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I have been very aware of the unusual shape and...

I have been very aware of the unusual shape and unevenness in my breasts since I developed and I have spent many agonizing years doing everything I can to cover myself up and blend in. Even staying in bad relationships because I was too insecure and self loathing to believe I deserved better. I can now walk by a mirror and not want to cover up and cry.

I owe my new outlook on myself and my life all to Dr. Yates. He has changed me for the better inside AND out and I wouldn't hesitate to refer anyone to him. Even my mom ended up having a little face rejuvenation done the same day as my surgery because she was so impressed by him and his work. That alone speaks for itself...its just a bonus he is as caring and genuine as they come.

Just this week I went back for the Augmentation and will post pics of my results in a couple weeks!

Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

First off, I live in Seattle, WA. I spent quite a while looking at surgeons in my own area to perform a without much luck. I decided to start looking out of state. After hours and days of research I came across some reviews of Dr. Yates. I was amazed at how high his ratings were. I searched and searched the internet for a bad review (after all EVERY other surgeon I had found had at least a few) and couldn't find ONE. His website was far superior to anyone elses' and from the details given I knew he wanted all his patients to be informed before they made their choice. I was impressed to say the least. When I filled out a contact form online (VERY late on a Saturday night) I was shocked and thrilled to see he had personally answered me back by early Sunday morning. Everything about his approach with me made me KNOW he was the one before I had even met him. From the second I stepped into his office I was very nicely greeted and asked to have a seat in the waiting room (which is gorgeous). His nurses and staff were so incredibly caring and helped me feel less self-conscious. The second he walked through the door I felt complete confidence. He was so genuine and caring and didn't give me BS lines that other surgeons had. He was honest but positive about the surgery and my results and spent a LONG time with me answering the many questions I had. When it came time for my surgery he made sure I was feeling ok that I was in good hands and that I would be very pleased with my results. I can honestly say for my very first surgery, I wasn't nervous in the slightest (even with my phobia of needles). He is beyond the BEST and I can't thank him enough for making me feel the confidence I always wanted to feel. I can honestly say I cried for the first time out of happiness in my life.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you so much! I felt so amazing on my wedding day and I owe a BIG part of that to Dr. Yates. He is a miracle worker! :)
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Wow you look Amazing!
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Congrats on your marriage. You look great!
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I finally had my consult with Dr. Yates and I can't say I was particularly impressed. He spent quite a bit of time asking me about my previous consults and it seemed like he was more interested in those than anything. He was the only dr I had met with who charged for the consultation, and the only dr who reccommend I reduce my own breast tissue and receive implants. It really seemed like he made things more complicated than they needed to be just based on my prior experiences. I am so glad that you where happy with him but I can't say that I left his office particularly confident with his recommedations.
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Sorry it took me so long to respond! I just got back from getting married and was gone for 11 days...along with all the last minute planning I have been very absent from just about everything for about a month!

Well shoot! I'm sad to hear that! That doesn't sound even close to how my consult went at all. Maybe he was trying to figure out why your other Drs. recommended something else...who knows! I know my circumstances were more complicated than the typical person, so I know I had VERY different recommendations from all the Drs I had seen (which ALL charged me $75+ for consults). He was the only person to explain to me WHY he recommended what he recommended. It all made perfect sense to me, and I wonder what my results would have been if I had just gone with one of the other Drs. I know he did a slight reduction on my larger side because I was SO adamit about not wanting implants to go up in size...only to even me out. He asked me if I was OK being a little larger than what my largest side was already and I said "NO", so he did the reduction to prevent that from happening. I ended up being pretty much the same size (as my largest side) I was before I went I had the surgeries. The great part was that the reduction didn't change anything (pain level, shape, incisions, price etc) except make me slightly more even before the augmentation. He even said I may not want to do the implants once I see the results of the lift and reduction. I admit, I thought about not doing it because they looked pretty darn good (and WAY better than originally), but I still felt my smaller side needed to be more filled out, so I opted to do the augmentation.

I really did love everything about his manner and my results, and as we all know no 2 experiences are alike. He just may not be the right Dr for you and thats OK!

Good luck with your searches! I hope you found someone you love and your surgery goes well! :)
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I've kind of held off for a bit on the surgery but it's something I often think about. I'm hoping to do something before next spring which should give me more time to consider things. Being a DD cup size already I wasn't really sure that implants would be the best decision. The only thing I can think of is that I had told him I was happy with my size but wanted my breasts to be lifted a rounder. I can't read his mind but I think he may have thought I wanted to look really round, who knows. I will post my story once I finally decide what direction to take. Thanks again for posting your experience.
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That is probably for the best. If there is no reason/event coming up that makes you want to rush into the surgery and you still don't feel confident in which direction you want to go, its better that you take the time to weigh your options.

I was about a DD on my larger side and after he did the reduction I was probably more like a large C-small D. Other than being evened out, I was definitely most interested in getting a rounder/fuller shape, so I felt the implants would give me a little more of that. However, when he did the lift, he was actually able to move some of the breast tissue around to reposition it and give a little more of a roundness to my breasts.

Good luck and just keep doing your research and consults until you find what you are looking for- you will be SO glad once it's all over and you are feeling like a new SEXY you! :)
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It's probably good thing that it takes a while anyways, proably less of a chance of the scars widdening and it should give the skin some time to stretch. Congrats on the upcoming wedding :) it seems like you feel much better than before you had them done. I have my consult at the end of this month and I'm hoping I will know what I want by then. Probably just a lift but you never know.
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Yes. I'm not in a huge hurry. I know it will happen enventually and I'd want it to happen in the best way possible so I have the best end results possible. I've been trying to massage frequently and make sure I avoid capsular contracture and help them on their way to perfection.

