amount of time off that I need to be able to go through with this procedure.

My emotions are confusing me right now. I am so excited, yet terrified at the same time! I want this... SO bad. I feel like there is a sexy woman stuck underneath all this flab. I'm tired of lifting my tummy to wash underneath when I'm in the shower, and just the general feeling of it overall. I am also very scared of the painful recovery. My youngest child was a Cesarean baby so I'm hoping the pain won't be too unfamiliar. I have a low pain tolerance though, so I Have a feeling I'll be feeling very whiny and need to be babied a whole lot - lol!

I'm starting to get excited one minute, and...

I'm starting to get excited one minute, and doubtful the next. I see so many women with different shapes and body types, all with excellent results. I'm so confused as to what to expect. How am I going to look? Will it be worth the time and money? I've lost a lot of weight, but I'm not yet at my "ideal weight". However, I am comfortable with my size, just not the lack of shape and hanging skin. What to do? My PS said the weight loss, at this point, won't make enough of a difference, as I carry the majority of my weight in my abdomen and flanks. I'm happy with my legs, and even at my thinnest my arms were always "chubby" so I'm over it. But, I'm wondering if I should be significantly thinner before the surgery. I don't expect a miracle, but I want a figure again, contoured shape, flat tummy. I work out a TON and I'm not concerned about lifestyle changes as I am very active and health conscious. I'm rambling, a lot. LOL. I'm just so anxious. That said, I've been upping my workouts and cutting back on calories. Scale hasn't budged... yet.=\ I just hope I'm making the right decision because, the date is set, I've scheduled my vacation time and my plans are made. I wonder if I will look good! AHHHH i'm so crazy anxious right now :O

Feeling pretty "brave" today. Not as scared as I...

Feeling pretty "brave" today. Not as scared as I felt before, though I'm sure I'll be scared again in a couple weeks lol :) I just keep pulling on my skin trying to imagine what I'll look like. I'm keeping my expectations realistic, but I just don't KNOW what to expect!! I have some concerns and I've been writing down all of my questions to take to my pre op appointment. I'm scheduled to have my pre - op on June 25. I think the part that'll be the worst for me is the compression garment and the drains. I don't like having extra "stuff" on me so I know I'll be mega irritable lol. July, Hurry up!!! :D

Last night I had yet ANOTHER reassurance that I am...

Last night I had yet ANOTHER reassurance that I am ready for this (From a very HONEST source, my 4 year old daughter lol!). She says to me "Mommy, why is your tummy messy and jiggly?? Why does it shake? And why is it Big? MY tummy doesn't shake, can the doctor fix it for you so it could look like mine?" LOL!!!! I need to appreciate her honesty, and she's right, a doctor needs to fix it hahahaha. If only I were so lucky to have a tight, flawless tummy like my little girl :P

I'm freaking out again. What's wrong with me. My...

I'm freaking out again. What's wrong with me. My freak out of the day (FOOTD as I'll call it haha).... is as follows:

One of my biggest pet peeves are Dr's who treat their patients like an after thought. I'm TERRIFIED of waking up after surgery, with no surgeon in sight. I think, that his nurse(s) obviously play a HUGE role and I know that I'll NEED them... but I want the whole package. I want to know that he cares for my well being. Not just another name penciled in his appointment book. This is HUGE to me. Do MOST surgeons not really see you right after surgery ? What's the norm? From what I've read, a lot of patients don't see the surgeon afterward, only at post op appointments. I just want to knw what to expect. Anyone?

Feeling more at ease as the days go by. I would...

Feeling more at ease as the days go by. I would not keep my sanity if it weren't for this site and all of the support from you

Hit a new "low" today ... but it's funny so I'm...

Hit a new "low" today ... but it's funny so I'm able to laugh at myself.

One of my daycare kids said to me "You look like you're going to have a baby!" oh bless her sweet innocent heart, she said it with a smile on her face.... I smiled back but was crying inside. TT hurry up already!

K guys. I'm freaking out again. Had my first TT...

K guys. I'm freaking out again. Had my first TT dream last night.... I slept through my alarm for the surgery and missed it. Got there late and the surgeon was all sweaty and sloppy, there was a dog in the room, and it was filthy. Oh and he had the same name but a completely different face. And then he didn't answer my lat minute questions and just put me to sleep. Lol!!! Talk about anxiety huh!!

K everyone! I just got finished with my pre op....

K everyone! I just got finished with my pre op. pictures taken, BILL PAID IN FULL (omg) and last minute questions asked. Te surgeon told me to stay off the Internet or I'll drive myself crazy lol. It went well, I feel more at ease about my worries. This week I need to go to the lab and also fill the prescriptions! This is getting too real. :o

I feel at ease now... No longer in panic or worry...

