Upturned Nose Can't Smile

I had rhinoplasty 10 days ago. My eyes are still...

I had rhinoplasty 10 days ago. My eyes are still black and my face is still swollen . The tip of my nose is upturned and I cannot smile. Is this normal for after procedure side effects? I thought I would have seen more progress by now. Is the lingering bruising normal? I'm scared I have made a huge mistake. Can I offset the upturned tip by using tape to pull it down while it is still healing??


It has been 4 weeks now since the operation and while my smile is regaining its form my nose is still up turned and pig like. My nose was better before. I am mortified I made this decision to change my features .
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Hi there,

It sounds like your bruising and swelling is normal, but contact your surgeon if your'e concerned. Here's what some doctors say about taping your nose and an elevated tip after surgery. I wasn't able to smile for a few weeks after surgery either (not well, anyway). Hang in there, be patient, and contact your surgeon with quesitons.

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One month after operation and the tip is...

One month after operation and the tip is definitely over rotated. I had a hump removed but should have left it alone. My nose is shorter and over rotated. Should I do revision for the up turned tip sooner rather than later?


This is WAY too soon to be thinking about a revision. Your nose looks like it will definitely heal into something picture perfect.
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I just read someone else's review, and she looked like her nose was dented for six months after her operation! Now, at a little over a year, everything has settled, and she loves it. I think 10 days is too soon to be sad or worrying about revision. You may find in a matter of months that you've got the nose of your dreams!
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Don't worry, I looked piggish for 3-4 weeks then all of a sudden, day after day it got better and tip settled. It also took at least a month for my smile to return to normal. Even now at 2 months post op I still have little twinges of pain if I laugh too hard or smile too big. It's a process, you'll be just fine.
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