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I had my first consult a few months ago. Going...

I had my first consult a few months ago. Going again on the 12th for a final "fitting". I am thinking btwn 300-350. Currently I am a 34b. I am 5'7 and 119 lbs. I am planning on having the surgery Friday, taking sat, sun, mon off for sure and possibly tues if needed. My job is mostly sitting down so I am hoping this will be okay? I know a lot of people say this but I feel I handle pain well. I have had surgery on my foot, my nose and my wisdom teeth none of which were too bad. My current fears- I currently workout 5-6 days a weekend I lift heavy. It really bothers me to not be able to be in the gym. I am hoping to return to cardio in 2 weeks. Lower legs in 3 and arms around the month mark. Anyone have experience with this. Second fear, that they will never feel like mine especially if I can feel the implant. I am weird with these things. I can't have fake nails or lashes because they but me too much, I know they are not mine. Lastly, pain doesn't frighten me but the pressure that people describe post surgery does. Not being able to breathe/ heaviness on the chest freaks me out. My boyfriend is a firefighter/ medic though so i will have a recovery partner with medical knowledge which helps. Any feedback is so much appreciate.
I am going under the muscle. I am thinking silicone due to the fact that I am really thin on top but the silent rupture bit scares me and pushes me to saline. The rippling with saline pushes me to silicone. I don't usually run. I put the treadmill to the highest incline and walk so hoping that will be okay. Thanks for your comment it definitely helps to talk to others who are on the otherwise :)
Ok...cardio in 2 weeks might be aggressive. Unless its low impact. Are u going over or under muscle? I did a squat challenge my first 30 days post op. Pilates is good too. It killed me mentally to take time off but you will be fine. The pressure was not existent for me. Just aches and tenderness. Read my review about working out. Good luck!

Pre op appointment

Went to my pre op appointment decided on 339 cc silicone under muscle. The appointment made me feel better, less anxious. I still question if I should do this even though I have wanted them for awhile. I also wonder if 339 is too big? My ps states that it is a moderate size not big at all. In proportion to my body though I don't know. I am a size 2 and with the sizers in today was questioning going smaller. My ps wants me to wear the band consistently for 2 weeks and I am concerned about wearing it under clothes to work. He told me just to wear it as much as I can. 2 weeks to go.
Hey Wubby3 , reading your story reminds me in some parts of how I feel/felt. I think it will be great especially if pain is ok for you, I couldn't use painkillers so it was the worst thing ive ever done in my life.the pressure for not being able to breath was really scary as well since I have bad anxiety....but I did it! and I survived =) As long as you have good support around you it will be ok....there is just more emotional sides to this for some of us then we knew, just be prepared to cry and question and then smile a lot lol. you will do great lady! I think 339 will be perfect for you! Will look natural but still like you got something goin on up there lol. I am 5'2 110 and I went 350...wish it was bigger now but they look natural for my small frame so I would think you will have a good size for you! Sorry I am totally rambling. You are thinking silicon?
Thanks for the comment! Yes, I am doing silicone. I think your results are fantastic. Everyone I know who has had their boobs done says they wish they had gone bigger. However, since I haven't had kids and they might grow with pregnancy I am fine with the size and hope I will be fine with it post surgery. My ps so assured me that given the size I won't have to worry about stretch marks. I figure worst case eventually I can wear some padded bras on days I want more and on others just be happy that I have more then I ever have had before.

Check list?

So I have gotten ice packs, a few different bras, my medications filled, time off work, my boyfriend got his 48 off and will be with me the entire time, body pillow, prunes, coffee (to help poo!), arnica, arnica gel, anything else besides housework anyone recommends to have prior to going in for surgery?

4days away

4days out. I have been having "boob" dreams most likely due to my anxiety. I also told my parents today. They weren't thrilled about it but didn't say much. I know it defiantly stressed my dad out (the going under and all). Good thing the next 4 days are going to be crazy insane with work, getting in last workouts and getting the house ready.

On the other side

Officially have boobs and doing well.

Almost a week post

I went into my surgical center at 7am. I was so nervous and almost backed out. My parents showed up and my boyfriend was there. Doctor marked me, I took the pregnancy test and went under. I was so nauseous when I work up and in some pain. They gave me a sublingual tab for the nausea and sent me home. The first two days were not bad. On the third, I got nauseous again and vomited. That was painful on the boobs!! The pain was uncomfortable but pain has never really bothered me. I hated the nausea and vomiting though. I went back to work on day 4. It kind of hurt to drive but not horrible. I probably went back to soon but o well. Yesterday, 6 days post, I started to feel a lot better. I worked 8 hrs and went home and cleaned. I am going to head back to the gym tomorrow doing light cardio. My boobs are soft which surprised me. They are dropping relatively well and are starting to fluff out. So far I am happy with them. Oh I was and still am getting over bloat which I hate! I am 5'7 and weighed 118 morning if surgery. I finally got up the guys to weigh myself yesterday and was 124. :( I started my period though and that is making the bloat even worse. More motivation to get back into the gym though
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