I feel at ease now... No longer in panic or worry mode. Just ready. I have almost everything I need, just need to figure out something comfortable to wear the morning of. I just realized my cycle will start 4 days after the surgery, Which is a major bummer. Oh well! Lol ... Let's do this :):):):). Thanks to everyone for your kind words.

I'm ready. Not scared or nervous anymore. :)

I'm ready. Not scared or nervous anymore. :)

Alright ladies. All done. I feel pretty crummy,...

Alright ladies. All done. I feel pretty crummy, drugs don't seem to be doing much. To be honest, what hurts the most right now are my drains (3 of them!). I haven't been able to take a look yet but I am flat!

So today went down a little something like this: I arrived, nurse was ready for me and hubs couldn't go back to prep w me or anything. She was so sweet and warm, how every nurse should be!:). She got me ready, IV, vitals etc. I was given a happy drug (lol), rolled back to the OR and I was OUT. I had been dreaming that I was a dog lol and when they woke me up I said "am I a dog? I'm a beagle?". What?!?! Lol!!!! I think u dreamt that because I have to get my dog fixed soon. Wow they were like "no you're not a dog. You just finished your tummy tuck". Hahaha. Nurse made me as comfy as possible, called my hubby and got me ready to go. I saw the doc briefly, he said he took 4 pounds of skin and tissue off. I wonder how it looks! I have my first post op appointment tomorrow @11. Unfortunately I get nauseous and dizzy every time I stand up:( I've been laying down in my room and my husband has the girls occupied! My sweet little daughter came in (she's 4) and asked if I'm ok, then brought me her favorite teddy bear <3 she's so cute! My hubby has been emptying my drains and keeping my mess coming on schedule. He's a champ!

Trying to get out of bed has been less than fun. I just can't stand without needing to puke :(. I have the nausea patch but it's not doing a thing.

Oh, and these drains hurt like hell! My abs are sore like I did a gazillion sit ups but other than that I'm fine and my emotions are doing well so far. I was not the least bit nervous this morning and nownim pretty happy except for the discomfort.

I'm on my iPad so I can't post pics but I will soon. Can't see much since I'm wearing a garment but tomorrow it'll be taken off and I'll have the hubs take a photo. I can't wait to see!!

Had my first post op appointment today. My tummy...

Had my first post op appointment today. My tummy looks really
Good, scar goes around my hips, but I'm disappointed in the back lipo. Seems like nothing changed, so that has me really bummed Out. Glad the tummy looks beautiful though. I just hate my back fat and it looks like its still there. Doc told me he wants to do additional lipo in a few months to address the back and sides. I was hoping not have to go in more than once but, that's how he wants to do it. I'm ok with it, kinda. Though I Would have much preferred to have my back smoothed out a bit more. He said he didn't want to do TOO much at once and that we'll revisit the lipo once the swelling is gone. Thankfully it won't cost me extra but frankly I don't wanna go into surgery again. Ugh, so I'm happy w the tummy, not so happy with my back. Please tell me it gets better!

Just added some photos. YOu might be able to see...

Just added some photos. YOu might be able to see where I'm bothered about my back fat... Can't wait to get that taken care of :) It's official, I have a LOW pain tolerance. Ouch Ouch Ouch.

Hi Ladies! Today was quite an ordeal. ...

Hi Ladies!

Today was quite an ordeal. Started off good... pain was minimal, etc. Went to my second post of appointment, everything checked out well, changed dressings etc. I was cleared to take a shower so I got ready to take a shower tonight. Well that's when things went down hill. As i took my garment off, my middle drain (I have 3 total) started bleeding a lot. It was dripping all over my floor and down my leg etc. So, thankfully hubby called the DR. and he wanted me to go ahead and come in. I go in, he removes a drain because it was clotted and that's why the bleed was happening. I get sent on my way to go home and finally shower. Well, After the shower (which was amazing by the way!), I could not get my garment on to save my life!!! Hubby and I were struggling to get this thing zipped up!! I started to get extra dizzy and nauseous. But, we REALLY needed to have it on, because for those 15 minutes that I had it off, I blew up like a BALLOON!!! And true "swell hell" kicked in. Good grief that hurt. You ladies weren't kidding! I finally got back into my garment and feel a million times better.

GOOD NEWS IS: I got to see my new body. I LOVE IT!!! :D And, considering it's swollen, it looks amazing I can't wait to see until the swelling goes down. I don't even recognize myself :) :) :)

So I got my period. This....is. Not fun! ...

