Uncertain and Scared

This is something I have always wanted and did not...

This is something I have always wanted and did not think it was attainable until recently. I loved the doctor I had a consulation with and scheduled it with him.
After showing the digital imaging pictures to several important people in my life, i did not get the support I was really hoping for. I do value the honesty but this has now made me more worried than ever. They comment that the new nose is too small and look like cindy lou who. I have all the faith in my doctor but dont know if I expressed everything clearly. The boyfriend says he like my old big nose (wtf?). I think I need to tell the doctor i want to keep the length but deal with the dorsal hump and columela. Then on the other hand I want to leave it up to his expertise. I am conflicted now.

I have been on this site daily for months and it has really helped me a lot. I would love to turn to you guys for an unbiased opinion/advise.

You look beautiful! You were stunning before and now even better:) I am in kinda the same boat, considering a tip reduction and overall refinement and I actually am srsly going to pursue rhino and have some doubts but ur pic makes me feel better abt my prospects:) U look fab!
As a complete stranger I think your proposed after shot is better. I had a similar reaction with some close people and i believe it is because they have seen your nose like that forever and when you have a change like that they naturally think it looks off. When I first had my computer imaging at first I thought it looked weird but that is because it was not the same and it is quite strange but after a day or so I fell in love with it and I can't wait, I showed some strangers through this site and they 100% thought the after shot looked better. It is a good idea to get some opinions from ppl on here. I'm sure it won't take long for your bf and other close people to get used to it once/if you get it :D hope that helps
I personally really like both noses, so I think you should go with whichever makes YOU happy. Your family may think your new nose is too small because they've gotten used to the one you have now, so it must be a little strange for them. Ultimately though, the choice is yours. I'm considering having a nosejob myself and I'd go with whatever felt best for me.

I go to the pre- op appointment this afternoon and...

I go to the pre- op appointment this afternoon and will go over all my concerns with them. I hope it goes smooth and i am able to achieve what I am hoping for.

I will update post appointment.

Thansk for all the feedback...
I think the new nose looks more delicate which is exactly what I want from my nose job on Jan.15th. I am sorry about your family and friends... I have no support and its really hard because as the date gets closer I am getting anxious. I would suggest meeting with your doctor again for a 2nd consult, when I met for a 2nd consult it made me feel more comfortable. Good luck!
Hi! I have my scheduled for January 15th and have little to no support as well. I was totally fine until I actually booked it but if I talk to my love ones they all say dont do it. I'm still doing it because it is what i've wanted so i can relate to your situation. As for our advise... I would have to ask what you do not like about your nose? For me I wanted a more delicate nose so it will change quite a bit but if you only want a slight change tell your doctor exactly what you are looking for. I would also suggest a second consult with the doctor you feel comfortable. Once I met my doctor for a 2nd visit I felt more comfortable. Good luck!
Sorry I did not mean to relpy twice... computer issues today!

"D" day is approaching and I am trying to keep...

"D" day is approaching and I am trying to keep myself crazy busy so I do not thinka bout it too much. I am excited but very nervous as well. Not for the actual surgery per say but simply the recovery and the final result. I don't want a bad result; do not want to be uglier!! It's my biggest fear right now.

My other fear is brusing and swelling. The doc did not want me to take any supplements so I am trying my hardest to stay away from sodium. Any suggestions on avoding bruising and swelling?

So happy for you! Good luck staying busy and calm. You will be fine. Bruising and swelling can't hurt you (bother you yes, depress you a bit yes, but hurt you, no). Don't worry about them. You will look great, and I can't wait to see your after pics!
It'll be great! :) Don't worry too much or over think it. I am now at "day 22" and still find myself obsessing over changes and I realize it's not helpful to do that. I just need to keep busy with other things in my life and not focus, because I know time is on my side and each day will bring new changes (swelling, more refinement, etc.). Be positive! Your new nose is going to look fantastic. :-)
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