Two Vials of Sculptra Injected to Gain Volume

Would feel more satisfied if I noticed major...

Would feel more satisfied if I noticed major improvement, which justified the expense. I have yet to see that. I am majorly disappointed thus far.

I had two vials of sculptra injected almost four weeks ago. What should be my realistic expectations? Can I expect a large gain in volume and when will it happen?? how long does it take? Does the quality of the skin really change, or is the change mostly in volume?
Hi Camile, How did it work out for you. I am only at 9 weeks and HATE the changes in my face. 2 vials was WAY too much and I am 47 and was very hollow. Everything is all filled up now......I am a mental basket case and need help badly. Any advice?
Sally how are you now? How long does it took to get back your normal face?
Don't be in a rush with this product. Based on my experience, I suggest you wait at least 4 more weeks before having any more Sculptra injected. Sculptra grows - more than I personally liked. I also had a delayed adverse reaction sensitivity(allergic) to the injection which eventually did resolve after a lot of pain. And the fullness grew in my face for almost 10 weeks. Once the sensitivity resolved at about 10-12 weeks and the product began to absorb, fresh collegan does emerge and the quality of my skin actually did improve.
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