So I got my period. This....is. Not fun! Trying to figure out how to take care of those needs while taking care of my TT needs has me looking and feeling like a hot mess!! I really need a second garment now, gonna see if I can get another one today at my 3rd post op appointment. Everything else is going well, still no BM though. I would feel great if I could just take a ice big poo (lol! Tmi but it's true!). My tummy doesn't hurt much, just these drains! I also feel really hard and bloated in the tummy area. Like a rock! I need. To drink way more water I guess. Everyday gets easier though:) how's everyone else doing?

Good Afternoon Ladies (and a Gent or two :))...

Good Afternoon Ladies (and a Gent or two :)) Today, I am feeling GREAT. The worst part so far has been the day of and after due to nausea from anesthesia. But as far as pain goes, my C-Section was way worse than this! My PS has been telling me not to get too confident though, lol! I just have the urge to clean my house and vacuum and be the neat freak super mom I am but I am listening to Dr's orders and sitting on my bum resting and taking ocassional walks as directed. I feel absolutely fabulous though. I love my tummy and can't wait until were done to see how i'll really look. I definitely need more lipo on my back and he said we'll be going back and doing more in a couple months, but we need to see how the swelling goes down first. Him and The entire group at his office have been amazing. I have been in every single day for post op check ups. I'm sleeping a ton and my support system is rock solid. I have been able to shower and my wonderful husband has been taking such good care of me and tracking my meds. If I could marry him 1000 times again I would! :D I'm just elated. I haven't regretted this whole experience a single bit. The first night was rough but once I got through that it's been nothing but positivity since. Ok, I can't type much becuase i am sleeeeepy. I am so happy with my body. I feel like my figure "makes sense" now. Ya know? Things are where they belong. I am so very lucky to have found Dr. Klink and I'd do this again in a heartbeat! I'm having some major issues going poo though. I just want to POOP! I've tried apple sauce, walking, water, colace, veggies, nothing :(

Good morning everyone! I'm feeling great and...

Good morning everyone! I'm feeling great and pain is almost non existent at this point. I'm just sore from sleeping so much :). My back fat is really bugging me but I keep reminding myself that the dr acknowledged that we WILL go back in and finish up in a couple months. It is a lot less than before which is good, but just not as much taken out as I anticipated...I keep reminding myself that he said he just didn't feel safe taking out SO much at once, and I can appreciate him putting safety first. As I mentioned earlier I've known some of is prior patients and they all had revisions done to do finishing touches and fees were all inclusive of original cost so that a relief.

Now to my tummy, I am very very pleased!! It's so natural looking and flat. I feel really bloated but good overall :). I am so happy I did this. Oomph and I finally had my first BM!!! Yay for poop! Lol. :) I've been losing my balance a lot, even though I'm not dizzy, so I'll be taking my walker out and about. I think dr is going to remove a drain today.... Let's hope!:). I've only dropped 3 pounds but, I'm also bloated. I can't wait to hit the gym again. I miss it. One day at a time!

The swelling is going down each day and I'm...

The swelling is going down each day and I'm looking better and better. My left hip is uneven with my right, (it was prior to surgery too) so doc is going to re visit that in a few months but at this point it's the least of my worries and hardly noticeable to be honest! I had a false sense of awesomeness and went out two days ago to Ikea and target... Big mistake. I came home looking like the Goodyear blimp lol! I washed my garment an as soon as I got it back on I felt 1000x better. I was skeptic about the purpose of the compression garments but it all makes sense now.

My hubby keeps looking at me with those "rawr you're hot" eyes and I have to keep saying "down boy! Not for another few weeks!" Lol! Sure makes me feel good though :). I have to take some new pics.

I must say I am so please w the incision my PS made. It's super low and straight. Hides so easily. Frankly I didn't originally care because I just wanted the flab gone but, it's bonus! :).

K ladies I hope everyone is doing well. More pics later I promise. I wish they had an iPhone/iPad version of this site lol

OMG everyone, I am officially in the ever famous...

OMG everyone, I am officially in the ever famous "Swell hell". I've been so active (look, I get MAJOR cabin fever easily lol). I've been out and about and going to stores with my hubby (he bought me new cute undies yay!). But, WOW, I feel GIGANTIC. My stomach is killing me and I'm so bloated. I don't know what to do. :( :( :( HEEELLLLLLP ME!!!!

Today I had another follow up. I've been very out...

Today I had another follow up. I've been very out n about BUT with my walker and going slowly. Well, I got an earful from dr. Klink. He didn't like me being so active. I just didn't want to sit around ya know? And as I said before I walked Rey slowly with assistance but today I've been sedentary and taking it easy. I am feeling a little depressed today, though my results are still good. I'm just kind of sad. Not sure why but I hope it goes away :(

I've been resting a lot and I feel so rejuvenated...

