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9 months PO, Full TT, MR, Lipo, Endurance Athlete, Mom of 5 Including Twins - Utah, UT

I love reading everyones experiences. I wish I had...

I love reading everyones experiences. I wish I had found this site before my TT.

I am a mom of 5. ages 14 to 5, with a set of twins.

I am an endurance athlete, and a 3:17 marathoner. I am 5'6'' and 117. Just like many of you, I wanted my tummy to fit the rest of my body. Training hard and eating the right foods to fuel my body, could not do what the TT did, after having my beautiful kids. It still amazes me!!

I am 8 weeks PO, and am slowly getting back into running. Training for Boston. Feeling tightness in upper abs from MR when I run, hopefully will get better with time.

Soooo happy I finally did this. Recovery was worse than I had expected, to be honest, as I have never even had a c-section, even with twins! I heard if you have MR, the recovery is longer. Anyways, so grateful for a wonderful hubby who took good care of me, and is so patient. Would do this again in a heartbeat. Still swelling in pubic area and around scar, hope it keeps going down fast!

Hey you look fab and your scar is so light already! I live in UT too and had twins. I was wondering how the running and ab tightness was going for you. Feels much better for me now at almost 4 months. Isn't it awesome and weird all at once not to feel the jiggling belly when running?
You look great. It's great to hear you are tolerating your exercise. I'm 6 days post op and I feel like my muscles are wasting away. I exercised every day until 6 days ago and I can't wait until I'm 6 weeks post op. Sitting in a recliner all day and night makes me feel like jabba the hut. Is it just tightness you feel with your mr or pain? Did I mention you look awesome?!

You look amazing!!!


11 weeks today! feeling so good. the training and...

11 weeks today! feeling so good. the training and running is coming along really well. No muscle repair tightness anymore, I think I turned a corner with that around 8 1/2 weeks. Feel like myself again! Still slight swelling under incision and in pubic area :( stopped wearing CG at 9 weeks. Only wear it at night now. I don't think I need it. It just feels good. Hope everyone is healing well!
You look awesome! When exactly did you start back up with the running again? I'm 4 weeks out, have a half marathon on 2/24... hoping I don't have to walk most of it!
You look amazing and so quickly!!!!
wooowieee.... as a fellow twin mom i am in awe!!! 5 kiddos and a 3:17 marathon! let's just say i've run a few but add an hour and half to the time!!! go girl!!! your results are also FANTASTIC..your tummy fits the rest of you beautifully. congrats on being a super mom, athlete and now TT model!

9 months PO

I am 9 months post op. Feeling so good! Marathon training continues to go well. I love my flat tummy when I run. No more extra skin bouncing around. Scar is lightening and really smooth. No dog ears. I can't believe its been 9 months already. Still really glad I went through with the surgery. Abs are a little sore after I do ab work still, but I can't complain. Hope everyone is recovering and healing well!
Wow. You look great.
Just gorgeous!
Beautiful. I'm jealous!
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