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I had lipo about a year ago. I like that I am more...

I had lipo about a year ago. I like that I am more proportionate, but it seems like it brought on more problems than it did solutions. There are uneven lumps on the side of one of my thighs, but the worse part is the side of my butt, as you can see in the picture. I even had a touch up on that area and it did absolutely nothing. (these pics are before I had the touch up, and there was an improvement from behind, but not from the side view.)

When I wear pants that are tighter fitting you can see the indention underneath my butt. It looks weird and people have even made comments about it. As if that didn't make me feel horrible enough, I have talked to my surgeon about it in person and he said he didn't recommend anymore touch ups, and that my problem was cellulite. I understand I have horrible cellulite, I have since I was a kid. But the problems I am dealing with are not cellulite. The indention under my butt was there AFTER surgery, and the lumps on my thighs were there AFTER surgery. I have emailed him since, and have gotten no response. I even talked to a nurse on the phone and she advised me to lose some weight and they would re-assess. When I tried to make an appointment though, they wouldn't schedule me they said they would call me back which really upset me. I feel like I am being blown off.

I don't feel that this is a weight loss issue (although I am going to try to lose more weight anyway) I feel this is an issue with the actual surgery.

Is there anything that can be done to fix this? Should I go get a second opinion or try to get my PS to work with me on it? He is a great surgeon, and a great guy honestly. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I don't know why he isn't seeming to want to help me with this... Can anybody please help me? :'(

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I do see your size around your hips has gone down. Just wondering what age are you? I did have inner thigh lipo and I can see loose skin. So it does look like loose skin. Not sure if they can help with that but another a few opinions will help. There are skin tightening procedures too. I know how you feel even though I have had tremendous results on my back and abs there is the inner thigh thing happening. Butt I figure at my age oh well I never wear short shorts.
I would go to another Dr for sure! I am sorry to hear your still having issues a year later. Keep us posted, maybe someone on this site can recommend a Dr for you?

I was completely blown off after wanting to get...

I was completely blown off after wanting to get answers about concerns I had after lipo was done. I have been treated like a piece of sh** by this place, and I am so hurt by Dr. Swanson. He REFUSED to talk to me or see me when I was still having concerns 1 year post op. So unprofessional. I regret ever having this surgery done. And I feel bad about myself with everyday I look in the mirror.
I also had bad result after liposuction. I didn't had any cellulite before, and got stuck with bumbs on the side of my thighs. I wouldn't try to get fixed by the doctor that screwed you up!!! He probably is not good enough to fix it. You can improve it though, but you have to go to a surgeon that is very very good in fat transfers. He can fill up the dent under your buttocks and a secondary liposuction can improve the "cellulite". I think especially laserliposuction. That is what a different surgeon did on me (I had 2 lipo) and it improved.
He doesn't want to see you to fix his screw up? Perhaps a nice little letter from a malpractice attorney would motivate him to give you an appointment... IDK the laws in your state, but it's just a suggestion... that attorney letter head can put the chills in some doctor's spines, specially if you threaten to look for others that he has done wrong by and begin a class action suit... I'm just saying... I'd rather spiteful specially if it comes to MY body and the loads of money paid for an improvement.
ALSO... I'd make sure I went to EVERY site he is named and write my review. >=[

Fat transfer doctors in Kansas City area

Can anybody tell me if there are any good reputable surgeons in the Kansas City area that do fat grafting/transfers regularly?
I would recommend Dr Cannova, period
I hateee those surgeons that claim, ' it is cellulite', I did not have ANY cellulite before lipo, i was very slim, but just those small saddle bags that I couldn't get rid of with gym or diet. Now my legs are full of something that looks like cellulite but it is not, it are uneven bumps of fat and scar tissue. To everybody don't do lipo when you are slim! The risk of deformity is way too high, even with the best surgeon!
I am scheduled for a TT next month with dr Eric Swanson. But now I am nervous about his skill. U know anyone who did TT with dr Joseph Cannova in Leawood, ks?

seeking treatment to fix botched lipo

I have met with a few different surgeons in my area. finally found one yesterday who feels he can make a significant difference. I like his personality and his compassion towards me. he's even giving me a pretty big discount because of how much I've gone through. I have done a lot of research and I know that fat grafting is the main way to fix this . issue. The doctor I met with yesterday wants to do some additional lipo and possibly fat grafting. he really seems to know what he's talking about when he explained it to me. And i got a good vihe from him. I am just still very unsure of what I should do....I am very nervous to undergo this procedure again then be dissatisfied. Any suggestions from ayone out there? The doctor I saw is Dr.Korentager with KU plastic surgery.
I'm only saying this because you asked for opinions... I'm recovering from a revision surgery. I have more dents, lumps and irregularities after the revision than I did before. I'm approximately 7 weeks post op and new problems are still popping up. You can see some on my review, but I have more that I just haven't bothered to post about yet. In my experience, every surgery causes more scarring and more problems. You were asking, so I figured I would share my experience with you. Best of luck with whichever you decide.
I appreciate your opinion Afnav. I am leaning in the direction you are recommending. I understand what you are saying exactly. It takes a LONG time for the issues with liposuction to "pop up" because the swelling makes everything look good for so long. It must have been a good 6 months or more before my butt/hip started caving in worse and worse. You really can not see even close to what it looks like in the pictures I posted here. My 2 legs are very uneven. One has a lot more fat down the back then the other. Nasty skin which is not apparent in these photos. Are you regretting doing the 2nd surgery?
Some days I feel better about it than others but with new problems still popping up, I get more and more frustrated. If I could go back in time, I would not have the second surgery again. For me as the scar tissue develops over time it is getting worse. For example the very tip of my TT scar was starting to pucker out a little so he fixed that in the second surgery. But now it is like the scar is tacking down to my hip cause the fat above it to stick out. So weird. Things you don't even think about possibly going wrong do. What is causing the dented area on your butt/hip? Did the dr take out too much at those spots or is it just the way it healed?
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