It's almost a year pics!

I am a mom of 3 boys and have struggled with how...

I am a mom of 3 boys and have struggled with how my stomach and breasts look after having my children. I have talked with my husband for 10 years about getting a breast augmentation and once we finished having children decided that I also wanted a mini tummy tuck. I can't wait to have a flat stomach and fuller breasts. I love to run and exercise, but there is nothing I can do that will help to tone the excess skin that I have on my tummy or add fullness to my breasts, except padded bras...I can't wait to get rid of those! I am really excited about the end result, but a little scared at the process. Just 2 more days!

A little more about me. I am 5'4" and weigh 110...

A little more about me. I am 5'4" and weigh 110 lbs and am 40 years old. I have struggled with many of the other issues addressed on many of the other blogs, like, Am I being vain?, That's a lot of money!, 6 weeks without running?, Augh!, and my biggest hold up was the breast cancer history in my family. After working through the majority and answering many of those questions for myself, here I am the day before surgery.

So here I am trying to get everything ready. I've done the grocery shopping, am cleaning the house and gathering what I need for tomorrow. The nurse called this morning and said I need loose pants, I don't have any, so I will be hitting the store this afternoon to find a pair of comfy sweats. The nurse also recommends a zip up or button up shirt. I don't have many of these either and had trouble finding anything that's not long sleeve. Oh, well. If I need anything, I will send my husband out shopping. :) Now lets hope I get some sleep tonight!
Good luck!!

Good luck with everything. I hope you love your results. Please report back when you feel up to it!


I had my surgery on Saturday, I wasn't to nervous,...

I had my surgery on Saturday, I wasn't to nervous, just talking to the docs and getting everything prepared. Once it was done and they were sitting me up, I thought, women do this every day? This hurts! I also know this is short lived. Once the medicine kicked in, it was more tolerable. I slept Saturday and most of Sunday. I ate some crackers, ginger ale and water those two days. Thankfully my husband is in the medical field that way I don't have to drain the tubes!

Mondays here and and I am finally hungry to eat something. I am trying prune juice instead of another pill to take, hopefully to soften my stool. I am cutting down on the percocet, pains not bad while I am lying down. I have another appointment tomorrow hoping to get a drain or two out. Will update more then. Meds are kicking in, time to sleep.

Day 2 po. Just thought I'd write a little more...

Day 2 po. Just thought I'd write a little more before my valium kicks in again. Wow does that stuff knock me out. Cant wait till I'm off that! So day 1 po went to the dr and loved seeing my flat stomach again! Whoohoo! My stomach is not so bad unless I am walking around. I have mastered the bathroom pretty well but always have my husband there for support if needed. My breasts don't bother me much, its just like nursing and feeling engourged. I get to shower tonight and wash my garments, a little nervous but it should be fine. The support bra the Dr gave me feels good, glad I didn't have to go find one one my own. I think the only achey part is the drainage tubes and we might take one or two out tomorrow...we'll see. FYI~ we talked about going to a full c so I am 350 on one side and 375 on the other. I am excited to see them drop into place and that will come with time. Looking forward to more information tomorrow!

Day 3 po~heading to my doc this morning. I stopped...

Day 3 po~heading to my doc this morning. I stopped the meds. except antibiotics. I don't like feeling drugged, hopefully Dr. Klink wont require more valium. Not much pain. Just feeling the sutures under my breasts, not bad though. Moved downstairs to the recliner and starting to eat in small doses. Haven't had a bm yet but since I haven't been eating much, I'm not surprised. My husband helped me shower yesterday but I was on valium and a half dose of percocet which made it really difficult.

So after I saw the doc. things look good but need to continue the valium just in less doses. My right breasted is still fighting the implant, so I will clontinue to take it while I nap or sleep.
good luck, post your new pic.
Thanks. Already excited the first few day are done. Each day gets better. And I am excited!

Still taking valium while I am sleeping, although...

Still taking valium while I am sleeping, although I wake up groggy...not digging that a whole lot. I'll be happy when I am off that for sure. Started eating 3 small meals yesterday and it certainly helps me feel stronger. I have an appointment tomorrow and hoping to have the drains removed. I did have a bowel movement this morning, though I wasn't feeling bloated at all since I hadn't eaten much. Right now the only thing that really hurts is my back, I am a side sleeper and I move around at night trying to get comfortable on my back, so sleep is interrupted. My husband is taking great care of me, I couldn't ask for anyone better. :) I am up walking around a bit until I get tired and then take a nap. I am hoping to stay up longer today so hopefully I will sleep better tonight.

5days po. I got two drains out today......

