Uneven Side of Face & Chin - Too Much Fat Removed Via Lipo - Pucker is Also off - Virginia, VA

I had a chin lift + lipo done on 10/24/13. I...

I had a chin lift + lipo done on 10/24/13. I already have 2 major issues - 1. surgeon removed too much fat on the L side of my chin & neck 2. My pucker is off - it has a Popeye look to it. I have read that the pucker being off may be due to nerve damage. I am so frustrated & disappointed about all this. I'd like to hear if there are any others that have had the same thing or if any Dr's have any comments. What can be done to correct.
was it painful?
painful the 1st 2 days. the swelling was the worst thing. I am so aggravated about the whole thing. Thank God there are some competent Drs out there but you have to do your research.
This could be just swellings in your R side, I had the same surgery last September and i still have swellings, doctor said it will take 5 to 6 month to get the final shape, am not happy with the results yet


4mos post op- results are terrible. Left side is still higher than the right. I have found another Dr. to correct the botched work. Very disappointed and will probably be out a ttl of $12K by the time the correction is done.
I don't understand why you would bother to post a review without sharing the information about your doctor. It would be so much more helpful to include the name. Does realself prevent you from leaving negative reviews & naming your doctor?
Anyway we can get the name of your surgeon to make sure we can avoid him?

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