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Hello community! I have to say what a pleasure it...

Hello community! I have to say what a pleasure it has been reading all of your stories and I want to say thank you for sharing. It has eased my mind and really made me feel that I'm not so alone in the hunt for normal breasts.

I am 32 years old with 2 children, ages 4 & 5. I am 5'3" and weigh 117 lbs. i wear a 34A. I decided when I was 12 that I wanted breast implants. Yes, 12. I was the only 7th grader who didn't need to wear a bra. I remember writing (using snail mail, before internet) to the "Teen" magazines asking for advice on exercises to increase my bust size or if there were any creams available to help with this.

This continued until high school, when I finally developed mosquito bites, but hey, they were still better than nothing. I was still ashamed to shower around the other girls. I was a 34A and still am to this day.

It has always been so hard to find a bikini top that fit or that made me look like a normal female. And sundresses... Forget about it! I have to have the padded bras. Well- I call them pillowed bras.

I finally decided, and had enough spare money to go for it! I had my consult in early March and after trying on many styles, I liked the 380cc moderate plus salines. April 12, was my Pre-Op and my first time meeting the surgeon (Pre-Op was with his assistant) after some measuring he suggested that high profiles would look great, so I am going with that. I totally trust him. They printed out pictures of what I would look like with the HP's and the Mods and honestly, I can't see a difference. So, I trust his instinct.

I have been buying easy to access fruits and veggies, sports bras and online browsing for bikinis like crazy. My surgery is April 24. They will call me tomorrow and let me know exactly what time to come in. I am sooo excited!

This will be the end of 20 years of me being self conscious about my breasts. I am so ready. And, so blessed to have this opportunity.

So, they called me just now to tell me that my...

So, they called me just now to tell me that my appointment time for tomorrow is 9 am! Works out great, my husband can take me after the kids go to school. I'm not worried about the pain itself, or being out under. My babies were natural births, no epidural and, I've been under before for thyroid surgery. Woke up vomiting, so they will be sure to give me something for that in my iv. I am however, worried about the days after. The very next day (25th) I have a function at my daughters school that I cannot miss. I have a driver to take me there. I just hope I make it through it. Friday the kiddos do not have school. And, Saturday my daughter has an activity that was planned months ago, that I must be there for. Please give me strength!

It's finally here. The butterflies are swarming! Wow, this time tomorrow I will have boobies. Awesome!

Hello Beth, and thanks for the warm welcome! I...

Hello Beth, and thanks for the warm welcome! I did explain to the kids that I went to the Dr. And they can't jump on me or hug me tightly for a while. I sure hope I make it to my daughters pageant.

So yesterday was the big day. I arrive at 9. Immediately a nurse takes me back for ky vitals. Then, the anesthesiologist comes and and is very thorough and very likable. My surgeon comes in to draw on me, the hubs was given my Rx to go fill and off I go.

I remember laying there and the song that was on was "Jump "Jump". LoL. Early 90's station. Haha. I remember the anesthesiologist comes and and says here's you 3 rum and cokes in your iv. I was out.

I woke up in soooo much pain. Immediately I could feel something awful in my left breast. They said it was normal. They put me in my surgical bra, which was so painful, I can't describe it. I start to get nauseated. So they gave me medicine for that and a patch my ear. They go get the hubby and we are discharged @ 2:10

The ride home was so bad, this little town is pothole central, it was rough. My mother was waiting on my porch for us. I tried to make a semi bed on my couch, or at least some pillows for support, but I kept sliding off the leather. I ended up going to my room and laying down praying for 5:00 to come, that's when I could take another pain pill. Boy, did I need it.

I have a huge pain tolerance, but this was excruciating. The hardest is getting out of my bed. How did you all do it?? I got up around 8pm to see my hubby off to work (nightshift). I stated up until about 12:30 am. Felt kind of decent.