5days po. I got two drains out today....interesting to say the least. It hurt a little. It was more interesting watching my husbands face. He didn't realize how far the drain was in there. Good to know that the tummy one shouldn't hurt though when that one comes out. My stomach looks good, there is bruising and some swelling but no wrinkly flabby skin, yay! My right breasts is still up high since I am right handed, but that will come down with time. So for now still waiting and resting.
I still have one drain in, once that one is out I'll take an updated pic. :)

So today I am drain free, Yay! It is so nice to...

So today I am drain free, Yay! It is so nice to have all those out, its also a little weird to have a hole where the drain used to be. I just love my doc. Including surgery I have seen him 4 times in 8 days. He totally keeps up and makes sure all is well with me. So the pic I just posted, I barely filled out at all prior to surgery. I am adjusting to the size of my breasts, but when I nursed my children the size was probably similar. I'm thinking I am going to have to go shopping for another bathing suit once everything settles where its supposed to go. :) I am still swollen in my abdomen, but understand that it takes time to heal. My scar is nice a low and I think it will look great once its all healed. I am feeling pretty good. I tire easy and have taken valium again today since my breast felt tight and a little painful, other than today, I haven't taken any for days. Thats it for now. :)
Glad you are ok!! Healthy and happy healing.
Posted a pic...still have a long way to go healing.

Pod 9~So I finally had more questions for my doc...

Pod 9~So I finally had more questions for my doc since I have been searching sites getting all kinds of info from all the ladies with different providers. I have been wondering when I would need to start massaging my breasts...he said never! Really? (I thought) He said he is very careful when he makes a pocket for the implant and when you massage it, it makes the pocket bigger. Do I want the pocket bigger? No I do not. :) I am trusting his wisdom and also hoping to keep the cleavage where it is since I won't be moving it all around. Anyway, just a thought to think about. I have continued to see my ps every 3 days or so, and am assuming it will slow down, but love that he has great po care. I also love seeing that I have boobs and cleavage...since when I nursed, it was short lived. :) Can't wait to get out of the girdle thingy...3 weeks total and then into spanx. Waiting patiently for that day. Not really :)

Just over 2 weeks po. Feeling tired today. ...

Just over 2 weeks po. Feeling tired today. Started my cycle yesterday and its miserable. I feel like a cramped sausage, lol. Bloating and cramping are no fun with my binder/girdle on. Everything feels tight. We also went away for the weekend and did a lot of walking and I am feeling that as well. I think with all of that, 2 weeks po, cycle, and all the walking I am sore and worn out. I will do what I can, but will be relaxing the next few days trying to recoup. My tt incision looks good, and my breasts are starting to settle slowly. I have an appointment coming up this week and am hoping to be able to move into spanx then. Life will be a little more comfortable when that happens.

3 weeks po. Feeling a ton better. Have been...

3 weeks po. Feeling a ton better. Have been cleared to wear spanx (yea!), start running again and can get back to all the chores in the house :( . Pretty much I am cleared to do everything but lift weights. Went and bought a cheap bra, its hard to find a non underwire bra in the right size. Went to 3 different stores and finally found a white one that would work. Can't wait until I can hit VS and look for a fun one, but no point until the ladies are where they belong :) . I still have mild tenderness in my breast, but nothing horrible. I do notice that my skin is very sensitive there, no biggie, all in time. My belly is looking good still. Dr. K did a great job on my tummy, he kept my incision small and I should have no problem hiding it with my bathingsuit. The area feels weird and will for about 6 months. Every week gets better, I can't believe how good I am feeling after only 3 weeks of a mini tummy tuck with muscle fix, a little lipo around my belly button, and a breast augmentation.

I am now past 7 weeks po. My family and I went on...

I am now past 7 weeks po. My family and I went on vacation and I had a blast looking and trying on bikinis. I haven't felt that good in a long time wearing a bikini. I still have some loose skin around my navel and stretch marks, but I don't care. The part that bothered me, the loose skin on my lower abdomen, is gone! My breast are settling nicely and don't have anymore soreness with my muscles. I still have numbness on my abdomen and also numbness and sensitivity around my breasts and back from the skin stretching. But this too is getting better and is less bothersome. I am cleaning out my padded bras and look forward to shopping for new ones. Not sure when that will be, since I haven't seen my Dr in a few weeks due to traveling. I have been using scar treatment since 5 weeks and no more spanx unless I feel like I am a little swollen, I will wear it to bed every once in a while. I have been biking, swimming and running and feel great and love how I look. I am surprised at the recovery and that by 4 to 5 weeks, I am back to everything!

8 weeks po~Saw my Dr last week and everything...

