600cc silicone HP

About 30 days away and I am soo excited I can't...

About 30 days away and I am soo excited I can't stand it!!! I hope it flies by!! I am 28 yrs mama of 3 all breastfed. I am a deflated A cup if that!!! I am looking to go for a big D cup. Still not sure about saline or silicone yet. For me personally I love the big round "fake look" like Victoria Secret model look without the bra :) I am new to this blog and would love to hear from any ladies with similar situations :) Yay so excited!!!

Its going to be such an amazing feeling to throw...

Its going to be such an amazing feeling to throw out all my bras when I get my new boobies in like T-25 days!!!! Yay!! :)

Just paid my PS, did cash so got a discount which...

Just paid my PS, did cash so got a discount which is nice! So now it is becoming more real!! Yikes!! Like 14 days left! The days are flying by soo fast, its crazy but good :)

Soo five days til we leave for Utah!!! Have talked...

Soo five days til we leave for Utah!!! Have talked on phone with my PS's nurse so that made it really real lol!! Super excited!! Can't believe its happening next week so crazy!!! The time is going by fast which is wonderful but I am getting nervous that its next week holy crap!!!!!!! So I think I am going with silicone do to the fact I am so thin and not much breast tissue to cover the implants. Also I plan on going big prob 500cc+ because I am 5'11 and I can pull it off :) hehe. Still going for HP round smooth look! Yay!!! :) :)

Leaving early in the morning for Utah!! I can't...

Leaving early in the morning for Utah!! I can't wait to have my appointment tomorrow so I know for sure how many CCs and saline or silicone cause I still can't make up my mind ugh!!!! Super excited!!!!

Just had my pre-op appointment!!!!! I am doing...

Just had my pre-op appointment!!!!! I am doing 600cc HP silicone(gummy bears) under muscle!!!!! I am soooo excited!!!! Surgery in morning!!!! Yay!!!

Everything is going great!!! My hubby has been...

Everything is going great!!! My hubby has been waiting on me hand and foot!! Love it! Pain is getting better still super tight feeling but with 600cc that's what I should except. They are still riding high in my neck lol been icing like crazy!! I tried to post pics but it would let me! I will keep working on it! Hopefully all my boobie buddies are doing wonderful!!!

New pics 8 days play-off :)

New pics 8 days play-off :)

Ok so today was my first day driving, my hubs left...

Ok so today was my first day driving, my hubs left today back to work this morning and has just been driving. Anyway I didn't realize how much you use you chest/Peck muscles!!! Crazy!! Didn't hurt just felt kinda pulling and just different! Also the seat belt between the new girls! Made me smile it was like in a valley tucked between them lol!! That was new!!:) 11 days post-op yay!":)

I am 2 weeks post BA today! Yay!! I feel great!! I...

I am 2 weeks post BA today! Yay!! I feel great!! I am going to workout today and see how I feel so excited about that! I miss working out! Boobs are looking better each day. My right one is still riding high. Can't wait for the weeks to come!! Hope all the ladies are doing great!!:)

Ok so did any of my boobie buddies have to buy new...

Ok so did any of my boobie buddies have to buy new shirts?!?! I have to buy new shirts!! My tank tops I think will be ok however I have soo much upper pole fullness, which is what I wanted and LOVE and why I chose HP. The tanks show a lot of cleavage and upper boob! I guess I just need to get use to seeing it on me!!! My shirts are soo tight in the boob area now I don't feel comfortable! I am so thrilled with my boobs and can't wait for weeks to come, I just have to get use to seeing myself in shirts and tanks with big boobs!!

So I went looking at bras today!! Just looking for...

So I went looking at bras today!! Just looking for now though lol Anyway the girl measured me for the fun of it and as of now I am 34DDD!!! Like WHAT!!!! LOVE IT!!! I was not even thinking I was that big, I mean the girls are big but wow! Almost 3 weeks they have dropping to do still so we will see!!! :):)

I'm 33 days post now and doing great!! The girls...

I'm 33 days post now and doing great!! The girls have dropped more and swelling is gone. I get to wear under wire bras next week Yay!!!! I have no pain what so ever. I have been working out daily. Still numb towards bottom of boobs, hopefully that goes way soon. My girl friends love my boobs, they are just amazed how they sit up, perky with no bra on, with great cleavage and they are big!! I was doing the boob dance for them on girls night out, so funny! It was great!! I am absolutely obsessed and in love with them. The girls still have weeks to settle and round out so it can only get better and better!:) Hope all my boobie buddies are doing wonderful!!!!

I was looking back on pictures from the first...

I was looking back on pictures from the first couple of days to weeks after my surgery and WOW they looked oblong and the square lol Yikes!! The girls sure have come along way in 5 1/2 weeks!! My hubs said yeah they looked weird at first and I thought we went too big! But now he loves them!! I am soo glad they are settling and rounding out and are soft!! Yay boobs :)

I am 6 weeks post today!! Yay!! I finally can wear...

I am 6 weeks post today!! Yay!! I finally can wear under wire bras! I bought like seven from VS and I love love them soo much better than what i was in i feel more supported. I have no pain. I am working out and feel great. I am measuring 34DD-34DDD just depending on what style bra. I am so in love! Hope all my boobie buddied are doing wonderful too!!:)

I haven't updated in awhile been busy so let's see...