I've been resting a lot and I feel so rejuvenated BUT the swelling is making me crazy. My tummy feels huge! Ugh I wish the swelling would go away. I'm 10 days PO now. My best looking day was day 2, but then again I had drains and that's what probably helped to keep swelling down. Gosh I just feel so swollen ! Loaded up on vegetables and water today so let's hope things get better. Please please pleaseeeee.


OH AND AN "LOL MOMENT" THIS MORNING!!! I got on the scale (yes yes bad I know but who can resist) and it said 147.6. I got on and off and on 5 times same weight. I KNEW it was busted because I was 185 day of surgery lol. So hubby replaced batteries and I was 180.5. Damn. Lol. I wish I were 40 pounds lighter overnight! Hahaha. Ok, something worth laughing about :)

Hi everyone. My swelling an bloating is a lot...

Hi everyone. My swelling an bloating is a lot more manageable now. I've been eating veggies and fruit like 90% of my diet and drinking a LOT of strawberry / cucumber / lime water. It's delicious and is really having an amazing detox effect on me. I am drinking more than usual and of course most people don't drink enough so I'm sure I was retaining water from being dehydrated plus the surgery itself. I'm fitting smaller tops, same pants but they fit SO nice now (flat w no muffin top!) and I still need my CG. Maybe it's psychological but I feel too vulnerable without it. I wash it w me in the shower every day and hang it out to dry when I get out so im usually without the CG for 20 minutes or so a day. Also, I'm taking it easy! Very easy. I feel way better. I do have an appointment today but then it's back to my recliner. I have new photos I will post tonight! Hubby saw me pre shower this morning and his first reaction was "wow!!!!". I'm pleased and apparently he is too :). Have a great day everyone!

Alright guys, I've slacked on posting photos...

alright guys, I've slacked on posting photos because 99% of the time I'm on my iPhone and obviously we can't upload that way just YET. :) Here we go. I'm including good and bad days in the pics. Hopefully this will help some of you see/expect/relate that some days you'll look AWESOME and others like you're about to burst. Recovery takes tons of time and keeping still. I was SO not ready to go back to work at the 2 week mark... if you CAN take more time... DO IT. K, here we go ladies and Gents :) Oh, and sorry about seeing my cha cha. It's huge and swollen all of a sudden. Lose the gut, gain a huge ken doll crotch lol! Let's hope that goes away.

OK. My husband is OUT OF COMMISSION for the most...

OK. My husband is OUT OF COMMISSION for the most part... and I'm barely cleared for light activity ........ this week has SUCKED. We got food poisoning yesterday (saturday, PO Day 17), and my house is just destroyed so I got up and cleaned (at a very very slow pace but it had to get done ya know!). Swollen as all hell. I feel like total garbage... I woke up looking SOOO good, and now I look awful. Especially my left hip (the one that is going to be revised in a few months since the doc got it a little crooked and he'll fix it yay). I'm including pics of the swelling. I'm hoping this keeps everyone from feeling discouraged when they get swollen or don't look SUPER FABULOUS because those days will happen. It's only temporary :) I do hate the swelling though! Wowza. I feel like I'm going to burst. Oh, and I'm never eating at McDonalds EVER AGAIN.

Ok everyone! So I am 4 weeks post op.... I feel...

Ok everyone!

So I am 4 weeks post op.... I feel totally normal again, no pain whatsoever, and swelling is typical at the end of the day. I feel great but I'll definitely be getting a revision in about 4-5 months. My left hip bulge is really obvious now that all of my swelling has gone down everywhere else. It's like a big fat roll. Thankfully dr k and I are on the same page and he explained that it would be an easy fix. I still look and feel 1000x better than I did before. Now I'm cleared for light exercise and will be working out starting tonight! I was in a size 16 day of surgery and now I'm in a 12. I can still wear my old bottoms and they don't fall off but they're very baggy & loose. I do feel very wide. ..... W I D E. I'm hoping to shrink on my sides some so that I can be slimmer. Overall, still very happy and I absolutely love my PS. He's conservative BUT he's a perfectionist so I'll take the slow chipping away at the sculpture that he's doing :p. i feel very patient and optimistic. :)

Hi everyone! It's been a while! 6 months out...