8 weeks po~Saw my Dr last week and everything looks good. I still have a stitch knot that needs to work out of my tummy tuck scar. That will work its way out at some point. Got the go ahead to buy underwire/pretty bras. :) I started off cheap at Target, just so I could have something to wear and figure out my size. Dr. Klink said that I would probably be a D, so going into the store, I grabbed 34C's and 34D's. Nothing padded or push-up for me. I tried the C on and it didn't fit...the D fit perfectly. That scared and excited me a little bit. I had told Dr. K that I wanted to be a full C, he says he has a tendency to go a bit bigger. I like my size with no bra on, but I feel really big with even a little padding. It will take time to adjust to my size anyway and am looking forward to buying a nice non padded demi from VS. I am definitely feeling a lot sexier and that has translated into the bedroom. Its amazing how much I didn't feel confident or feel sexy when I looked at myself naked. I am so glad I did this and wished I had done it years before! Here are some updated pics. My breasts are pretty much where they are going to be and have dropped nicely. My abdominal scar is nice and low and looks great. :) Now its just waiting for the scar to fade and to continue to exercise and do my crunches to see more improvement. Happy healing everyone!
Thanks :) I am more excited about my tummy, but I am loving that I had my breast done too. I really liked "viewing" myself with breasts before I got the surgery. My dr. also measured and gave me the various sizes that I could go up to in cc's. He went a little bigger than we talked about, but I really like the size that they are and I think they work well with my body too. :)
Yay! Congrats! You look gorgeous, nice tummy, and your boobs are beautiful! Hope I get the "right size". I'm afraid to get it wrong. You look very proportioned and perfect shape.
You look great. Congrats. I bet you are so happy with your results.

So its been almost 6 months since my plastic...

So its been almost 6 months since my plastic surgery. Healing is great and my scars are fading well. I had an appointment with Dr. K today. He wants to do a revision and lipo my belly a little. I have stretched skin from 3 pregnancies around my belly and a little fat that encircles it. He is going to suck some of that fat out in a couple of weeks. He says that it won't be a big difference but that it will look better than it does. Okay. I hadn't planned on this, so here goes to another new experience. He says it will be sore, but not much. I have meds to pick up and my girdle to pack. I'll post pics after the swelling goes down to see if we can see a difference. :)
Thank you for the updates. I am considering going to see Dr.klink. I live in Sac. I'm impressed with his after care with his patients and results. You're breasted look awesome.
You are welcome. I have been very pleased with Dr. Klink's post-op care. It has been a great experience over all and I couldn't have asked for anything better. Have you been down to see him yet or are you still in the search phase? What are you considering having done? I love my results and still can't believe I did it! Good luck!
ihavent seen him yet. Ive seen 3 plastic surgeons here in Sac and was left feeling so so. I'm trying to lose 20 lbs first to get the bet results. i definitely want a tummy tuck and Im on the fence about a breast lift. i really just want a areola reduction.LOL I am definitely will see Dr. Klink when Im ready. :)

Yesterday I went in for my lipo revision in the...

Yesterday I went in for my lipo revision in the morning. I wasn't really nervous it was more that I hadn't thought much about having it done. As Dr. K said, it was going to take longer to prep than for the actual procedure. And he was right. They talked with my husband and said I was done even before the start time. I will tell you that it was interesting being under with the versaid. I remember little bits and pieces, like talking with my children (dreaming), waking up and seeing the blue sheet that divided the surgery area, feeling tugging at my abdomen (but no pain) and hearing the nurse tell me everything was ok. They said I tried to sit up during the procedure and that I was talking but couldn't understand what I said. It was more of a dream state and not sure everything I felt was real.

I came home and went to bed and slept on and off for a few hours. The numbness wore of early evening and felt the soreness of the procedure. It wasn't horrible. I took a Percocet so I would sleep but don't have any intentions of taking any more.

Today-the day after, I feel fine. Again it's sore to bend over but not bad. Posted pics of before and after. I am a little swollen and have to wear the girdle for about 2 weeks. Easy peasy. :)

It's May and its almost a year later. Wow, time...

It's May and its almost a year later. Wow, time flies! I wanted to take some pics of my belly after the lipo and decide to also show how my scar is looking. Dr. K said that the lipo wouldn't be a huge difference and its not, but it took a little of the lumpiness out. My tummy tuck scar looks great. I am tanning so the scar has been taped up to protect it since I am to avoid sun in that area for a year. All in all, I am very happy with the end result.
I was thinking about a BA only, and now I'm considering holding off until I'm done having my babies and doing the mommy makeover! Thank you so much for sharing and all the pictures!! Very helpful!! Lots of research for me to do now hahaha :)
I'm glad it helped you! Yes, make sure to research so you are comfortable with it. It's definitely a major decision. Good luck!
You look amazing! Thank you for sharing.
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I have had a great experience with Dr. Klink and his staff. I love that when I go in his office, I rarely sit in the waiting room. Everything is very discreet and all the staff are very friendly. Before seeing Dr. Klink, I saw 4 other PS. Only one other one, I was truly happy with, but we moved so I had to search out another Dr. He has great patient care and his po care is amazing. I would recommend him 100%!

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