Rhinoplasty/Septoplasty Experience - Utica, MI

I had surgery on May 22nd and it wasn't all that...

I had surgery on May 22nd and it wasn't all that bad. I had very minor brusing that's already gone and I had some swelling which was at its worst from day2-5 then it started to improve. I took arnica tablets/vitamin c as well and I think it helped but everyone is different. The reason for my surgery was I wasn't happy with my Middle Eastern/Jewish looking nose. I had a bump and a droop my nose as well as a deviated septum. All my problems were minor except my nose from the side was big. I'm on day 9 post up and I feel some what regretful and sad that I did it. I feel my nose is to small now and he shaved too cartlidge off for a man at least. I feel my nose is cute now and not what I wanted more of a man nose. But no one is saying that but me. I hope my feelings change but I don't know yet. I know theres more healing to do but thats how i feel. I feel like he just took to much bone and the nose is to small for my face i have a Oval shaped head lol

I will keep you updated please give me your honest opinions on what you think and I'm my toughest critic so be brutally honest thanks. You can say anything as long as your being honest and thats what you think. Maybe im just going nuts here.
It looks awesome!! congrats!!

I think you look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. If you'd be willing to share which surgeon did your procedure, I can update that information within your review.

Looks good in my opinion.

6-3-13 12 days post op/6-5 stitches will come out

Here are a few more pics 6-3, looking forward to getting the stitches out in 2 days, as well as taking the tape off.
Wow it looks amazing!
Thank you hoping for a speedy recovery!
Looking pretty good! Wow what a difference and as usual makes you look younger! :) x

17 days post op

Swelling is going down and I like the nose from the front and the left side but I really do not like my right side! It doesnt have a straight line like it suppose to and slopes! How could this happen. How can 1 side look nice and straight and the other be sloped? Im upset about it. Other than that the nose is starting to look different and take shape but the right side is the problem.
I think your nose looks great and you look super cute... i mean you looked sexy before but i think you're even sexier now and still very manly :)
hey! i think my nose is straight on one side and slopes on the other... I am hoping it is swelling. Cheer up, it's still so early... just enjoy your non bumpy nose and worry later =)
I'm getting use to it with each day now, just have to be more patient this recovery takes forever!

1 month post op

Here it is 1 month Post OP results are getting better but still not healed yet. I really hope there are more positive changes. I feel there is still swelling inside and outside my nose as well as being real stiff and hard to blow because it dries out so easy no matter what I do.

Still takes 6months to 1 year for 90 percent results so I should know by then if it was really worth it. Right now if you were to tell me do you want your old nose or the nose you have now I would probably take the new one even though I wasn't feeling like that in the beginning.
I think you look great seriously - you were already handsome to begin with and it looks awesome now and will only get better when the swelling goes down. I cannot wait for my surgeries either
dude its a great result.. swelling will go down much more even up to a year.. great result thou.. did many people notice the change who dont know you had the procedure?
No one has said anything except for one friend who use to tease me about the middle eastern looking nose. So he knew and this was after only 2 weeks. But he said it looked fine and I was swollen a little. Other then that no one said anything.

2 months post op

At first I didn't like the way my nose looked and then after a month in a half I liked it. Now that the swelling is actually going down again I feel I dont like it that much its too small he took too much from the side. And I can say I wish I didnt go by this Dr. I should of been more cautious Its not like I dont like the nose its not embarrassing or bad by any means. I just wish I had more bone on the side its like he took the whole thing down. And I just pray to god it doesent get smaller. I will wait about 2 years or so and save some money down the line and see if i can add cartilidge to the bridge or something and this time I will be spending much more on it I just feel he was too aggressive and this isn't the result I wanted.

Sorry here are the pics for the 2months post op

I think your nose looks great :)
Yeah definitely ! Your nose is awesome now yo ! I'm curious do you play sports ? if you do, will you be afraid to get in the nose after like 2 years after rhinoplasty ?
Yeah I play bball. But even after 2 months If i lift weights or run my nose swells up im going to take even more time off maybe another 3 months or so. Then work my way back slowly. As far as being hit in the nose you can wear a protective mask thats not a issue. But the swelling from running, lifting is the issue.

And i just wanted to say

Its crazy how even in only 2 months the nose just keeps changing and changing. IT looks like a different nose every week its nuts.


After I heal and am eligible I will be doing a revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Paul Nassif. I'm pretty sure It's 12-14 months before you can do a revision. And my goals are just to breathe better and have a more natural nose. I want to fix my bridge I think my original Dr lowered my bridge too much. So I want the revision not to take away more but to add more!!! After he adds cartilidge or what ever he needs to do then he will straighten it the correct way. I hope I gain some of my ethnic look back as it has been taken away completely. Its only been 2 months and it just gets smaller and smaller. I want it too look more natural and hopefully it can be done. This is going to probably be expensive but if he can do it and is confident then it will be done!
Hey man, i think you look great like this, so natural and it fits your face at all
Hey man great results. I am also in Mi and was wondering who your surgeon was? Thanks
I do think this is a good result. You should be happy with it. If you change it again you run the risk of doing more damage than good. Trust me, I'd know

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