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Looks and Feels Great, BUT LAST 3 WEEKS! In Lips - Utah

Not good. My injection lasted only 3 weeks and you...

Not good. My injection lasted only 3 weeks and you need at least 2 syringes to get any results; that's pricey! 450.00 for just one! It lasted only 3 weeks and my surgeon wouldn't do a thing about it. They said I was SOL it's not their fault that my body absorbed it so fast and I wanted more result I'd have to pay more. LAME. It wasn't painful to me at all. I called the Juvederm company to ask them why it didn't work for me and they told me that they had NO RESEARCH for it being injected into the lips! So they would do nothing either. No research means unknown results! Big waste of money!

Going on 5 weeks now and still trying to get a...

going on 5 weeks now and still trying to get a good experience out of Dr. D. He also did my breast augmentation and I would have had a bad turn out with them as well but I started seeing another surgeon who gave me an altered bra to save the shape of my breasts! My new surgeon gave me very specific massages to do to save the save and restricted what I can wear and ways to even lay because of the implants until the pocket is healed. Dr. D's staff was also very rude about my concerns with my misshaping breasts.

I should've updated this a while back but Dr....

I should've updated this a while back but Dr. Dunkley came through and was fantastic. He did the work to get me a free Juvederm injection to make up for the first. The second worked the way is should have and looked great. He also took a look at my breasts and offered me a great deal on fixing them. He was very generous and knew exactly what needed to be done. I haven't gone in to have the surgery to fix my breasts yet but I will soon. As for the Juvederm; just make sure that you are prepared for no results and know that you may be one of many whom have to receive multiple injections in order to see a result.

I feel that I must clarify- Dr. Dunkley was great....

I feel that I must clarify- Dr. Dunkley was great. It was one staff in particular that made this experience bad and she specifically caused all of the drama over getting the problem fixed in the first place. When I finally talked to Dunkley himself, he was more than willing and generous to to help make sure I was happy with my results.

Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. D was great. Very comfortable. Most of his staff, I loved! But one in particular ruined it for me. She was very rude and wasn't conveying my results and concerns about my failed Juvederm to the surgeon correctly and told me I was SOL, too bad I didn't get my money's worth. Also, I paid cash up front and she somehow lost record of my payment for a little while, but found it. Eventually I talked to Dunkley himself to satisfy my expectations and he himself was very generous and kind. He listened and discussed my concern and offered me a deal. He certainly took care of me then. Dunkley was great and have been recommending him ever since! I just hope he eventually fires his staff member that ruined my experience before she ruins his reputation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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So, I am the original poster; well the first time it didn't last I furious because I felt I had wasted the money something that didn't work. Dr. Dunkley was great and took care of me and Juvederm gave me a free syringe thanks to Dr. D. It lasted a few months but I felt contented since I was taken care of. H-O-W-E-V-E-R - I have now been back, about a year later, for my third injection, which I LOVED while it was still swollen. The swelling went down the next day but my lip remained somewhat full. I went back for my 2 week check, had Dr. D inject MORE to keep me satisfied, it is now one week later and the Juvederm is almost gone! Guess I'll see what Dr.D has to say, if there's anything we can do. I'm sure he'll take care of me and make sure I haven't wasted my money yet again. I'll keep us posted!
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Not worth the money, I spent over 2400 for fills an to fill my lips what I got out of it was bruses an uneven lips...Will never do it again..when I told them an went back they said not much, will not go to them again...save your money for real things in life Elissa in Ca

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I think it depends on the individual as well- I seem to process it fast too. The 1st month I ever got it, I went through 3 syringes bc I had to keep going back after the swelling went down the results went down too! Although it was for multiple areas, it seemed excessive not to mention pricey maintenance for a 29 year old (at that time). I mostly use Perlane now, which seems to last longer and it is also less painful for some reason- I do it without numbing.
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Perlane? I haven't heard of this. I'll Google it now, but, if it's less painful, I'M IN! How's the price comparison and how long it lasts?
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When I contacted Juvaderm, themselves, they told me that the more you have the injections done the longer they will last each time. My second injection lasted about 6 months. The Juvaderm is now gone from my lips but I will likely get the injection again with confidence that it will last longer next time. It seems to be a building process rather than an instant result.
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How long did the Juvaderm last the second time? I had just been injected last month and the results were amazing for the first 3 weeks, and like your story, I am back to my normal size again. I am not happy. Did the second time do the trick for you?

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Thanks Kiera!  We appreciate the feedback and thank you for explaining the details.  You may want to update the star ratings for Dr. Dunkley as well because it's showing 2 stars.   Definitely keep us in the loop of what happens with future injections and your breast revision surgery!  The reason I was reading this is because I was interested in getting lip injections but I don't want to waste my money. :/

I am glad to have seen your real-life experience so I can expect it may end up that way.

Look forward to seeing future posts from you!


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First, I didn't go back for Juvederm, I had it done at the same time. Second, I actually ended up talking to Dunkley himself (finally) and he treated me absolutely great. He took a look at my breasts and offered me a deal on fixing them and was very generous. He also refilled my lips for free to make up for the first time that didn't take. The second injection worked the way it was supposed to and looked great! I'll be writing a post about my appreciation for Dr. Dunkley now. I've recommended him to many friends since! He and his staff definitely patched up my concerns and deserve a good review!
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what I don't understand is if you had a bad experience with Dunkley and your breast implants, then why did you go back for Juvederm? Just asking.
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Hi Kiera, 

Thanks for the review. I'm sorry you did not get the amount of time out of your procedure you were hoping for. You might want to check out the 29 answers in our doctors Q&A about Juvederm and Lips, it might help. Pleas keep us updated and thanks for the pictures.



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Thank you Britt! I love this site. Realself has helped me find so many answers, get good real advice and find the perfect surgeons to go with! I love that people can tell their experience to help others in making their decisions :)
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Thanks for the kind words Kiera, that is why we are here. :)


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