I went to bed at 1:00am and remember seeing the clock very hour. It was so hard to get comfortable and waking up to pee or take medicine was so difficult. I actually yelp when I have to get out of bed.

This morning I had a follow up at 11, they said everything's good so far. Left one is a little higher than the right. Taking and putting the surgical bra and horrible. I don't understand why it's so tight. I wish I could just wear a supportive sports bra and my band. But they tell me I have to wear this surgical and band for 24 hours a day for a month. Only taking it off to bathe or wash it. I don't think I'll make it. It's so tight it feels like its cutting off my circulation. Anyone had this problem?

I laid around the rest of the day, making sure to take my pain meds, muscle relaxers and antibiotics. A lot of times today I used ice packs, which helps momentarily. But I really feel this bra is the problem.

I see the surgeon again on Tuesday, so I'll talk to him about this. The bra pinches what little skin I have between my breasts together.

Really hoping I can get some sleep tonight but this bra is killing me. I may have to take it off just to get some relief, even though my papers say to leave it on. It's causing me constant pain. I did a lot of research about these bras, and aren't they supposed to be for comfort? It took a large nurse giving it all she has to clasp this thing on me.

Praying for some rest and for it to get easier to get out of my bed tonight.
YOu look very similar to me preop. I know exaclty what you mean by the yelpin when you get up. I felt exactly the same way. I had a really rough first 3 days, and then it gets better and by a week you should be 100 times better! Good luck with the recovery, I'm sure they look beautiful!! Can't wait to see pics!
I'm anxiously awaiting that 7 day mark. Yay for some relief. When I went yesterday for the first Pre-op the nurse took off the surgical bra and checked them out. But I never did see them, there wasn't a mirror in there. Putting that bra back on was hard for her, it's so dang tight. So I haven't even seen my new boobs yet. I'm afraid that if I take that bra off, I won't be able to put it back on. I really want to see them and get pics. :)

Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf. I can understand your desire to get implants...you've waited a long time. Have you explained to your children that mommy will have a boo boo for the next few days so they won't lunge at your for a hug? :)  Anxious to hear if you make it to your daughter's event on Saturday...it sounds a little ambitious!! Can't wait to hear all about your surgery!


So it's Friday. This is the 2nd morning I've woken...

So it's Friday. This is the 2nd morning I've woken up here at home with my new additions. I wish I could say its getting easier but it's not. I woke up last night at 3am in excruciating pain. So I got my ice packs, took half a pain pill and walked around my living room until it kicked in.

The pain in between my shoulder blades is what woke me up, not my boobs. I've always been a back sleeper, so I'm unsure what's causing this. Maybe, me being kind of humpbacked because of this surgical bra. I feel as if I can't stand or sit up right in it. It's like a resistance band, I'm not strong enough to keep good posture in it. Guess I'll call the Dr. today.

I've not been eating much. Just things that I or my kids can reach for me. Carrots, crackers, apples. I know I'm going to end up losing a little weight.

On a positive note, it only took me 7 minutes to get out of bed this morning. Yesterday, and the day I came home it took me 9. I inch and inch my way to the edge of the bed, get one leg on the floor and slide off. Boy is it the worst. Can't wait to feel a little better. Yes, a little would be tremendous.

I'm so jealous of all you ladies that said you didn't need your pain meds or felt great. :))

Post Op Day 2. I finally got to see them. I was...

Post Op Day 2. I finally got to see them. I was so scared of taking that surgical bra off and not being able to put it back on, but I just went for it. I love them!! I posted some pics. They look great, and it should only get better from here. I can't wait until bikini season so I can see the image in the mirror that I've always wanted. Pain was a little better today. I did have a very hard time getting out of my bed from my nap. But putting that bra back on wasn't as painful as I expected, so that's a good sign.
You look awesome!! We have similar bodies and breasts. I hope mine turn out as nice as yours!! Happy healing!
They look amazing!! Sounds like you may want to take it easy though. I am still anxiously awaiting my big day. Good luck with your recovery and hope you feel better soon:)

So here it is Saturday, surgery was done on...

