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Well, After reading reviews on here over and...

After reading reviews on here over and over again, I decided to get a bilateral mastopexy. My breasts were saggy and had moderate ptosis with stretched areolas. I am an outdoorsy and strong river rat, hiker, yogi, swimmer, and mountain biker, so I was a bit worried on how exactly it would turn out. I didn't want to do any augmentation due to being so active and having to deal with them moving around alot on my chest.

I just went into surgery this morning (11-29-12) and am now resting with my family for the next 10 days. More pics to come!!! Heading to the doctors for a post op tomorrow where I wil be able to get the breast examined and in check that everything is healing properly. So far, I already love how they feel, it's very tight in the chest area and starting to feel the stitches on the side. Been taking percoset to help with the pain, and an anti-nausea pill to help with not feeling so sick with the other medicines. I am also taking an anti-biotic to help with keeping the inflammation and bacteria down.

Just got back from the doctor for my first post op...

Just got back from the doctor for my first post op visit. The doctor took off my bandages and smiled with confidence. He was very proud of himself with the work he did. He then passed a mirror over so I could see what they looked like. And they feel and LOOK amazing. So happy I went through with the operation! Here's the first post op picture..more to come

Wow you look great! I will be scheduling my lift for February and I hope mine look as great as yours! Your before pics look a lot like mine look now. I will be curious to know how they are size wise compared to before once you are able to tell.
Thanks Suzi. I'm pretty sure I'm a full b small c. The surgical bra I'm wearing is a 34 c and its a bit loose. The doc told me that my actual breast size is a full b but since I had so much excess skin , they had to be held up in a c. I love them already, I haven't seen the scar yet or how big the areolas , but I made it a point to tell the doc I wanted them smaller for sure! Please let me know if you have any other questions. I will try and take more pics to see the healing process. Good luck!!
Wow, your surgeon did a great job! My BL is next Friday and I am so nervous. Hope my results are as wonderful as yours!

Day 3 and feeling pretty good. Little sore and...

Day 3 and feeling pretty good. Little sore and still tight in the chest but overall pain level is low. I stopped taking percoset and now am just on the antibiotic. The surgical bra is so/so comfortable, it really pulls my breasts away from eachother vs. towards one I might try and figure out a new system. Still very happy I went through with it, and looks like I can take my first shower today if i want. Can't believe how fast your body can heal and recover. Right now I am also on a juice cleanse to help with the healing process. Feeling awesome! Can't wait to see what they become.

You look awesome; I think being as athletic as you are and fit as you are, your lift w/out augmentation was the perfect choice as you look so improved but still natural!!! Congrats and keep healing well!
Wow you look great! You do not need the augmentation at all. I am doing both Dec 18th. I look similar to your pre opp right now but a little smaller overall. I hope your recovery continues smooth and you are back to your out-doorsey fun soon!
Thanks angie! I put more pics up for ya. I still can't believe how perky and round the doctor was able to make them without the augmentation. I hope yours goes smoothly as well! Let me know if you have any other questions!

Day 4 today, and took my first shower. felt great...

Day 4 today, and took my first shower. felt great and really cleansing. Only on antibiotic still and continuing to juice and drink soup. Looks like everything is healing quite nice.

Thanks for sharing your story. I need to post pics before my lift at end of month.
Question, Did you have implants also or just the lift? I have wanted a lift for 8 years nice I quit breast feeding my youngest and last child... Just nervous as to all that's involved. I really don't want implants. I think you look great and look forward to your up dates.
I'm having a breast lift in two weeks and reading these posts has really helped with knowing what to expect and ask

Day 6. I Went to the doc yesterday and he pulled...

Day 6. I Went to the doc yesterday and he pulled of the steristrips and said everything was looking like it's healing quite well. first time to reveal the areolas and scars...they weren't too bad. A little taken back at first, but overall I was happy with they way they look. The pain is starting to go away, the soreness is going down, and the itching has started. But, it's a good thing because it means they are healing. So far, still happy about everything!!!!
Great review, story and photos! I am going with the same thing on the 15th of January...I am opting not for the augmentation, just the lift. Nervous about what it is going to look that I see yours I am looking forward to this!
glad i could help julie! Its been a rough ride for sure! good luck, hope it all goes well!
Great to see your day 5 picture you are healing so nicely! I am having my surgery on a Thursday and going back to work the following Monday, do you think that is ok? I have a relaxed job..

I'm at day 12 and feeling great! Back to normal...

I'm at day 12 and feeling great! Back to normal with everything but working out. My back is sick of always having to sleep on it but besides that, excited to be out and about and back to work. Breasts are healing nicely and not much to complain here. I'll check in at 3 weeks.
Your results look really nice. I am considering a mastopexy, and look similar to your pre-op photos; do you mind saying how old you are? (It is difficult to find people who have had mastopexies and are around my age)
I'm 29. Good luck with yours! Glad I could help :)

Well folks on day 15 I did my first yoga class. I...

Well folks on day 15 I did my first yoga class. I kept it pretty chill and didn't push myself but it felt great. As long as you eat well and really pamper yourself for 2 weeks the healing process goes so well! Excited to see how I feel this week, and breasts are looking great! More pics to come. No soreness and no blood. Incisions are looking good. So happy!

Day 19 and feeling good. Soreness is down and...

Day 19 and feeling good. Soreness is down and range of motion is getting better. Scars healing well, every week I take off the steri strips and put new ones on. I think they are starting to heal nicely. Feeling happy and glad I did it!
Hey, just wanted to say your results look so natural and really nice! Congrats. I feel you're so lucky since so many women opt for implants with a lift but for you no implant actually looks quite flattering, and it also gives me hope for myself since I want to do a similar procedure w/o an implant. I wish you luck in the rest of the healing process.
Thanks girl! I have been so happy with the results!!! I only have amazing things to say about the procedure. Good luck to you!
DO you mind me asking the CC's of the implants and your wieght/height. I like your size!
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I had a friend do a breast reduction by this same doctor in February, so I probed her on how it went and decided that since Dr. Haupt had won 3 years of Forbes Awards for plastic surgery that he was the doc for me.

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