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I have been needing a Reduction since the birth of...

I have been needing a Reduction since the birth of my first daughter going from a size C to DD is painful and now that my 3rd child is now 4 and I have no need or want to have any more children I decided to have this done due to the headaches and shoulder pains and having my husbands soldiers looking at my chest and not my face. My Surgery is coming up quickly. I just was approved today by our health insurance. I also decided that I need to lose the weight and where I can start is reducing my size from e or a F I can't remember to hopefully a C cup.

My mom is more scared about this then I am. I have done my research for the last who knows how long. After moving back to Utah and having friends here that encourage me to get back into shape they helped me decide time to give my insurance a 1-2 so I can get this done. I used to a Soldier who could run and do push ups and sit ups. To where I can't do situps or pushups. My Surgery is 10/12/2011


Hi ArmyWife76

Congrats on setting a date for surgery.
Iam also an Army wife and having this procedure done.
My date is set for next week Tuesday 9/27/11
I am sooo excited words cannot even explain.
But then again iam terrified. Im sure things will all work out just fine
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I am the same way. I think My mom is more scared then I am.

Well 20 more days. Holy Crap only 20 days. I...

Well 20 more days. Holy Crap only 20 days. I can't wait until I see the results. Trying to get all the kids taken care of so I don't have to do much after the surgery. I decided I don't care what size they make me after the surgery I just want to be smaller then I am now. A Bit scare but excited because I will be able to go back to doing Exercise and running like I did when I was younger and get back into shape.

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Well now we are down to 7 days. I have friends...

well now we are down to 7 days. I have friends who are counting down for me. I have to keep myself focused on my kids and getting my house organized for this so my friends and family who are coming to help take care of things don't have much to do. This is going to be hard. But I am thankful that Tricare is paying for everything!

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Well there is only 3 days left until my surgery. ...

Well there is only 3 days left until my surgery. Feeling a bit over whelmed and feeling scared all at the same time. Glad I have family and friends who support me.

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Finally put pictures up I can not put pictures...

Finally put pictures up I can not put pictures without ny top on a little weird for me these are the before


Good luck today!!
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Thank you.
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Just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your surgery tomorrow! You are going to do wonderful and your are going to be so happy once it is over! Your changes will all be worth it!
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Well Day after the surgery. Wow is all I can say....

well Day after the surgery. Wow is all I can say. Itches a bit, stings a bit, and these drains are annoying but they go away tomorrow. Just grogy from the pain medication which is normal. First thing I said when I was waking (my husband told me) "Wow! I haven't seen my stomach since Junior High!" And when I got up to go to the Bathroom I remember saying as I looked down is "So that is where my feet went" LOL. I am thankful for my friends and family. Its hard not doing anything. But I love being able to take naps when I want to. hehe. I woke up this morning with no pains in my back like I usually wake up with which is nice.


Congrats I am soo happy for you. Post pics when you are feeling better and get the chance. Reading your post made me laugh so hard and it hurt. I keep saying that same things when I change my clothes or get up to use the bathroom. I never notice how "pregnant" I looked because I couldn't see my stomach...now I know what I am doing as soon as I get the Okay, Gym time!!! I am glad you are doing well and have people around to help you. I can't stress enough on how important it is to not move around for awhile because in the last two days I have pulled open a few stitches in both boobs and it hurts real bad.
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Well today i had my drains taken out. Felt weird....

Well today i had my drains taken out. Felt weird. Glad they are out. Feeling a bit left out because I can't really do anything still. I miss doing thing with my husband. Guess I am just having a hard time being told you can't do anything. I know its the best for me but DANG IT I want to be able to go to the Store or do something. I have a Friend who is staying with us this weekend and she has been helping. I just want to do the laundry and get that done. No one is doing what i need to get done. i guess it is all frustration. i probably need sleep.

Today after the Drains came out it feels like my breasts are having spasm. It feels weird.

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Well Today I have been feeling ok. not on anymore...

well Today I have been feeling ok. not on anymore of the painkillers and my antibiotic is gone. Just feeling a bit icky and queasy. will post pictures later this week have to take them first.


I hope you're feeling better.
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Aww that's good that he is doing everything for you. Sounds like a good guy! Yea I know when I've done to much but sometimes I can't really get away from doing it. I think I'll be okay though.
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I haven't pulled any stitches yet but I know when I have done too much. Which I haven't done too much lately and its starting to get annoying but my husband is so sweet to me about all of this.

Post op was Thursday this last week. Stitches...

Post op was Thursday this last week. Stitches were taken out things looking good. Nurse accidently took off 1 scab but that is okay. I do like to bleed though. Only my left side is really tender the right side gets that way sometimes too but I can't wait until I can go and buy myself a new bra. (have to wait for bills to be paid first) But I have my Dress for my husbands dining out and it fits perfectly. I am so excited to actually show off and its a dress I can wear with or without a bra. I am going to get a strapless bra just in case But I put it on and I felt like I didn't need one at all. I can wear normal clothing and not have to buy anything really big. Kind of wish Dec would get here.

My Dr said that I can start working out slowly and not just jump right into working out which I agree. I am totally excited first week was hard but second week it was better and I could move around a little better and now I can almost do things as long as it is not too heavy.

I am going to try and walk our new Foster dog tomorrow just around our cul-de-sac that way my husband can watch just to see if I can handle her. If I can then that will be my daily thing until I can start running again. 4 more weeks I am hoping. I think I will start running in Jan just to make sure I am healed.


Congratulations on your surgery! I hope you are continuing to do well!
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I am so glad that you are healing well.... Did it hurt to have your stitches removed? I hope you continue to keep us updated! :O)
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Today is okay if I didn't have sick children and a...

Today is okay if I didn't have sick children and a Husband who has to work long hours and is going to be gone this weekend. just in a bad mood. I was hoping this last payday I could of gone out and bought me that new bra I wanted but NOPE! Bills of course has to come first. So I am a bit angry about that but oh well.

When I got the stitches out the Nurse put on more steri strips and guess what is coming off already and it has only been a week. I hate those things anyways but the ones that have come off feels okay to move around with and boy do I move around since being a mom of 3 and have 4 dogs in my house its a pain. 1 dog is a friends and another we Foster for a large breed rescue.

I don't know what size I am yet I am thinking a Large C Small D but not too sure yet. I put on one of my old Bras yesterday and DANG there is a ton of room/ I have not gotten rid of them because I want to remind myself that I can get back down to the size I want to be and there is no turning back. I haven't had to take any pain killers for at least 5 days now. i was just taking ibuprofen 600mg once a day. Now I just take them for my headaches i have been getting from stress of my children.

I have a Picture but I need to email it to myself from my phone. I am happy just need to get myself that bra so I don't have to wear this surgical bra. Its getting annoying.


^yeah I'm pretty sure mines doing the same thing!
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Do all stitches have to be taken out? My Dr. Said mine will go away on their own.
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It depends on the Dr.

Updated with pictures of 3 weeks post op and 4...

Updated with pictures of 3 weeks post op and 4 weeks post op. I just need to loose the weight as soon as I get the Go from my PS I will be starting to run or jog. We will see.


Just put up 2 new pics
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Well Just had the surgery I was told I have one of the Best in the State of Utah. I would recommend Dr. Sanderson to anyone who is going to have any kind of surgery. He is the Best!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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