I feel a MILLION times better than I did before. I love love love my new set!

You will LOVE him! Dr. Yates is such a good and genuine guy, and will only suggest what you really need and nothing more. It was obvious to me he is in the business because he loves it and not for the money. The only reason I did the augmentation was to even out the size and shape of my breasts. If they had naturally been more even I would have been VERY happy with the lift alone. Even before the augmentation I was happy with my results. Many people thought they looked good enough and questioned why I was even doing the augmentation. I thought about just foregoing the implants, but I knew in the end it would bother me that they were still uneven in size and shape.

If you don't have the problem I did or you don't want your breasts bigger I'm sure a lift alone will be suffcient. Dr. Yates will give you his honest opinion. I'm excited to hear about how your consult goes!
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Its seriously nice to live in a day and age where we can do something about our bodies if we want. :)

How long will it take then to drop and fill out the lower potion of your breasts?
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I was told it could take 6-12 weeks. So I'm at least a couple weeks out at minimum. I'm hoping they are dropped by my wedding in mid Februaury, but if they aren't I will still be happy with how they look.

I can't tell you how happy it makes me when I look down and see boobs that look normal!! I LOVE it. I wish I would have done it years ago! I'm so glad I found such an amazing Dr. He really performed a miracle...I never thought my results would be this good!
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The suggestions I've had on this site have been all over the place.
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Sorry a little slow, just saw the photos you look great!
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Thank you! They keep getting better every day too! :)
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They sound awesome, I'd love to see pics if you can manage.
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How has your recovery been since the implants?
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It has been GREAT! The recovery was actually a piece of cake! I was a little more nervous about it since I was told it would be more uncomfortable recovery than the lift. I actually thought it was about the same pain level wise. I only took the pain killers on an 5 hourly basis for about 3 days, then was able to manage the pain with Ibuprofen and Valum at night so my muscles didn't start to cramp up.

They look amazing even before they have settled! Once they do settle, I shold get a little mini-lift from the implants filling out the lower pole and rotating my nipples upward slightly. I'm excited!! :)
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You will LOVE him! I had seen many Drs. for consults before I had chosen Dr. Yates, and a few others had wanted to do the lift and augmentation seperately. The other Drs. never really gave me a good reason why, but Dr. Yates was the first Dr. to give me a full explaination. During my consult, he seemed a little concerned and told me I probably wasn't like what he was going to suggest. I knew what he was going to say since I had heard it before. Nut he gave me a full explaination as to why and said it was ultimately up to me. From what I understand (and this is NOT how he exactly described it, just how I understtod it) My left side as you could see had a severe case of ptosis, and you can see in the frontal pictures is slightly different shape and has much less fullness alltogether but mostly practically NO breast tissue underneath. He said that when I had developed the skin fold didn't fully release and allow to be filled with breast tissue. Because of this, there was a much smaller amount of skin that could be lifted/stretched. Also because my issue was not deflated breasts and although youth generally being a good thing, it did mean my skin was much tighter. He was concerned that if he did the operations together that the extra stretch of the implant on that side could be too much and could effect the outcome of the shape of that side. He did say that if he did try it, the way he would have to cut around my areola to accomodate the extra stretch and make sure the shape stayed natural (as well as match the other side), he was worried about the loss of some blood flow to the areola and essentially resulting in a "dead nipple".

In the end it was my decision to make, but felt I wouldn't probably be happy with my end result if I did them together. He also said that because it was more "his decision" to do them seperately and not together he would give me a discount on the Augmentation (since doing them together usually results in a lower cost).

I really believed that Dr. Yates was truly looking out for my best interests and NOT doing it to make money (as he ended up not even making much more at all anyways). He is a perfectionist in every way and I believed he could transform my breasts into what I always dreamed of having.

He is amazing and so genuine and caring. He obviously loves what he does and makes sure that everything he does is as perfect as you can get.

I definitely wouldn't ever change a thing about my decision and will fly over to see him for anything I might need in the future without hesitation.

Good Luck! I know you will love him as much as I do!

I will get pics posted as soon as I can. Holidays are crazy and work is busy, but I will SOON! :)
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Thanks for your review, I actually have a appointment scheduled with dr Yates this upcomming month so it was nice to see your recommendation. I'm a little curious as to why the augmentation wasnt done at the same time as your lift surgery. I am also interested in seeing the after photos as well.
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You look good grly! How many cc's did you get?
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Thank you! It of course isn't pictured on here yet, so they are definitely looking even better now than in these photos. I am hoping to get someone to take a picture tomorrow so I can post it!

I believe I did either (Mentor) Low or Moderate Profile (Saline) 310cc in my larger breast and 340cc in the smaller one. I will have to double check. I still had some swelling from my lift in Oct, and of course I am even more swollen, but the shape is amazing. They were just what I was looking for...not extremely round mounds on my chest, or pointing outward from my body. I'm so excited to see what they will look like when the implants settle if they look this good now! :)
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Looking good :), the new shape is great!
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Thank you! I'm excited to see an even better improvement on my shape once my implants have dropped a little more and the swelling goes down more as well. I'm sure as you could see I had a pretty severe case of ptosis and pretty dramatically uneven in shape and fullness. After my augmentation they look pretty much perfect and about as symetrical as you can get. I am short as well (even more so at 4'11) and was worried about having my breasts done would add bulk and weight to my figure, since even a 5lb gain is incredibly noticable on me especially since I'm naturally fairly wide/stocky to begin with. So I feel a little on the large side right now, but I think once the healing is done they will be perfect! :)
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Your new breasts look fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing your story and posting your photos! I can see why you're thrilled.

I'd love it if you'd post your breast augmentation experience in that community.

What a great thing to have done for yourself!

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