I am 5'5", 115lbs, 32b cup. - Breast Augmentation - Utica, NY

Hello! I've been wanting a BA since I had my...


I've been wanting a BA since I had my nose done in 2006, but I always had great breasts and thought I should wait as why fix something that isn't broken:)
Today I am 27, and will be 28 in 6 months. I find that curves and breasts are feminine and more attractive then none at all. I am 5'5", 115lbs, 32b cup. I love what I have, but want more and want to have breasts before I have children or married and with a hectic school schedule at NYU, that time is NOW lol..

My friends dad is the doctor I am working with and I feel very confident that I will get the results I'm seeking ---> from researching I feel that I am looking for a large C or small D. For the first month I felt I wanted at most a large C, but the more and more I looked at others results and what I wanted, I think a small D that is of course as natural as possible looking.

I love the way real boobs hang and are not so high up and just circles on the chest. A great BA keeps people guessing, I've seen great work and this is the look that I desire. In keeping the natural look I am selecting silicone versus saline as I've heard and just seen not appealing results, but that's what is great, everyone is different and everyone wants something different.

I want something similar to Kate upton, large but natural looking!! I'm looking at 350cc to 400cc but we'll see:):)

I go in for my consult tomorrow @ 2:00 and have the surgery scheduled for July 15th!!

I will post pictures soon and would love to hear others input along the way. This site is so great and I wish it was around years ago:):)

Stats: 5'5" 115lbs 32B
Desire: silicone, 350cc, under the muscle, though the nipple, maybe round ? Not sure if high up? Advice?!


Hey peach~you have a great figure! Hope the new ta ta's turn out beautiful! Good Luck:-)
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Consult went great! I'm very particular though and didn't feel 100% about the doctor and decided to find someone in the city!
When I went to the consult I was made to watch a video in breast augmentation which I thought was very odd and unprofessioknal as a doctor should want to answer all your questions and not just pop on a video. The other thing that bothered me was that there was dust and even rust Ipon the bottom of a table that was in the consult room. Those two issues were enough to make me change my mind.

I am seeing a doctor that I have worked with before for fillers and the office was super nice, clean, and professional. I was even offered a better deal and this office is in Manhattan

I just wanted to say, our bodies are very important, you should never commit to a surgery or a doctor unless you are 100%. Also, I think it's better to not look for the cheapest deal as you get what you pay for sometimes.
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Kate is amazing! Did you decide on a size? How did your consult go?
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I am now seeing a doctor in Manhattan and have...

I am now seeing a doctor in Manhattan and have already gone for my two consults and surgery is set for July 17th, which is less then two weeks!!

I'm getting 300cc below the muscle and with an incision through the nipple, and I would like low profile (projection) as I want them to sit lower rather then higher on the chest.
I'm looking to get a full c cup, but was open to a very small d, but he reccommended at most I do a large c as my frame is very petite.

I was offered a great deal down from 10k which is quite common in the city, since it's summer and not a popular time for breast aug I'm paying 6800 for everything which is what I was estimated in upstate ny at a tiny practice that was awful!!
The office is beautiful, on park avenue, and the doctor is super professional and up to speed on all the latest and greatest ways to accomplish the best BA..


Good luck on your BA!..:)
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