Hi everyone! It's been a while! 6 months out from my original surgery, healed perfectly but had major excess skin on the hips causing love handles. I had my revision this past week and I'm so very pleased! Not nearly as much pain and the result is awesome! No drains either yay! Only down side is that my crotch looks so big... Hopefully just swollen ! Considering I don't have drains this time, I'm going to guess its just swelling and fluid. I'm otherwise doing fantastic! I have included an updated photo. The top photo is the night before surgery and the bottom photo is the morning after surgery. Yay for revisions. My PS is amazing and so meticulous! So very pleased!
Vacaville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Klink & his team are top notch. Every little detail is centered around their patients. The nurses there are amazing! So kind and gentle. Everything is fast and smooth. Dr Klink and his staff go above and beyond to make sure you're happy! I can appreciate that as it is very hard to find these days:) There's a reason he has such a good reputation in this area of california!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Great revision results!! Ugh I am having that love handle problem too! And I am not flat like I should be! You look great!!
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Beautiful 6 month results:) I'm a little worried about my love handles looking more pronounced once my stomach gets flat. Guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
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U look great, I also need revision in dec am freaking out is it as bad as 1st time? What did u have done 2nd time round ?
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You look great. I am considering Dr. Klink. How is the aftercare and your results so far?
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Thanks for the update. Results are awesome! He did a great job. Congrats!!
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Thank you! I'm finally completely satisfied and feel so great! :):):).
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Fabulous revision! Did you have alot of expense with your revision ?
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Not at all! My surgeon didn't charge me a dime extra for the revision!!! Hes amazing.
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You look awesome but I'm wondering what did you get done. Did he extended the scar and did lipo to correct the excess skin?
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Yes exactly! He pulled down more skin all the way across, lipo on the hips, and took more skin off. Also lipo on my abdomen and waist.
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You look great! I'm also ready to work out. My doctor gave me permission to walk for mins today so that's what I did after dropping my daughter off to school. It felt great.

Happy Healing Bay Area friend!
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Wow! You're looking great! Don't worry about feeling "wide" right now... I'm going to be 3 months post op (end of the month) and the swelling is almost non-existent! Take care and happy healing!
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Thanks :). I feel good. Whatever I'm not pleased with my surgeon is thankfully on the same page as me. Im just ready to work out now ;) YOU look awesome.
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nice job thanks for sharing
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I hope you are doing fine, I love your pics, I was wondering what garmet you went with? I like the one you have on, my measurements are 46 and 47 in the waist and hips, so I would have to get one made, so it's pretty expensive and I've heard you only wear it for the 1st two weeks, so I bought an additional Binder, I was thinking of getting a Stage 2 but I'm not sure what size and Ive heard people say that you can wear spanx after the 2 to 3 weeks, I'm nervous, I weigh 185 lbs and my surgery is in 2 days, but I thank you for your story.
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Hi! I used a Veronique garment. I love it. It's a stage 1, it's fantastic. Has the side zippers which really help for easy on and off. I am just now out of my garment at 4 weeks post op. I really like the support....to me, it's an absolute must the first month!! :) mood luck you'll do great!!
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Food poisoning? That's terrible! Try to get plenty of rest. I still get those swell days and 4 months post. It's always after exerting myself too much or eating yummy food loaded with sodium. Hope you are feeling better today.
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good to know, I work at my desk all day and I don't have to chase any adults around me LOL so I am hoping that 17 days will be good, it's my biggest worry right now
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love you newest pic! I've been gone on travel all week for work and couldn't access this site on my work computer! love the updates, how was going back to work?
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Thank you! Going back to work after two weeks was a huge mistake. :/. I watch 6 kids 12 hours a day...... And I never get to sit down so it was very demanding to say the least. I think an extra week would've been perfect! Otherwise I'm well!! :):)
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Looking good! Day by day is the best approach. I still get those swell days at 4 months. It depends on what I eat and how active I am. Exerting and higher sodium = swelling everytime. I have the swelling in the pelvis too. It's squishy down there.
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Thank you :). I had a small breakfast burrito from McDonald's this morning in a hurry w the family, huge mistake. My body's been so used to fruits n veggies that it made me want to vomit :/. Not necessarily a bad reaction though, fast food is gross! Lol. Maybe it'll be a blessing in disguise!
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Hey girl just checking in on you to see how you're doing? :) I saw your post on katts wall...I can't believe you going back to work? Is it today? Your a brave women! Take it easy and rest!
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Howdy! I can't believe I'm going back either. Wtf was I thinking?! :/ lol. I feel ok physically but Im still not 100%. I'd love to have my feet up just a few days longer. Unfortunately that's not an option as my husband fractured his foot yesterday!!!! Now, I'm taking care of him lol! My 3 year old daughter says "mommy why do you BOTH have owies
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