I haven't updated in awhile been busy so let's see I am almost 10 weeks post BA now and still feeling amazing!! The girls have really dropped and rounded out beautifully and feel fantastic!! So soft and move when I jump lol so I think they are like real boobs:) I got exactly what I wanted I have soo much cleavage and still up nicely and rounded look!!! I can't get over them hehe! I love love that I don't have to wear push up bras I mean I really don't need a bra with this girls! ;) Added new photos too!! I hope all you ladies are doing wonderful!!!!:):):)

Hey my boobie friends i have a question for you...

Hey my boobie friends i have a question for you beautiful ladies...Do you new girls feel cool to the touch, like the implant is cool and not the same temp as your body??? Its kinda hard to explain lol

3 1/2 months post

Doing wonderful! It's been a great journey and I am so happy I did it! I hope all the ladies are still doing wonderful and are loving their boobies!!!!!:):)

4 Months Post, 32G!!!

Holy buckets!! I am 4 months post now and pretty much the same as before doing wonderful. However my bra size has changed to a 32G!! Ha WOW! I still over the moon in love with them! Hope everyone is doing wonder in boobieland!!! xoxo
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They look great! :)
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Love the round barbie doll look; perfect!
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Thank you!:) I had more pics up but I took them down as I found out other people were copying them and using them on their profile! I am not comfortable with that, I am glad they like my boobs but dang!
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You look amazing! I can't believe you have 600cc, they look great on you. I'm having my surgery in 5 days and i'm getting 500cc. I'm only 5'4 and every night I'm wondering if 500 is too big for me but my ps said it will fit me nicely. Can't wait! Thanks for sharing your story :)
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Thank you!! I love them they are perfect for my frame! That's exciting!! I am sure you will love them once they settle!! Good luck!!:)
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They look awesome! Im also right at 5'11 with an Acup and im going either 600 or 650cc's! I plan on going with moderate plus profile though. Makes me excited looking at your pics they turned out wonderful!
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Thank you!! I absolutely love them its been over a year now and I feel like I have always had big boobs lol! I am sure yours will turn out wonderful as well!!:)
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You look great!
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WOW they look great!
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Ok yours look great..I have been stressed that 595 would be toobig on be bit seeing your results makes me feel better
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Thank you!!:) They are big on my frame but thats what I wanted lol:) I am 6 feet and about 140:) I am sure you will look fab!!
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I'm only 5'4 133....eeekkk are they gana ne too big on me?
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I dont know....did you try on the sizers in office??? I would say they are prob going to be pretty big but i dont know your body frame and type so it might even out if that makes sense :)
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Im about 6" and 135-140 lbs. I really hope my boobs turn out to as good as yours. At my first appointment I desided to get 650cc silicone implants, but then the patient consultant try to tell me I shoud good smaller and went on to say (quote) that those definetly give you thefake sluty stripper look if thats what your going for. So I said perfect thats definetly what I want the big fake look. So they quoted me 7,500 and that was fine but its been almost impossible to get a hold of them or schedule my surgery finally I got ahold of them. Then had appointment on 4/18/14 they canceled it only 2.5 hours before the appointment, then I got a call 4/19/14 (easter weekend) and did a phone consult w the surgeon and discussed everything and desided on gummy silicone I definetly want 650cc but no smaller then 600cc but PS said I need to bring some pic. With me on surgery date of what I want and dont want and of what is except able I DONT JUST WANT EXCEPTABLE. So the surgery is scheduled 5/10/14 and then Im told I must bring a medical release from my pcp and that now its gonna cost at least another 2,500 so it will be$ 10,000 min. So what should I do now I've received;crapy customer care, IDK what size, and told that they probablly wont be exactly what I want or what Id like, so they are charging $10,000 for this I feel like checking out other PS what do you think? ;
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Wow!! That is crazy! Do they offer a discount if you pay cash?? I paid cash and my PS did. Also if your not comfortable with the service and place than I would look else where. However do listen to your PS about size and your skin elasticity and frame for how big you should go cause you don't want complications after surgery. I wish you good luck!!!!
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Do your implants feel real? I am 3 months post op with 600 cc and it is still pretty firm:(
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I am sorry to hear that!:( Yes mine are so soft and they feel real and my friends say they feel real too. I am almost a year post in Feb. They softened up i think around 4-6 months :) So give it a few more months and they will soften up!:) Did u get silicone or saline?? That makes a difference too, i got the gummies:)
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What were your measurements before? I was a small 32B and I got 600 cc silicone. I am 3 months post op and they are softer than before for sure, but I really wish they were a lot softer. I hope they do! Thanks for your response
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I was a small A/B cup
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32G! Where do u get bras? I'm slated for 600 on Monday! Love your look! What if any issues do you have with them that big?
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I havent updated in along time wow in feb i will be a year post op!! So I am back to working out and lifting heavy like before and i have no problems! I am now wearing 34DD/34DDD just depending on brand. I wasnt lifting for awhile after so i was pretty skinny with band size 32. The girls are big for my frame but i LOVE LOVE them!!!
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!love your results
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You look phenom!!!
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Wow! Great results!
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Thank you!!!!:-) Gosh I am like 6 months post op now! :)
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