NOV 19th!!! Hopefully 2 B the Best Purchase of my Life!

Hi everyone! I have been lurking around here for a...

Hi everyone! I have been lurking around here for a couple months, ever since I decided to get boobs!! This site has been very helpful & I could not resist signing up!! I have my BA set for Nov. 19th early ... early :( in the morning. I go for my pre-op the 15th I realized I am an adult & can make big decisions lol.... a little nervous what my family will think but... they will just have to get over it.

I live alone with family 2hrs away.... I hope they like their christmas SURPRISE!!! I worked my butt off the last two months and saved up the 6,500 for saline implants. I worked so hard I decided to get a nose job at the same time. I have always hated it. Its not the worst but deff not feminine and after reading this Oscar Wilde quote something like "nothing as hard to marry as a large nose" at 27 & unwed, I knew I needed my nose to match the rest of me.

While it will be very depressing to hand over aprox $10,000 (the chanel bag the shoes, car ect. I could be buying...or even paying off old or debt but no.... make that hell no!) I hope in the end it will all be worth it & I wont have big boobs, a little nose and living under a bridge with my cat & two little dogs. I have my neighbor taking me to & from surgery & will hang out that day but has to work the next day, so I hope I can handle it alone day 2. I have read though posts on here about advice on what to have handy after surgery (thanks 4 that!) So far the worst part is quitting smoking :( but I know it will be worth it & I wont stink anymore or go though perfume like toilet paper. Oh and saying good bye to all my tiny bras & panty sets:( what a shame some are so cute! I have one friend & luckily she has a gorgeous set of salines! she has had two surgeries 400cc through the armpit, one never "fell" so she had revision to 500 something with the cut under. she wants 650-700. I am 5'3/5'4 about 105-110lbs now I wear 34a & 32b.

At my consultation I was very modest thinking I want something my parents wont notice & chose 260cc (I love Brandy"s boob job from Real House Wives Beverly Hills), but I might be over that now. My friend said I wont be happy with less than 400/450cc. she is 5'7 though with larger frame. I am on the petite side. After a couple months of searching the web for boobs like I am a 12 year old boy, I still cant really decide. When I google 400cc they all look sooo good!! I just worry that will be too big on me. Somedays I think 300/350 might suit me better, feeling that I can hide them when I want & bring them out ...most of the time lol!!! Oh & what makes a BA require the blood drainage tubes? My brothers now ex-wife had to have them (it was gross) but my friend said she never had tubes post-op. & Can you get Pre-op/post-op Vitamins I saw a post about at a store like vitamin world?


It was intresting to read what you wrote. I havent told my mom yet either. I was going to tell her christmas, when i went home. I am sure my mom will be very suprised. I dont think you should get a tube for a BA. Thats odd. Have you tried the rice bags yet? There is a diff. with getting over then under the muscle. I got mine under. I was a 32A, now im a 32D I went with Slaine, contoured style and under the muscle. I am sure you can take vitamins.
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You are so sweet to think of your parents. Can I talk?? I told everyone except my mom and dad. The only reason why they found out.. Was because I had to go have a Mammogram and it came back bad. I had another one and it was not good. So I called my mom in tears telling her that my Mammogram was bad twice with 7 photos each. So she said there is something wrong why are they doing such intensive imagining when your Mammograms were perfect 5 years in a row. So I spilt the BEANS. That I had to have extra imaging done for implants. She was worried about the Mammogram with after an Ultra Sound and Breast surgery they found the little pin dot to be a calcification. My mom after the results came cried of joy. And so did I. She said I'm happy for you and choice you have always hated your breasts just do it. But how could she say not to??? She had breast cancer and Has implants. But she look hot at 77 years old with perky boobies. So then went on vaca with the family and everyone left one week early and my hubby and I stayed another week. The day after I came home I went for the boobs. My father called the house (wanting to know about the last week of vaca) omg he called 100 times a day for two days. I finally text my mother and said "for god sacks i'm in pain tell dad I had surgery and I'll call him another day" SO SHE said it. My parents are old school and did say one word. So my advice to you, go bigger. you are paying good money for this and to be worried about your parents is out of respect, get it. But it's our body and you have to be happy. 260cc is nothing really. look up Breastimplants I think they give you the measurments for RICE. I went 550cc so it was like 2 1/4 cups of white rice in a quarts size ziploc bag. Then you can see what you will really look like. But really 260cc save your money it's too small. Go bigger you will loose about 25cc to 50cc going under the muscle. Ask your doctor that one. You will only be getting a look of max 230/235. why bother girl. Geez It sounds like your nervous about your family. Why Why Why. I love mine too, but Why? My mom asked me the other day Can I see your boobs. Really!!! I whipped them out. she was okay with it. I would go at least 400. it's not as big as you think. It really is the most popular. And go high profile. Really think about it, your doing this for your family not you. That is not right and I would tell your doctor that. You may want to wait until you can finally do it for you and not anyone else. Thanks good luck keep in touch.
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So Excited to see someone having their BA on the Same day as Me! What kind of work you do?
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Hi everyone! I had my pre-op yesterday! At my 1st...

Hi everyone! I had my pre-op yesterday! At my 1st consultation i choose 260cc but during the month and half- two months waiting and researching & asking friends,I decided I wanted bigger. My pre-op was org. for the 8th & BA the 19th. But a few days before my pre-op they called to change my appt for the 15th. I double checked at that time that it would be fine to switch sizes and change to saline. the lady assured me that was fine, but day before appt. I got a message saying that I would have to go with the 260cc because there is not enough time to order diff. implants!! well I was not accepting that & then they agreed they could over night them so they will be here for my surgery Monday.
I choose a 330cc saline implant moderate profile. I am 5'3-105lbs or so
I wanted boobs of course, yet want a set I can display or put away when I need to. they said the size would give me a large c but more likely in the D range. I choose moderate profile because they look more natural and I dont want the really round look, I am thin & petite. my ? pocket diameter ? is 12 and the moderate implant is 11.9. the high profile of course is not as wide. My friend still insists they will be way too small lol. she has 550cc & f's I think. when they got out the measurement chart for my sizes 400cc was really not an option that is recommended. I think the max was 380cc or so if I went with high profile. my friend has said I will not be happy with less than 450cc so I thought I would maybe go for 400cc. But I think I will love the 330 I choose. MONDAY!!!!! OMG!!
I am spending this weekend with my parents for an early thanksgiving, they will be out of town next week, which is great since I will be healing :) I am so excited!


thanks Katelynne How many cc did you get?
sexy49 thanks! & I did choose bigger!! I just spent the last 10/15 mins doing the rice test lol love it!!! I am walking around the house in my juicy suit, i feel a little like the mom in Mean Girls lol But beats feeling like a teen boy any day! ;)

It has been several months and sorry for not...

It has been several months and sorry for not updating sooner! surgery went ok but a day after a boob deflated and had to to get cut open suddenly @ post-op & not really sedated lol but I survived and my boobs look great!!!! I am a 34d/dd and could not be happier with my choice. Healing took a bit. about the 2nd week you really start feeling normal again. also you can feel your boobs/implants get cold super fast (live in the NW) I also just got back from Hawaii & loved wearing a bathing suit! I looked a amazing & no push up top needed!


I wanted 340cc mod. but got 340cc HP. they are the perfect size to hide or ...let out :)
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