So here it is Saturday, surgery was done on Wednesday. Guess that means this is Day 3 Post Op.
I can't believe how good I feel right now. Getting out of bed wasn't nearly as hard this morning. And I haven't taken a pain pill all day. Only a muscle relaxer this morning.

I'm here at my daughters pageant, first time I've driven since the surgery. And it felt kind of foreign. But, I did fine.

I changed into a front close sports bra. After letting the boobs out of that restricting surgical bra, I have to say I kind of want it back on now. Even though it hurt, I think I feel too floppy now.

My breasts are very tender, still hard, still high. I have to massage them 3 times a day to help with dropping.

Hope all is well with all you who are healing. I never thought I'd feel this good on day 3.
I'm so sorry about the pain u were going through.You look like you are progressing well though.Im so happy for you,you look great!
Thank you! The pain is hardly nothing now. What a weight off my shoulders, literally. LoL Yours look wonderful. Can't believe they're only 2 days old.
Thank you!The second time around is supposed to be much easier.

Post Op Day 4. Last night I woke up at 3 and 6. I...

Post Op Day 4. Last night I woke up at 3 and 6. I had to get out of bed and walk around a little bit. My back was hurting so badly, I guess from sleeping in the same position. But, it was so easy to get out of bed compared to the previous days. Yay!! I haven't taken anything for pain today either.

I'm loving the way they look and can't wait to see them on my regular body. I'm still bloated. Really bad!!! I haven't had a bowel movement yet. This kinda worries me. I look pregnant. I've taken laxatives 4 days in a row. I've eaten plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. What else can I do?

My surgical bra doesn't hurt nearly as bad anymore. Things are going great. I made it through my daughters pageant yesterday. And feel good enough today to go out.

Thank you ladies who share words of encouragement. That's why I fell in love with this site. I will try to upload more pics today.
If you go to Walgreens or anywhere really that sells vitamins look for cascara sagrada.It is a herbal laxative.I took one of those and ate 4 pieces of chocolate exlax(tastes like Hershey's)and I was in the bathroom a few hours later.Dont be afraid of taking too much,its better to go alot then not at all!Just make sure you are drinking lots of water,it really helps.
Thank you lady! I ended up using the bathroom today. What a relief. I was beginning to get worried. I was going to head straight to Walgreens tomorrow if not.

6 Days Post Op I uploaded a few pics from last...

6 Days Post Op
I uploaded a few pics from last night. They keep looking and feeling better and better. I finally feel like a normal woman. Last night I got more sleep than I have since the surgery.

I had my 2nd Post Op appointment today. He said that they look great! He thinks they look like those of someone who is 2 weeks post op instead of 6 days. I'm still wearing the surgical bra and band, and have found that my boobs feel so much better when I'm wearing it.

I've worn a regular bra out, and they feel weird in it. Today my left one felt as if it was alive! LOL It felt like it was moving around. The same way your belly feels when the baby is kicking around. A little painful, and kinda like a funny bone is being hit. It zaps me.

So far, I am so very happy that I went through with this. The pain was a small price to pay to gain my confidence. I actually like bikinis now. Some people look at this surgery as a vanity thing. I didn't do this for attention, or to become a stripper. I did this to feel like a woman. I recommend this surgery to any woman who is self conscious about her breasts. I have become a whole woman now.
Good to hear your doing so well! You look amazing!! Glad things are good and that you are happy with your decision! How are things now that you have had a couple weeks to heal?
Thanks so very much! Things are really great. 3 days ago I had my 2nd post op appt and I'm still a little high, but overall wonderful. Hard to believe its been 3 weeks already :). Loving them and can't wait to get the rest of my bod beach ready.
I have to ask, where are you located i'm currently looking into upgrading myself. The doctor you used did a great job on you.
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