Used to Have Nice Teeth, Now They Are Ruined

People used to ask me if I'd had braces because I...

People used to ask me if I'd had braces because I had nice, very straight teeth. However, I did have issues others couldn't see. I had pretty severe TMJ...lots of clicking, pain, migraines, etc. The upper right side row of teeth was a little too close to my tongue...I occasionally bit that side and when talking...that slight rubbing of my tongue against my teeth was a little annoying.

My "mid-line", where the center of your uppers and lowers met up were a little off and the upper midline needed to be moved about 1mm to my right so that when I bit down, they'd be perfect. ONE canine on the bottom "occasionally" hit another when I was talking, which would be nice to be moved so that would stop. And my final issue was that I had some gum recession from grinding on my bottom that I had "spaces" inbetween the gums. I wanted the teeth "slenderized" and pushed together to get rid of that.

My dentist said my invisalign treatment would be 7 months.

With each new aligner there was tightness, but I wouldn't say it was painful. I rather enjoyed the tightness because it made me feel like it was working. By tray 3 I was telling my dentist something was wrong...and I could tell that things were being moved in the wrong direction. He said that was impossible. My concerns were ignored.

Though I never raised my voice or was rude, after I continually brought my "concerns" to my dentist, I was almost always brought into the farthest room down the hall away from people as possible. I even joked one day that I was taken to "the dungeon". No response to that. I thought it was funny. I had to make light of the situation to keep from having a meltdown. The pain I was having and problems speaking and eating were getting out of hand.

Fast forward through TWO YEARS of me saying those same things, the worst pain in my jaw I could ever have imagined, not ONE of the reasons I got invisalign has been fixed...and that canine that used to occasionally hit all upper and lower front teeth slam so hard against each other during talking, eating and basically living that I cry about it. When I talk to people, I spray them with spit, which has made me basically stop talking. I don't read to my daughter at night anymore because talking HURTS due to the fact that the little problem I had with teeth crowding my tongue? Yeah, that whole row of teeth was pushed IN instead of OUT. I now have what I call my Snuffleupagus lisp because that's what I sound like when I talk now.

This has been the biggest nightmare EVER. I go this morning to discuss metal braces, but I don't think I can trust this guy anymore. I can't imagine that this is just due to the unreliability of the invisalign product as many others has written about on the web, but because my dentist is a complete idiot. He has not listened to a word I've said. I'm 37, not 12. I KNOW my mouth. I KNOW what I'm feeling in it.

Other than that, several trays cracked and became discolored. I have excellent oral hygeine and brushed after every snack, meal or just after my mouth would get dry, and it definitely gives you a weird plastic "chemical" taste in your mouth.

I would NOT recommend Invisalign unless you have ONE tooth to be moved or don't really care what your teeth look like. I guess if you have severely crooked teeth and the Invisalign somewhat made them straight, you'd be happy. For someone like me who HAD straight teeth...don't fix what ain't broken or go to an ORTHO to get your needs addressed. I stupidly went to a "certified Invisalign DENTIST" who is NOT an ortho, but a guy who took some training with Invisalign. He does NOT know what he's doing!!!! Buyer BEWARE!!!!

I have a similar problem, I had orthodontics the metal ones in my teens, now years later 29 my bite is ruined I have not all my teeth meet when I chew and its exhausting to chew very chewy foods. BUT thats not my main problem, suddenly over a year ago my teeth on my right side suddenly started hitting together when I talk! it happens ALL the time! I can hardly talk properly, it has been a NIGHTMARE! My dentist thinks I am nuts, I have had my teeth grind down but its still happening, I am at a total loss as to what to do!


I had the problem with teeth hitting when I spoke years ago (TMJ also). Very long story short, after 18 months of splint thrapy and a long period when I just simply gave up trying to find a remedy, my bite and TMJ problems ceased for about 12 years. Recently I had extensive restorative work done on my upper right back teeth and subsequent grinding to balance everything out and I'm back to having my teeth hit when I speak. I'm in the process now of finding someone who knows what causes this and hopefully treatment (it seems like dentists and orthos alike are baffled by this or have never heard of it). I just wanted to say to be very careful about having irreversible treatments such as grinding until you get all the opinions you can. Good luck, I know how frustrating it can be.
I went to a Board certified ortho. My top front were perfect and we agreed they did not need to move and would not be moved while we moved the right side molars that were caving in. I did not know to ask for my clincheck because I did not know about Clincheck. By tray 2 I asked to see my projected outcome because my front teeth were moving up my bite was getting deep and a friend told me her Dr. showed her a clincheck and could not understand why I was not shown mine to go over the treatment plan. Dr. said he did not have my pictures at his finger tips but showed me a glossy picture card of smiles and pointed to the one that he said he planned or me. After I put in tray 3, my back bite started to receed down, my upper teeth started to tork out and my face looked different. Made appt to discuss outcome again. Dr's asst said they don't have the clincheck at office, only in Florida at Invisalign office and Dr. was upset that I consulted a friend that was not a professional. Finally Dr. consulted with the assistant and said he located my clincheck, he never shows the video to patients. He DID NOT KNOW HOW TO push the buttons to view the Clincheck video to go from tray 1 though each tray to 10. The image kept playing only tray 1, then tray 10. Finally his assistant told him to push the center play button to see a slide show of each tray's process. I was horrorfied at the final image. There was a huge space between my front teeth and they were all tilted up, making them shorter!!!AHHH I instructed the Dr. that this was NOT the plan...I wanted my front teeth to stay the same...That was the plan...It was suddenly MY fault that I did not like what the "BEST" company in the country planned for my teeth. NO>>>>>he and I were supposedly making the plan. He then said that after 3 trays my teeth should not have moved-that they couldn't have...well they did and so did my whole bite. So he said the only option was to take the trays out and see where my teeth move back to in 3-4 weeks (this was after he said that they did not move) and we would start over. He was furious and said that I did not explain what I wanted. Well, I did from the start. To hurt even more, I paid for his knowledge, he said that I was doubting his knowledge, then he said that the best lab in the country designed where my teeth should be placed...Wait a minute, the lab does not know my facial features and he and I discussed what teeth I did Not want to move. To make it even worse...I paid for a full set of invisalign treatment and his $5,800. At the second appointment I said...this bag says Invisalign Express...why did I pay for a full treatments and then you provided the Express treatment??? Shouldn't I get a refund...he said , well, we will order you more trays if you need them..I found out from a different ortho that if you originally get the Express trays, you only get one additional tray of adjustment....this Dr said I get trays up to 2014! Week 3 with out trays...teeth are moving in weird places...eye teeth are rotating...and the ortho never followed up with a call to see how I was making out....I rate this Very Slick Guy a negative 2!
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My "certified Invisalign Dentist" might as well be "certified" in making playdough animals...he clearly has NO idea what he's doing, and does NOT listen to his patients needs, concerns or complaints. Just because someone has taken some classes and is a dentist does NOT mean they know YOUR mouth better than you do!!!

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