Partial Myectomy and Ptosis Repair for Blepharospasm with Apraxia of Lid Opening

I am am a 52 yr o physician who recently underwent...

I am am a 52 yr o physician who recently underwent partial myectomy and ptosis repair for Blepharospasm with Apraxia of lid opening, initially almost 7 wks ago, along with lateral canthoplasty which I was unaware of (I am not asian) until after.

Initially told I could go back to work in 2 wks, 6wks off ideal as I was to join a new practice in 6 wks. At 3 wks ,sent pictures to my out-of-state surgeon as eyes looked very deformed not just asymmetrical, was reassured that it was "great"at 3 wks post op . At 5 wks f/u my Lt eye upper lid was almost non existent in the lateral half, I looked strange at best.There was no way any of that could correct on its own. On my insistance as I had already lost the job, had resigned from the one I had), he agreed to make some corrections to both eyes.

Now though its only been 2 wks since the 2nd repair,(i also have a stitch abscess in Rt eye that came up 3 days after 2nd surgery,but healing) my LT lid is <1/2 the size of the Rt one, there is almost no lid above the suture line even to try and pull and there is a large fold above the RT.Rt eye has lagophthalmos

HORRIBLE! Worst decision of my life.Did it because of medical advice. Was told risk of contracturs and will need more extensive surgery later . Untimely, as I had great results after 1 treatment with botox .

Please help me with timely advice, I don't know where to turn. Thanks
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Did not like to listen, or answer questions, very arrogant. Details never discussed, pros/cons never explained. Got info from a bunch of articles handed to me.

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